Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Interaction between the Sun, the Ocean and the Air

Hidden power raging through our planet is now made visible with the help of satellites that scans the Earth revealing new details like the nature's unseen forces interconnecting in extraordinary ways. Here in this article I'm going to explain about the interaction between the Sun, the Water and the Air, and the effects due to the interaction.

180 tonnes of water from the ocean rises upward every hour and it is not visible to human eyes. It takes with it the energy equivalent to the output of a small nuclear power station. 1 km up, this vapor condenses into cloud and releases its heat. It raises the temperature of the surrounding air by several degrees. As the air heats up, the water from the ocean rises further producing powerful vertical winds. These drive the clouds up to 15 km high. As the storm cell grows, the effect of the Earth's rotation below forces it to spin. The thunder clouds merge into a vast circle. A hurricane is born.  

A hurricane is one of nature's great power houses. At any one moment, its generating as much energy as world's entire electrical output. This is the physical consequence of water's ability to store and release energy.

The hurricane acts like a release valve when the ocean gets too warm. It helps to balance the climate by redistributing the heat around the planet. It returns the ocean to equilibrium. It's these hidden connections that ultimately keep us alive.  


  1. very interesting these papers on the nature, the planet on which the cataclysms
    are becoming more frequent

    1. these kinds of natural disasters are the answers for 'how our atmosphere is balanced'