Sunday, 30 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 8


Moscow International Airport, Russia
Damien, the chief officer of the Russian anti terrorist squad, was waiting at the arrival lounge. Francis' flight landed on time and Damien walked to the arrival gate after hearing the announcement. He waited there for few minutes and then spotted Francis Eclair walking towards the exit. 
'Damien, you're here for me?' Francis was surprised to see his superior officer receiving him at the airport.
'Of course! You've done a fabulous job kid. I've something exciting for you,' Damien said as they walked to the car. 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 7


Dubai International Airport 
"Jet Airways welcomes you aboard flight number 3302 to London. Our scheduled flying timing will be six hours and fifty minutes and we will be flying at an altitude of thirty three thousand feet..."
'Excuse me, can I get a glass of water,' he asked the flight attendant as he tied the seat belt around his waist. The flight took off within few minutes. Looking through the window he gazed at the spectacular aerial view of Dubai. He then slowly leaned his head on to the headrest and closed his eyes.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

No one to blame but yourself

Today I came across a bizarre incident that happened while I was heading to my class. It was early in the morning, around 7 o’clock, and I halted my bike at a junction after noticing the ‘red’ signal. All of a sudden I saw some vehicles overtaking me and crossing the signal. I then looked at the signal and it was still ‘red’. Initially I thought that there might have been some problem with the signaling system but later when the signal at the other sides worked fine, I realized that the problem is with the people not with the system. I stood there wondering ‘why can’t these people wait for fifty seconds?’ and that time I heard a horn sound from a bus that stood right behind me. He (a male driver) was honking his horn continuously and I decided not to make a move until the signal turned ‘green’. He then overtook me and jumped the signal making the vehicles that were approaching from the other side to halt. Even when the signal turned ‘green’ I wasn’t able to cross the road as it was jam-packed with the vehicles that were rushing in from the other sides. I spotted the traffic police man standing under a tree sipping some tea and happily gazing his looks at the traffic mess. He did not dare to step in and clear the mess; instead he was focused on drinking his cup of tea. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 6


Sam sat there all alone below the tree. He heard an owl from a distance. He also spotted few bats flying around. All of a sudden Sam felt like he was not alone. He stood up at his place and looked around. At a distance he spotted a blurred figure approaching towards him. It became visible as it neared him. It was none other than Mari who was running towards Sam with a knife in his hand. On seeing him, Sam bent down and picked up the sand in his hand. He threw it on Mari's face and that blinded his vision. Mari dropped the knife on the ground. His eyes were irritated and he was trying hard to get his vision right.

Breakaway - Episode 5


Sam slowly turned his head to see who it was. He then had a sigh of relief after seeing Amit who was completely drenched in water.
'Thank God! Amit, what happened there?' asked Sam as he took a deep breath.
'I killed that guy,' replied Amit.
'What?' Sam's tone was filled with shock.
'I pushed him aside and his head hit a rock. He is dead,' said Amit.

Sam noticed that the volvo bus was about to depart. He grabbed Amit's shirt and pulled him along into the bus. The bus departed from the location. To their surprise, the bus moved towards Pondicherry, the place where Sam and Amit were supposed to go. Amit, as he entered the bus, searched his pockets for his wallet.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 4


'Mari, he is the guy. Go get him. He is the guy we were supposed to kill,' Daya said in a louder tone.

Sam, on noticing this, started to run towards the bike. He yelled as he ran, 'Amit... Amit... start the bike.' Amit immediately started the bike and Sam got on the bike. Mari saw them entering the bridge and he took a thick wooden stick in his hand that lay on the path. He aimed at the back wheel and threw it straight at the wheel rim. Amit lost his control and stumbled on the road. The bike then hit the bridge barrier and Amit hurled down the bridge into the water. Sam rolled on the road along with the bike. Sam at once got up and walked to the edge of the bridge. He was hesitant to make a jump because he didn't know to swim.
'Sam, run away from here. I'll manage to get away from these goons,' said Amit as he swam towards the shore.
Sam was reminded of the police check post all of a sudden. He lifted the bike and noticed that the bike was still running. He drove it away from the location escaping from Daya and Mari. Daya ran towards his jeep to follow Sam while Mari was at the edge of bridge looking at Amit who was struggling hard to swim.

Breakaway - Episode 3


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 – 04:45 hours
'Hey, hey, Mari, wake up,' Daya said this to Mari who fell asleep in the driver's seat.
Mari woke up at once. He wiped the sweat on his face and said, looking at Daya, 'what happened? Did you get the call?' 
'Not yet. Shall I dial him?' asked Daya.
'No, no, let us wait for the call,' Mari asked this as he looked around in the jeep, 'is the envelope safe?' 
Daya took out an envelope from his shirt and said, 'it's safe.' 

