Sunday, 23 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 2

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 05:30 hours
It was party time for the recently graduated Engineers Raju and Suman as they got their jobs in the same company. They were all prepared to head to Pondicherry for celebration. The sunrise seemed to be postponed by a few minutes as the place was filled with darkness. Suman, who was waiting outside his residence, spotted a light from a distance. The intensity of the light began to increase as it neared him. Raju's face was visible from a distance. Raju halted the bike at the street corner and signaled Suman, who was standing few meters away, to walk to his bike.

'Hey buddy, it seems like you managed to wake up early today,' said Raju as he gave a 'hi5' to Suman. 
'Shut up dude, so tell me your plan,' Suman asked.
Raju looked at Suman and asked him pointing to his right hand, 'why are you carrying a helmet? You are going to wear it or what?' 
Suman put on the helmet on his head and he replied as he sat behind Raju on the bike, 'why? You want me to die on the spot in case of accident?' 
'Shut up man, you're over cautious,' said Raju who then started his bike.

October 12 - 06:30 hours
Sholinganallur check post - outskirts of Chennai city
The vehicles were thoroughly checked by the city cops and Raju got a clearance to go ahead after he got his documents verified by a police officer. 
'It's weird to have a traffic jam early this morning,' said Suman as Raju drove his bike crossing the check post.
'Well, there might have been some problem. It's common in these surroundings,' said Raju as he drove his bike.

Raju then spotted a bike that was moving few meters away in the same direction. He noticed the pillion rider wearing the same type of jacket which Suman wore. 'Hey Suman,' Raju said pointing to the pillion rider, 'look at the guy. He is wearing the same jacket of yours.'
Suman noticed it and said, 'go, overtake the bike. Come on.'
Raju noticed a lorry heading towards them in the opposite direction and he wanted to overtake the bike before the lorry gets near to them. He raised his accelerator and swiftly overtook the bike. He heard them saying 'what the hell! What's wrong with him?' and Raju just ignored them. The lorry crossed them and Raju drove the bike in a normal speed.
'Look the rider of that bike wearing the designer helmet just like mine. I told you already that designer helmets are going to rule. Only you in this world do not prefer such stuffs,' said Raju.
'Helmets are for safety, not for show off. You just concentrate on driving,' Suman said tapping Raju's shoulder.

Raju then noticed the other bike overtaking theirs. He was little bit afraid that they are gonna block his way. Raju slowed his speed a little giving way for the bike to pass. The bike crossed them and Raju had a sigh of relief. After few meters, Suman found the other bike halted to the side of the road. 
'I think they are going to stop us,' said Suman in a fear filled tone. 
'Shut up Suman, I know how to escape them.'

Raju drove his bike with a constant speed while Suman saw the pillion rider guy walking towards the bridge. Suddenly Raju felt like something was behind him. Looking at the rear view mirror, Raju spotted a jeep heading fast towards them. Before Raju decided to move left, the jeep hit his bike and both the riders rolled on the road. Their hands were injured heavily and their clothes got torn. Both of them noticed the jeep getting halted at a distance and they saw two big guys getting out from it. Raju took off his helmet and saw a big guy walking towards Suman. The big guy removed the helmet which Suman wore and looked at his face. 
'Bro, he is not the one,' one of the big guy said to the other after taking a look at the rider's face.
The other big guy spotted a guy hiding at the corner of the bridge and capturing the incident. He then said pointing to that guy, 'he is the guy we were supposed to hit.'



  1. Good suspense till now...who are they and why are they chasing and trying to kill?

    1. i'm sure that you'll be blown away when the suspense gets revealed :)

  2. the suspense is killing me.. I want to read the entire story now itself.. very interesting.. :p

    1. thanks Rat :)
      The suspense will be on high in the forthcoming episodes too :P