Monday, 6 May 2013

Smoking really kills!

What happens when you smoke?
  • The first thing happens when you smoke is the release of a mixture of gases around your eyes, nose and throat. Your eyes may water, nose might run and the throat will most likely become irritated.
  • Smoking paralyzes and even kills Cilia. Cilia is found in the windpipe of a human body and it is helpful in sweeping out mucus and dirt out of the lungs. When smokers wake up coughing, it is because of the Cilia that are not killed are hard at work. Then the first cigarette of the day paralyzes the Cilia once again and the cough ceases.
  • Cigarette smoking damages the floating scavenger cells deep inside the lungs. The scavenger cells are used to remove foreign particles from the alveoli ( tiny air sacs in lungs).
  • A lot of what you inhale turns into a tar and only 30% is sent out during exhalation. The remaining 70% gets accumulated in your throat and lungs. The tar in turn kills lung cells and is responsible for a massive breakdown in the Human respiratory system.
  • Cigarette smoking affects the heart. The chemicals in the smoke are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and from there it straight away reaches the heart. At that time the heart beats faster than usual. Smoking can also cause irregular heartbeat (in medical terms it is called Arrhythmia).
  • Smoking also reduces the oxygen level in your blood because the carbon monoxide produced by the smoke tricks the body to think that it's oxygen. The body cells needs oxygen and heart works overtime to produce it (if so then the heart weakens soon).
  • The tar also coats the tongue and nasal passages which in turn kills your senses of smell and taste.
  • When you smoke, the harmful carbon monoxide stay in your blood for a period of six hours.
  • Smoking also increases the blood pressure and lowers the oxygen supply to the skin which in turns causes the dark lines around the eyes. The skin may also appear gray in color and the person may appear lean.
  • Smoking can also affect sex life. It leads to erectile dysfunction in men. It also lowers the sperm count. Women who smoke heavily show a decline in fertility and reach menopause two years early, lowering the possibility of pregnancy.

Smokers cannot easily quit smoking because of one reason – 'nicotine'. They are addicted to it. Research shows that a pack of cigars delivers 250 hits of nicotine to the brain each day. So quitting isn't just about the pack, it has more to do with those 250 hits. That's the reason people find it hard to quit and it also depends on the genes, gender and psychological state.

What does Nicotine do to Human body?
The nicotine tricks our brain by stimulating the 'reward pathways' (system of brain which controls behavior) with a shot of dopamine, a pleasurable drug. It also increases the activity in the 'cholinergic pathways' (system involved in the regulation of memory or learning). The rise in the level makes you feel sharper and more focused. Nicotine in turn increased endorphin (sex hormone) which leaves you in an intense state of excitement. At night when you aren't smoking, these pathways are shut down and you wake up craving for a 'morning smoke'.

Always remember this - the internal organs, blood and cells of the Human body aren't built to process Cigarette smoke. Once you get started there is no way that you're going to back out. People usually undergo a large number of therapies to quit smoking but that doesn't work every time. It's better to stay away from it than getting addicted. Smoking soothes the brain at the same time it damages it. Not only smoking damages brain but also causes the failure of internal organs and it also leads to the shut down of the respiratory system. Smoking really kills!


  1. Thank you for posting this Ashwin. I will show your post to my smoking friends and hopefully, they will be encouraged to stop!

    1. thanks for bumping into my blog Jazz :)
      You can very well share this with your friends