October 12 – 05:00 hours
Daya received a call on his cell phone. He spoke over the phone for few seconds and hung up the call. He then said to Mari, 'lets start now. We have to get there on time.'
'Daya,' Mari spoke hesitantly, 'after finishing our work you have to buy me foreign liquor. I heard they sell it half price at that place.'
'First lets complete the job given by our boss. Then he himself will buy us one,' said Daya.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 2

CLICK HERE for Episode 1


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 05:30 hours
It was party time for the recently graduated Engineers Raju and Suman as they got their jobs in the same company. They were all prepared to head to Pondicherry for celebration. The sunrise seemed to be postponed by a few minutes as the place was filled with darkness. Suman, who was waiting outside his residence, spotted a light from a distance. The intensity of the light began to increase as it neared him. Raju's face was visible from a distance. Raju halted the bike at the street corner and signaled Suman, who was standing few meters away, to walk to his bike.

'Hey buddy, it seems like you managed to wake up early today,' said Raju as he gave a 'hi5' to Suman. 
'Shut up dude, so tell me your plan,' Suman asked.
Raju looked at Suman and asked him pointing to his right hand, 'why are you carrying a helmet? You are going to wear it or what?' 
Suman put on the helmet on his head and he replied as he sat behind Raju on the bike, 'why? You want me to die on the spot in case of accident?' 
'Shut up man, you're over cautious,' said Raju who then started his bike.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 1

This is the first episode of my serialized fiction 'Breakaway'. The story will be an action thriller filled with loads of surprise elements. I'm sure that the readers will feel more interesting once the story enters the crux. I'm confident because a couple of years ago when I wrote this as a 'full length' story (divided into three parts) and shared with few of my friends, they really enjoyed a lot reading it. 

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are imaginative and the story is not intended to target any kind of human race. 


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 06:00 hours
'Did you charge it fully?' Amit asked Sam pointing to the camera batteries.
'Yes, I did,' Sam replied who then continued to pack his bag.
'We need to reach there before sunset,' Amit looked at the tripod that lay at the corner of the bed and said to Sam, 'hey, pass that tripod to me.' 
Sam, after giving the tripod to Amit, said, 'how long does it takes to reach the place?' 
'Roughly 4 to 5 hours,' replied Amit.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

LED TV - 55 fiction

'55 fiction' - this is something I came across recently. 'What is 55 fiction?' as the question popped up in my mind I searched online about this and found the result exciting - a fiction in just 55 words. Keeping this in mind I have tried something for the first time. Do let me know your views. 

LED TV (55 fiction)

He bought a new LED TV. 
He carefully unpacked it and was mesmerized by its sleek look. 
He plugged in the wires. 
He put the batteries in the remote control. 
He switched on the supply. 
He went back ten feet and sat on the couch. 
He pressed the ‘on’ button on the remote. 
Power gone!

Written by Ashwin Kumar

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Far Cry (Short Story)

About the story
The story is simple which revolves around a couple who were about to get married and the events that take place in their life before their marriage.

Drama / Romance 


The route seems to be completely devoid of traffic. Then I thought, 'I can now raise the accelerator' while I changed the gear from 4 to 5. The speedometer fluctuated between 100 and 120. I adjusted the headlight to high beam to get a clear view of the road as it was pitch dark. Suddenly a beam of light flashed in front of me. The light made my vision blur and the next thing I remember was lying awake on my bed.

My day started with that dream. I got up and walked to the calendar to see what day it was. It was June 25, 2006. I walked to the dressing table to get my mobile phone. I unlocked it and found no calls or messages. I then realized she might be on her way to the park, which was our regular meeting place. I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. As I was about to leave home, I saw my mother sitting at the living room on the sofa and crying. My father was sitting near the piano having his sad face. Maybe there might have been a quarrel between them and without saying a word I left the place.

Kishangunj Park was our regular meeting place. As Priya did not arrive at the park, I spotted an empty bench below the tree and sat on it relaxing myself. I then started to recollect the old memories.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Misfortune - a short story

This short story got published in the September 2013 edition of the Storizen e-magazine. Clicking the above image will take you directly to the e-magazine.

How the idea struck my mind?
It happened yesterday (June 15, 2013) few minutes before I went to bed. I was thinking of something and accidentally ended up framing a story that deals with 'misfortune'. Today (June 16, 2013) I narrated the story to couple of my friends and after noticing their reactions I decided to pen it. Here I am sharing my creation with the virtual world. Do share your valuable comments after reading the story.


