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The Search - a short story

What's this story about?
'The Search' is about four guys who always do the right things wrong ending up in a messed up situation.

What's so special with this story?
Few of my regular readers urged me to try my hand at comedy and I wasn't able to say 'no' to them. Even though the story is not a full-length comedy, I learnt that the readers were able to laugh at few places as they read the story (that's fair enough for a newbie like me and I'm happy that I was able to evoke laughter with my first try). The story came out completely from my imagination (no copycat works). Being an ardent fan of Guy Ritchie (English film director) I decided to adapt his style and pen a story based on my imagination, and 'The Search' is one such thing happened.

Genre of the story


Local Boxing Competition, 26th May 8.30 PM, Full moon day
Location: Ewer Street, London - Latitude 51.504429, Longitude -0.10083 according to the London map
Temperature: 16 degrees, Humidity: 43%
The crowd started to cheer loudly as the boxing match reached the final round. Wait, oh my god! Charlie's opponent gave a big blow on his face. Charlie was down.

Exactly 39 hours 30 minutes and 33 seconds ago
A man wearing thick black suit was walking with a baggage along the Summers Street in London. The man looked straight and stiff while walking. His energy appeared brisk, not until he fell into the pit hole that was there right before him, which went out of his notice.

Exactly 46 minutes and 19 seconds before the man fell into the pit
The same black suit guy, who was about to fall into a pit later on, was at the Airport waiting for a call. He looked at his watch, then at the clock and then looked at his cell phone.

Just 1 hour 02 minutes and 09 seconds before 46 minutes and 19 seconds
An anonymous man was asleep in his bed until his cell phone rang which woke him up. The man woke up from his bed, wore his glasses, picked up the call and spoke 'Yes.... Yes, it's with me.... Location.... Time....' The man hung up the phone, got up from the bed, got into the bathroom and then - 'doors closed'.

Time to introduce the four important characters - Smart ass, Dumbo, Duplicate and Freak. Smart ass, known for his extremely terrorized looks and dangerous smile that frightens even an unborn kid. Smart ass always considers himself smart, but he ain't that smart. Dumbo, suffering from a partial psychological disorder, said to be the younger brother of Smart ass. He spoke just these words - 'Something's wrong', 'Who are you?', 'I see something', for the past three years and who cares about the things he spoke before that. Duplicate, a friend of Smart ass for the past twelve years, considers himself a genius. Freak, the man who fears even if he hears a telephone ring. The four people, whose strengths are said to be their weakness, have been assigned a work by their head.

The Phone call
3.14 AM - 1 hour 02 minutes and 09 seconds before 46 minutes and 19 seconds, which is exactly 39 hours 30 minutes and 33 seconds before the boxing match ended
Smart ass took his cell phone and dialed the number while the other three stood there surrounding him. A person picked up the call; the voice seemed like he just got up from bed.
'Freddie?' Smart ass questioned to the man who was on the phone call.
'Yes.' The man replied.
'Baggage?' Smart ass asked him.
'Yes, it's with me?' The man replied.
'Location?' The man asked to Smart ass.
'Rosebery Avenue, Door number 23.'
'Few minutes before sunrise.' Smart ass hung up the phone and looked at the faces of those who surrounded him.

Few minutes before sunrise
Smart ass and his gang were staring at the door. Actually, they were waiting for Freddie to arrive. The door opened from outside and it was Freddie who entered the house with a baggage in his hand.
'Few minutes before sunrise. I'm here.' Freddie said as he closed the door from inside.
'Cut the crap.' Smart ass turned to Freak and said 'Check the bag.'
Freak check the bag once, twice, thrice, four times.
'It's missing.' Freak said to Smart ass.
'What?' Smart ass said it aloud. 'Check it one more time.'
Freddie and Smart ass looked at each other while Freak started to check the bag thoroughly for the fifth time.
'Who are you?' Dumbo asked Smart ass after thinking for a while.
'Shut up you dumb ass. Somebody get him out of this place.' Smart ass said irritatingly.
'Chill man. Hey Dumbo, come here.' Duplicate took Dumbo to his side.
'No, there's nothing here.' Freak said after checking the bag.
Smart ass looked at Freddie, Freddie looked at Freak, Freak looked at Duplicate, Duplicate looked at Dumbo. 'I see something' Dumbo said looking at all the four.
'Close the door.' Smart ass said to Duplicate.
'It's already closed.' Freddie said to Smart ass.
Smart ass took the hockey stick that was there next to the table and he gave blows on Freddie's head, shoulders, elbow, ankles leaving him to cry in pain.
'Leave me. Leave me. What did I do?' Freddie cried out of pain.
'Where's it?' Duplicate asked Freddie while Smart ass continue to punch him with his fist.
'It's there in the baggage.' Freddie voice mixed up with crying out spoke out.
'Fucker! There is nothing in the baggage.' Smart ass said to Freddie as he took some rest while Duplicate started to punch Freddie on his face.
'I see something.' Dumbo came towards Smart ass and whispered in his ear.
'Shut up.' Smart ass shouted in a high pitch. 'Shut up. Freak, just take him away from me.' Dumbo turned and walked back to Freak. The phone rang.

