Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Far Cry (Short Story)

About the story
The story is simple which revolves around a couple who were about to get married and the events that take place in their life before their marriage.

Drama / Romance 


The route seems to be completely devoid of traffic. Then I thought, 'I can now raise the accelerator' while I changed the gear from 4 to 5. The speedometer fluctuated between 100 and 120. I adjusted the headlight to high beam to get a clear view of the road as it was pitch dark. Suddenly a beam of light flashed in front of me. The light made my vision blur and the next thing I remember was lying awake on my bed.

My day started with that dream. I got up and walked to the calendar to see what day it was. It was June 25, 2006. I walked to the dressing table to get my mobile phone. I unlocked it and found no calls or messages. I then realized she might be on her way to the park, which was our regular meeting place. I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. As I was about to leave home, I saw my mother sitting at the living room on the sofa and crying. My father was sitting near the piano having his sad face. Maybe there might have been a quarrel between them and without saying a word I left the place.

Kishangunj Park was our regular meeting place. As Priya did not arrive at the park, I spotted an empty bench below the tree and sat on it relaxing myself. I then started to recollect the old memories.

Priya was two years younger to me. I did not know that she was the one for me when I met her for the first time. It was the cultural day at my college and we alumni students were invited for that function. There was singing competition and it was Priya who sang first on stage. I was totally allured by her voice. Being a musician, I always differentiate the good voice from the bad voice and I found her voice to be pleasing to the ears. After the program, I met her at behind the dais and conversed with her for almost half an hour. I started liking her very much from that moment.

After few days I got a requirement for a lady singer. Instantly it was Priya who came into my mind. I had her telephone number with me and I spoke to her about the requirement. She was very glad to work with me and at the same time she was not sure whether she could do it. It was quite easy for me to convince her and after some trails I made her to sing for my album.

Days passed by and I started to like her a lot. Eventually, I fell in love with her. It happened just like that. It was June 25, Sunday and I proposed my love to her. She left the place without speaking a word after hearing it from me. I was quite disappointed that moment but that night I got a telephone call from her. I still remember those conversations I had with her that night.
Me: Hello!
Priya: What made you...
Me (Interrupting): Listen, I just wanted to...
Priya: Let me speak.
Me: Okay, go ahead.
Priya: I'm sorry for the way I reacted. I just needed some time and I've thought about it. Yes, I love you too.
I was stunned to hear that from her. It was the most happiest day in my life and I never felt so elated before as much I felt that day. We spoke for almost two hours over phone. There was a song composition the following day and we hung up the call. The next day we met at the studio and after the song composition, we had lunch together. That evening we went to Kishangunj Park and spent hours chit chatting.

Two years passed by and I decided to talk to her parents about our wedding. I, along with my parents and two of my friends, went to Priya's house and explained things to her parents. It was easy to convince her parents. We fixed our engagement on June 23, 2006.

Couple of days later, I got an opportunity to go to Paris for a song composition. Priya accompanied me to the trip. Those fifteen days were total fun. After the trip, we returned home on June 20, two days before our engagement. Without wasting our time we began the preparations for our engagement function. Our parents made everything ready before our arrival and all we did was to make some purchases. Priya was by my side helping with the purchases. We were engaged on June 23rd. The function went on well and the celebrations were exquisite. After our engagement, I took her out for a long drive.

Present day
Kishangunj Park
I was waiting for her. I was not able to make call from my mobile as there was no signal available. After waiting for some more time, I decided to head to the nearby telephone operator to make a call to her but before I did so I saw Priya entering the park. She was totally moody carrying her sad face. I immediately rushed to her and stood before her. She didn't notice me, instead she continued to walk. I went near her and tried to hold her hand which I was not able to do so. I then tried to hug her but I was not able to. I was not able to figure out what exactly was happening with me that moment. I just stood there looking at her. She sat at our regular place. She had some wounds around her face and her eyes were moist. I figured out that something was wrong with her. I didn't know exactly what to do at that moment. All of a sudden I heard someone calling me.
‘Son, it’s time. Let’s go.’
I turned back to see who it was. I saw nothing but a flash of light. Then I asked, ‘What's this? Who are you and where am I supposed to come?’
‘Humans call me God. I am here to take you with me. Son, your time has ended.’
‘What? God? Oh. You are kidding me right?’
‘(Smiling) From now on you do not belong to this world. You have to come with me.’
‘What are you talking? What's happening with me? Why couldn't I talk to Priya?’
‘Because you are dead.’

Then it struck me. The flash light that blurred my vision during the 120 km speedy ride with Priya being the pillion rider. We were coming back from the long drive on the night of our engagement. We found that the road was devoid of traffic and I decided to speed up my bike. Suddenly a beam of light flashed before my eyes and I lost the vision as well as balance. I fell down and rolled on the road. Suddenly I had a heavy blow on my head after hitting on to the post. I was dead on the spot and Priya has survived the accident. I then realized it. I then realized why my mother was crying this morning. I then realized why my father was having a sad face. I was dead.

I looked at the God. The light then transformed into a Human form. He said with a smile on his face, 'every beginning has its ending'.
I then looked at Priya who was shedding tears. I then looked at Him and said, 'she will miss me.'
The God smiled once again and said, 'she will find out a way to overcome the grief but it surely takes some time.' He then put His hands on my shoulder and said, 'son, we have to leave now.'
I looked at her sorrow-filled eyes. I was worried about her. But then I realized that I can do nothing about that. Without saying a word I walked into the doors of heaven.

Written by Ashwin Kumar