Friday – 10:20 pm
'Hey guys, how about watching a movie tomorrow?'
Guy 1: No man, its weekend and I wanna take rest. I'm not coming.
Guy 2: Movie? I don't wanna watch any movie.
Guy 3: Lets watch it here in our house.
'Damn it, you people are just machines. Lazy idiots,' he looked quite frustrated as he said this, 'okay, I'm gonna go myself to the multiplex and watch the movie tomorrow.'
--Site opened--select movie---select seats---payment gateway---ticket generated---sms received--
'What's the name of the movie you are gonna watch tomorrow? Asked guy 3.
'What does that have to do with you? I ain't gonna tell you the name.'

Bipin, a software engineer, lives with his friends Varun, Akshay and John at an apartment in a metropolitan city. Bipin being a die hard fan of Christopher Nolan couldn't resist himself from watching the movie 'Inception' which hit the screens on Friday. As Friday was a working day, Bipin decided to watch it as early as possible on Saturday. He booked the special morning show which starts at 9.00 am at a popular multiplex in the city. Varun, even though he likes Christopher Nolan, did not wish to accompany Bipin as the show was early in the morning and he wanted to sleep till noon. Akshay was not interested in movies and John always prefer to watch movies in his laptop rather than heading to a theatre. Finally Bipin decided to head to theatre by himself to watch his favorite director's movie.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

When the Sun rises in the West - a 'lengthy' short story

About the story
Aditya, a stockbroker, meets Swapna in a movie theatre. They meet as strangers and become friends later on. Eventually Aditya falls in love with her and he makes her fall from him. Later some unforeseen events creates a havoc in Swapna's life and the story takes a different turn thereafter.

What's so special about this story?
Narration and the surprise twist that comes in the latter half of the story. I'm sure that the readers will enjoy this story.

Romance / Action

Note: My vocabulary may not be very good because I always stick on to simple English. I penned this story a couple of years ago and I feel lazy to sit and edit it. 
Do share your valuable comment after reading this story.


The gates at the level crossing were closed from both the sides and the place appeared to be deserted. An express train bound to Mumbai was about to cross the junction in few minutes. Meanwhile, few kilometers away from the railway level crossing, a bike rider was driving his bike at a speed of 60 miles per hour in the National Highway. His speed increased from 60 to 100, 110, and 115 and stabilized himself as he reached a speed of 120 miles per hour. His head was covered by helmet and the leather jacket covered his upper body. Another bike rider, wearing the same leather jacket but a different helmet, riding at a speed of 140 miles per hour, overtook the rider no.1. On seeing this, the rider no.1 increased his speed from 120 to 160 miles per hour. As the rider no.1 advanced, rider no.2 applied both the brakes, took out the pistol from his left pocket and fired at rider no.1. It was a miss. The bullet dodged the left rear view mirror of rider no.1. Panicked rider no.1 increased his speed from 160 to 220 miles per hour and fled away from the scene. Unfortunately, the car from the opposite line, riding at a speed of 150 miles per hour, suddenly changed its direction and started coming in the way the bike rider no.1 was driving. The car applied its break 100 feet away from the bike and that made the rider no.1 skid his bike towards his right side. The front window of the car opened, as it skid to it left side, and a man from the car opened the fire aiming at rider no.1. Again, it was a miss. The bullet straightaway struck the mud guard that left rider no.1 in a much panicked state. He turned his bike and started to drive in the third direction; i.e., towards the railway level crossing. An express train was nearing the level crossing and the bike rider no.1 traveling at a speed of 120 miles per hour. The bike was almost 20 feet away from the level crossing and the train was almost 30 feet away. Rider no.1 increased his speed to 130 miles per hour and the train was now 15 feet away from the level crossing. Suddenly a torch light flashed on. It was the ticket boy who was checking for tickets inside the movie hall.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Life's Tragedy - a short story

About this story
Every successful man has a story behind his success. Likewise Karthik too have one which he calls it a 'tragedy'. Read the story to know what exactly happened in his life. 

The work is a pure fiction and not related to my life or someone close to me. 



Every successful man has a story behind his success. Likewise I too have one which I call it a ‘tragedy’. It all started that day.

November 25
Somewhere around 3 PM
For no reason, I was staring at the pigeons that lay opposite to my balcony. I knew that I was wasting time, still I continued to stare at them. Suddenly my mobile beeped and I received a message from Subash. It read ‘Hey Karthik, I got a job in Wipro’. On seeing it, I paused the song that was playing in my iPod. I put my hand over my forehead and thought ‘everybody, almost everybody got their jobs. What am I doing here? Karthik….Man! You are finished'. Suddenly, a voice interrupted my thoughts. It was my cousin Kumar.
‘Hey! What are you doing here?’ He politely asked me.
‘Sunny,’ that’s how I call him, ‘Subash got a job in Wipro,’ I said it with frustration.
‘Karthik, just chill man. You still have time with you. OK tell me. What’s your interest?’
‘I want to get into IT’.