Airport, located somewhere in London
It was a small domestic airport and a person was waiting there standing in the middle of the arrival lounge. He looked at his watch, looked at the wall clock and then looked into his cell phone. One hour passed by. He now looked at his watch, looked at the wall clock and looked into his cell phone. Two hours passed by. Watch, Wall clock, Cell phone. Three hours passed by. Watch, Wall clock, Cell phone. Four hours passed by. He unlocked his cell phone and dialed a number.

Smart ass's interrogation with Freddie
Back to the place where Smart ass was interrogating Freddie regarding the baggage.
'Shut...up.' Smart ass shouted in a high pitch. 'Shut..up. Freak, just take him away from me.' Dumbo's turned and walked back to Freak. The phone rang and Smart ass picked it up.
The voice from the other side spoke 'I was waiting for your call for a long time.'
It was none other than the man waiting at the airport.

Phone conversation
Man at the Airport: I was waiting for your call for a long time.
Smart ass: Why? Whom are you waiting for?
Man at the Airport: I've come here to deliver the baggage to you.
Smart ass: Who are you?
Man at the Airport: I'm Freddie.

Back to Door number 23, the place where the poor guy got beaten up
Smart ass froze up on hearing this. He looked at Freak, Freak looked at Duplicate and Duplicate stepped back from Freddie, the wrong guy.
'If Freddie is talking over the phone then who are you?' Smart ass asked Freddie, the guy who got beaten up.
'I'm Freddie. But I guess you are the wrong guy?' Freddie, the wrong guy, spoke back.
'Wrong guy? Who was the guy you are about to deliver the baggage? What was his name?' Smart ass asked him.
'Ralph. He missed his bag last evening at my store and I was about to give it back to him. Are you Ralph?' Freddie said this and his cell phone rang. He picked up the call and the voice from the other side spoke 'Hello Freddie. This is Ralph. Sorry, I woke up just now. Can you get my baggage after...' Freddie, the wrong guy, hung up the phone.

Back to the phone conversation
Man at the Airport: Hello..?
Smart ass: Ah! Yes. Get the baggage to Summers street. Get there and wait for the call.
Man at the Airport: Okay.

Summers Street, London
Smart ass, Dumbo, Freak and Duplicate arrived at the Summers street few minutes before Freddie was there with the baggage. They hid themselves to check whether Freddie comes alone or with someone accompanying him. Meanwhile, a police car passed by with its siren turned on that made Freak to freak out.
'Oh!' Freak freaked out of fear.
'Shut up moron. It's just a siren. No one is here to kill you.' Duplicated said to Freak.
'Here he arrives.' Smart ass said to others as he saw Freddie entering the street alone with the baggage.
Smart ass dialed Freddie's number and spoke 'Walk straight. Don't look around. We saw you. Just walk straight and place the baggage at the end of the road.' Smart ass hung up the phone after instructing him.
Freddie put the phone in his pocket and walked straight without turning his head, even an inch. He appeared stiff while walking. Smart ass and his gang followed him. Freddie appeared brisk in his walk until Dumbo noticed something unusual. 'I see something' Dumbo spoke out.
'Shut up. Okay? Just shut up.' Smart ass turned back and said to Dumbo. As they continued to walk, they saw Freddie going straight, slipping and falling into the wide open pit hole that was right before him on the path.
Smart ass and his gang rounded up the pit hole and were looking into it for the past fifteen minutes. Smart ass looked at Duplicate, Duplicate looked at Freak, Freak looked at Dumbo while Dumbo said 'I see something'. He was right this time. He saw the pit hole but was not able to express it at the right time.
'Okay. Now who's gonna get into it.' Smart ass asked pointing to the hole.
Everyone stepped back after Smart ass said it. But Freak was standing there frozen.
'Your turn.' Duplicate said to Freak and pushed him into the hole.

