Saturday, 22 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 1

This is the first episode of my serialized fiction 'Breakaway'. The story will be an action thriller filled with loads of surprise elements. I'm sure that the readers will feel more interesting once the story enters the crux. I'm confident because a couple of years ago when I wrote this as a 'full length' story (divided into three parts) and shared with few of my friends, they really enjoyed a lot reading it. 

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are imaginative and the story is not intended to target any kind of human race. 


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 06:00 hours
'Did you charge it fully?' Amit asked Sam pointing to the camera batteries.
'Yes, I did,' Sam replied who then continued to pack his bag.
'We need to reach there before sunset,' Amit looked at the tripod that lay at the corner of the bed and said to Sam, 'hey, pass that tripod to me.' 
Sam, after giving the tripod to Amit, said, 'how long does it takes to reach the place?' 
'Roughly 4 to 5 hours,' replied Amit.

Geared up with their stuffs, Amit and Sam were ready to depart. Amit (26 male) works as a senior photo journalist in 'Daily Magazine' and Sam (25 male) is a newly employed photo journalist. They were all set to cover a political conference which is to be held at a place far away from the city.

'What's the name of the place?' asked Sam who sat behind Amit.
'Pondicherry,' Amit said as he drove his two wheeler.

October 12 - 06:20 hours
Sholinganallur check post - outskirts of Chennai city
All the vehicles passing through the check post were thoroughly checked by the city cops. A police officer aged in his mid forties stopped Amit's bike to check the documents. He was then interrupted by a young guy who handed him an envelope. The guy murmured something in the ears of the police officer and left the place. The police officer signaled his subordinate to check the vehicle documents. Amit had his bike documents verified and got a clearance to go ahead.

'What's happening?' asked Sam as Amit crossed the check post.
'Maybe a murder might have took place. It's quite common in these surroundings,' replied Amit.

October 12 - 06:30 hours
'What's that place called? The one we just crossed,' asked Sam.
'It's called Sholinganallur. Look Sam, I know that you are new to this country but please stop asking questions when I'm driving,' said Amit.
--A bike overtook them in high speed--
'What the hell! What's wrong with him?' Sam said to Amit after noticing the over speeding of the bike.
'Look, the guy riding the bike is wearing the same designer helmet like mine,' Amit said to Sam.
'Yeah, even the pillion rider is wearing a helmet,' said Sam.
'Maybe they are over conscious.'

Amit increased his speed and overtook the bike which crossed them. After riding a distance, Sam tapped Amit's shoulder and said, 'hey stop, stop here.'
'What?' asked Amit.
'The view is awesome. Let me snap a couple of pics and then we'll continue,' said Sam.
'Sam, the time is running out. We have to take lots of breaks on our way. The view is more beautiful there.'
'Please, just a few snaps.'

Sam took out the camera from his bag while Amit parked his bike away from the main road. There was a over bridge few feet away and Sam walked towards the bridge followed by Amit. Sam stood there at the corner of the bridge setting up the tripod. As he was about to fix the camera, Sam witnessed an accident that happened right in front of his eyes. A jeep came in fast and hit a two wheeler. Both the bike rider and the pillion rider rolled on the road. The bike screeched across the road and it halted after it hit the road separator on the bridge. Sam captured the entire incident in his camera. The bike riders were none other than the one whom Amit overtook a couple of minutes ago. The jeep was halted at a distance and two big guys stepped out of it. They walked towards the bridge and had a look at the injured riders. They removed the helmet of the bike rider and looked at his face.

'Bro, he is not the one,' one of the big guy said to the other after taking a look at the rider's face.
The other big guy spotted Sam who was hiding at the corner of the bridge and capturing the incident. He then said pointing to Sam, 'he is the guy we were supposed to hit.'



  1. wow.. that was really an engrossing read.. cant wait long for the further installments.. :p
    i really really like your writing style.. again a brilliant one.. :-)

    1. thanks Rat :) Im glad that you liked the first episode..

  2. Good one Ashwin. Looking forward to the next episode.

  3. Good one Mams :)Nice kick start to the series :) will be waiting for the second episode :)

  4. smells like a thriller. would have to read the next parts now!

  5. Replies
    1. :) you should check out the other episodes.. this is just the beginning!

  6. Even though I knew this story It was like I am reading it fresh again. You have ended the episode with a thrilling twist.