Man! Those words changed my life. As suggested by Sunny, I took up a course in Java and after clearing an eight hours long interview, I got into a small scale organization as a Trainee Programmer. Everything appeared fine, but not for long. I noticed that my life was slowly taking a turn towards the tragic side. Thoughts like ‘I should have never cared about Subash. I should have not taken Sunny’s advice seriously’ began to run in my mind after a month. Life turned into a hell there after.

Ten months passed and my life was loaded with routines. Even though I got promoted to Junior Program Analyst, it was no fun. I used to get up by five in the morning, wash my clothes and leave to office by six. I work for more than twelve hours and sometimes twenty hours. I had to sacrifice friends, family, movies, shopping, etc. I was like a slave whose remote control was in the hands of master (my boss). I used to work even on weekends. Some days I had to extend my work time till eleven in the night. That time, while returning home, I used to battle with few stray dogs. It was like an adventurous shit. Life was indeed a hell and everything seemed messed up till I met this guy Shekar.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Existence - a short story

About the story
'Existence' is yet another experimental short story (Wounded being the recent one) which I wrote long ago (in the year 2012). The concept struck me while I was watching this film 'Jacob's ladder'. I was eager to try such screenplay in my writing and the result came out in the form of 'Existence'. 



Location: Mount Kanchenjunga
Altitude: 20,500 feet
A thick layer of mist covered the entire region leaving less traces of visibility. At a height of 20,500 feet it was quite hard to concentrate as the human mind gets out of control. The summit was far away from reach and Jack was waiting for the storm to clear. He was hanging on to a cliff tightly and was trying to breathe harder as he started to run out of oxygen. Suddenly an avalanche hit the region leaving Jack to lose his control and that made him to slip off the cliff. Jack had a free fall from 20,500 feet to 16,400 feet, where he landed on a surface covered with snow. He wasn't able to feel his legs and he started to lose his consciousness. He kept uttering the word 'Clara' for several times until a huge mass of snow fell on him.

'Clara... Clara..' Jack's scream woke up his wife Clara, who lay asleep beside him.
'Jack?' Clara turned on the lights, 'Jack, what happened?'
She rubbed her eyes and looked at him. Jack took out his blanket and said, 'ah! It was a dream, isn't it?'
'Honey, are you okay?' Clara held Jack in her arms.
'It was a dream. I was climbing the mountain. There was the storm and the avalanche that hit me.'
'It's okay baby, just relax,' Clara rubbed his shoulder as she continue to hold him.
'It came in full force before I reached the summit. Why couldn't I make it? I was almost there,' Jack's voice seemed tensed.
'Baby, look at your face. What happened to you?' Clara said as she looked into his eyes.
'Kanchenjunga, it was Mount Kanchenjunga.'
'Baby, it's okay. It was just a dream,' Clara held him tightly and kissed him. 'Everything is going to be okay by tomorrow,' and she turned off the lights.
Later that morning Clara was leaving to work while Jack was still on in his bed with his eyes wide open. Their kids, Jane and Jade, were getting ready for the school.
'Honey, get up. I've to go,' Clara murmured it in his ears.
Jack kissed her and said, 'you look so beautiful today.'
Clara blushed and whispered in his ears, 'yeah, I know that'. She kissed him and then she said, 'okay, can you drop the kids at the school today? I am getting late for work.'
'Okay,' Jack nodded.
'Breakfast is ready on the table. Goodbye sweetie,' Clara left home after saying this.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Seeing alone is not believing

Often I used to notice my mom lighting up the agarbathi and performing prayers in the pooja room. Also I noticed my dad standing in front of those photo frames and murmuring some not-so-audible 'mantras' for minutes. Then I asked them - 'why you are doing so? What are you gonna benefit from this?' and their reply was - 'it gives us peace and relaxation'. Most of the Human race find 'peace and relaxation' in the spirituality and God. I'm not protesting it, but its just that I find it meaningless when viewed from my end.

What created the Universe? 
To answer this question, let me bring in a small conversation between two friends X and Y.
X: What created the Universe?
Y: It's the big bang.
X: No, it's the God who created the Universe.
Y: I don't agree with you. It's the big bang. 
X: Okay, so what created the big bang?
Y: I don't exactly know the answer for that.
X: It's the God who created the big bang.
Y: Wait, you just said that God created the Universe, but how come He got involved in the big bang thing?
X: That's because God created everything, right from the big bang to the Universe.
Y: Okay, if God created everything, then who created God?
X: ??
Y: It's none other than a Human who created the God. Remember, the name 'God' is termed by a fellow Human Being.