In and out
Freak struggled himself and got out of the pit hole with the help of Smart ass. He looked dirty as he came up and gave the bag to Smart ass. Smart ass gave the bag to Dumbo and asked him to clean the bag. Dumbo took the bag and went to the nearby tap to clean the bag while Freak and Duplicate were exchanging punches.

Mistaken moment
All the four went near the shopping complex to get a taxi that will take them back to home. Smart ass placed the bag down to his right and waved at a taxi that passed by. The taxi stopped, Smart ass took the bag in his hand and got into the taxi that drove them home. As they reached home, Smart ass opened the bag. Again, it was empty. This puzzled all the three. Smart ass knew something went wrong somewhere. He recollected things happened.

Shopping mall entrance - Waiting for taxi
All the four stood at the entrance of a bag shop at the shopping mall waiting for the taxi. Meanwhile, a guy came out of the bag shop with his new bag and placed it next to Smart ass's bag. Smart ass, without noticing, lifted up the new bag and got into taxi.
Smart ass saw all these in the video footage recorded by the camera placed at the bag shop's entrance. Smart ass decided to trace out the man who mistakenly took the bag with him.

Almost few minutes left for sunset
Smart ass and his gang decided to get back to home from the shopping mall. As they reached home, they had a dangerous surprise. It was 'Asshole', their head, who was there well before they arrived. Asshole, the most dangerous man in the business of the costly pearl stones.

A small flashback - Few days ago
Three Chinese boys named Cheng, Dong and Peng worked for Asshole. But their fate reversed. Cheng died of bird flu, Dong died in a car accident and Peng, who traveled along with Dong, survived the accident but went into coma and died later. To replace these three, Asshole appointed Smart ass in the place of Cheng, Duplicate in the place of Dong and Freak in the case of Peng. Dumbo, as he was psychologically ill, was not given any job. The job they have been assigned was to get the precious pearl stones, worth 1 million euros, from a guy at the airport and bring it to their head 'Asshole'. But the situation getting messed up did not favor them.

End of the flashback – Back to the present situation
Bang! Bang! Bang! All the three - Smart ass, Freak and Duplicate were beaten up within seconds by Asshole's bodyguards.
'You morons! Where are the stones?' Asshole asked looking at them.
'We missed the pearls.' Smart ass opened his mouth and spoke up. 'We missed it. It must be with the guy at the shopping mall.'
'Guy at the shopping mall?' Asshole looked into Smart ass's eye and continued 'Listen to me carefully. I don't know what you guys will do. I want my stones before tomorrow ends; else I'll rip off your eyes.'
Doors closed, Cars started, 1st car fled away, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
The three guys slowly got up after Asshole left the place.
'We are finished.' Duplicate said to Smart ass.
'Look at him.' Smart ass said to Duplicate pointing out to Freak. 'He is too scared. First console him.'
Dumbo got up from his chair and walked a few steps towards Smart ass. 'Who are you?' Dumbo asked Smart ass looking into his eyes.
'Some..body...shut...his..mouth..' Smart ass shouted aloud and Dumbo got back to the chair where he was seated before.

Coming up with a plan
After some rigorous inquiries, Duplicate found out that the guy who mistook their bag at the shopping mall was none other than a cop. The expressions of Smart ass, Duplicate and Freak were shocking after they got to know about this. Duplicate came up with a plan to get the bag.
'I have a plan guys.' Duplicate said to other three.
'What? What plan?' Freak asked.
'Why don't we get into his house during night time and steal the bag?'
'Brilliant idea. It's amazing.' Freak was convinced by the idea.
'I don't think it will work out.' Smart ass said.
'Something's wrong.' Dumbo interrupted their conversation.
'Somebody control this m*****fucker or else I'll rip him off into parts.' Smart ass irritatingly said this to Duplicate and Freak.
'Man, he is your brother. Why do you get angry on him?' Duplicate said and took Dumbo to his side.

The Search
All the three decided to get into the house before sunset and steal the bag. But the situation appeared different. All of them were asleep at the backside of the cop's house till nine in the morning. At exactly nine o clock and five minutes, Duplicate woke up.
'Whoa! Where is the bag?' Duplicate's scream woke up the other three.
'Oh my god! What's happening here?' Freak said it rubbing his eyes.
'Shit! We missed it.' Duplicate said.
'No. Watch out. He is just leaving the house. We can execute our plan now.' Smart ass said as he saw the cop leaving the house.
Freak followed by Duplicate followed by Smart ass and Dumbo entered the house. By the time they decided to part in each direction, it was too late. There was an emergency cop meeting held at the house. All the police authorities were there at the hall waiting for the cop to get back.
'As I said before, we are finished.' Duplicate turned back and ran out of the house while the police caught hold of Smart ass, Dumbo and Freak.

Arrested and Escaped
All the three were arrested and were tied up to the car that was parked outside the house. A cop was made to stand near the car to watch them out while the others went inside to continue the meeting. Duplicate somehow managed to come back and saw that only one cop was kept for surveillance. The cop stood there at end of the car facing towards the house, like a security guard, while Duplicate freed them up from the other side. All the
four escaped from the location within few minutes and hid themselves until sunset. It was indeed an easy escape.

Mid noon - Sunset - Moon rise
All the four came out of the secret place, where they hid themselves, and went to the Ewer street where Asshole was supposed to meet them that night. The local boxing competition was scheduled at the boxing club whereas the four of them stood right outside the club waiting for Asshole to arrive.
'Smart ass.' For the first time after a span of three years, Dumbo spoke something unusually different 'This one in my pockets, is making me feel uncomfortable. Can you keep it for sometime so that I'll get it later from you.'
It was Dumbo who spoke such a long dialogue and from his pocket he took out those two precious pearl stones which they were chasing behind all this time.
Everybody stood there froze up. Smart ass - froze, Duplicate - froze, Freak - freaked as well as froze.
'You moron. When did you keep these with you?' Smart ass asked Dumbo and the part moves to the flashback.

In and Out - a revisit
Smart ass gave the bag to Dumbo and asked him to clean the bag. Dumbo took the bag and went to the nearby tap to clean the bag. While cleaning, he found two shining stones in the front zip and shifted them out to his pockets such that they were safe.

Back to the surprised state
'Oh Shit man!' Smart ass exclaimed as Dumbo was still holding those stones in his hand and his hand was right near Smart ass's face. 'Make your hands down.' Smart ass said to Dumbo and pushed his hand aside. Again, all the three froze up. Smart ass - froze, Duplicate - froze, Freak - freaked as well as froze.

'Make your hands down.' Smart ass said to Dumbo and pushed his hands aside. The stones slipped out from Dumbo's hand and rolled on the roads. It was 8.30 PM, a full moon day, the boxing competition reached the final round and Charlie was down as the stones rolled on the road.

Far away from London
Container lorry service station
A kid sat there worried. Why he was worried?

The kid was playing with some pebbles near the pool. Unfortunately he ran out of pebbles and was sitting on the bench outside the service station.

Service station
The kid sat there worried, not after a large container lorry arrived there. A small shining object on the rear wheel of the lorry attracted the boy. The boy went near it and took the object in hand. It was a shining pebble, in our case, it was one of the pearl stone.

Back to the Ewer Street, London
That night
The stones rolled on the road. One stone got stuck onto a lorry tire while the other stone fell into the small opening on the corner of the road. Smart ass - froze, Duplicate - froze, Freak - freaked as well as froze, and the newly joined was Asshole - double froze.

Back to the service station
Somewhere far away from London
The kid took the stone in his hand, happily went near to the pool, threw the stone in the water and happily returned back singing song.

Three days later, London
Smart ass and his gang were rigorously searching each and every pit hole for the past three days for the stone while Asshole appointed a man for the surveillance of those three and left to Canada to look after his ongoing business. All the three were told to get the stone in a month's time. But what if they don't get? It doesn't matter. What's gone was gone forever.

Written by Ashwin Kumar 


  1. liked the way you named your characters.. quite an interesting read :)

    1. glad you found this interesting.. this was my first try at 'comedy'