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ROD: Rise of Domar - an action extravaganza

Alright, the wait is over. I just penned the third installment of the 'Dangerous Domar' series. Trust me, this one is far more serious yet satirical compared to the rest of the parts. The major highlights of this story will be the pre climax action sequence and the stunning climax. I enjoyed writing the pre climax action sequence to the fullest and I hope the readers will be blown away by it as well as the unexpected twisted ending. 

Here are the links to the first two installment of the 'Dangerous Domar' series 

About the story
Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 

Action / Satire


University campus
Oklahoma, United States
Update received!
Hiroto, a guy from Japan, received an update in his cell phone. He opened the message and it read – Tsunami alert to the Central coast of America. Guatemala hit with a massive earthquake. He immediately passed the cell phone to Chun Hei, a Korean girl. She, after reading the message, gave it to Ebuka, an African guy. As Ebuka read the message, Darko, a guy from Slovenia, grabbed the cell phone from him and read the message louder.
'Guatemala hit with a massive earthquake,' Darko read the message.
'And they issued a tsunami alert,' Chun Hei said.
'What about Professor Domar?' Hiroto asked looking at Chun Hei, Ebuka and Darko.
'Oh shit! He is on a vacation,' Ebuka replied.
'So?' asked Chun Hei.
'He went on a vacation to Guatemala,' Ebuka said.

Champerico – Guatemala, Central America
A tsunami alert has been issued to the entire west coast of Central America and hence the coastline of Champerico was completely deserted. Champerico was just few kilometers away from the epicenter and the wave was expected to hit the coast anytime. The sirens began to ring across the beaches indicating that a tsunami is on the way. People were rushing to the higher grounds. Among them were two students from the Oklahoma University who came to Guatemala along with Professor Domar on a vacation.
'Where is our professor?' one of those two students asked the other.
'He just went to swim,' the other guy replied.
'What? Did you just say about swimming?' the first guy asked in a louder tone.
'Yes, he wanted to go for a swim,' the other guy replied.
'What the hell is wrong with him?'

As the two students moved to the higher ground, they saw a giant wall of water hitting the coastline. They were about 2 km away from the coast, on the top of a tiny mountain. The water rushed in with high speed and those students were worried about their Professor Domar. To their surprise, they spotted Domar in that wave. He was actively swimming in the tsunami and was heading towards the coast. He swam in the huge tidal wave and pushed his body along with the direction of the wave motion. As the wave hit the coast, its intensity began to increase and the wave began to suck every object it came across on the ground. He pushed himself forward with much difficulty to avoid getting suck by the wave. After struggling for a couple of minutes, Domar escaped the wave and hit the ground. He then began to run faster. As he ran, he looked back and saw the giant 8 foot wave chasing him. He ran for about 2 km and reached a higher ground. He saw the wave subsiding below. Finally, Domar was out of danger.


Yakutsk, Russia
The weather was freezing outside as the temperature dropped below zero. The roads were empty because of the heavy snowfall. Inside the geological institute, a young Russian student named Karolek Romochka was conducting an experiment. He was all alone in the laboratory performing a minor nuclear test wearing an anti radiation suit. After performing the test, he left the laboratory leaving the suit in the adjacent room. As he got out of the institute, he spotted a burger shop open at the street corner.
‘Я хочу иметь гамбургер,’ Romochka said in Russian to the waiter at the burger shop.
[I want to have a burger]
‘Какие Burger вы хотите?’ asked the waiter.
[What kind of burger you want?]
‘Вид гамбургер, который является съедобным,’ replied Romochka.
[The kind of burger that is edible]
‘Мясом или без мяса?’ asked the waiter.
[Meat or no meat?]
The waiter gave him a Fried Chicken burger and Romochka had it sitting at the corner table viewing the beautiful snowfall.

University campus - Department of Nuclear Physics
Oklahoma, United States
‘The situation is similar if two nuclei are brought together. As they approach each other, all the protons in one nucleus repel all the protons in the other. Not until the two nuclei actually come in contact can the strong nuclear force take over. Consequently, even when the final energy state is lower, there is a large energy barrier that must first…’
Domar’s lecture was interrupted by a call.
‘Sorry folks, I need to take this call,’ Domar said and stepped out of the classroom.
‘Well, how did he survive the catastrophe?’ Ebuka, the African student, asked Chun Hei who sat next to him.
‘Sal and Mark said he swam in the wave,’ Chun Hei said looking at the two students who sat at the corner desk. Those students were the ones who accompanied Domar to Guatemala.
‘He got some balls man,’ Darko said who was sitting between Chun Hei and Hiroto.
Domar got back into the classroom. He announced, ‘that’s it for today. Something important came up and I need to go.’

All the students began to leave from the classroom except those four – Hiroto, Darko, Chun Hei and Ebuka. They as a team work on Domar’s nuclear research. Their IQ levels were comparatively high and that made Domar to recruit them as a team.
‘What’s the matter Professor?’ Hiroto asked.
‘It’s time to test our weapon,’ Domar said.
‘Professor, we’ve just got the prototype. What if things go wrong?’ Chun Hei asked Domar.
‘The weapon is strong, nothing will go wrong,’ Domar said.
‘Man, that was fucking rhetoric,’ Hiroto said and Darko chuckled.
‘What’s so funny?’ Domar asked looking at Darko.
‘When do we leave Professor?’ Ebuka asked.
‘Tomorrow, to New Orleans,’ Domar said.

Washington DC, United States
Two FBI officers Rhode and Arianna stepped out of their chief officer’s cabin and they were heading towards their cubicle.
‘What do we do now?’ asked Arianna who was walking beside Rhode.
‘We got to call Oklahoma University and talk to Professor Domar,’ Rhode replied.
‘Okay, you call the University and I’ll get Officer Hari Prakash on line,’ Arianna said.
Rhode picked up the phone and dialed the University. After talking over the phone, he grabbed Arianna’s hand, which was picking up the phone, signaling her not to call Hari Prakash.
‘…well, okay, thanks for the information,’ Rhode said that over the phone.
‘What?’ Arianna asked Rhode.
‘Professor Domar is on his way to New Orleans. We must reach him before he gets there,’ Rhode explained.
‘I need to inform this to Hari Prakash. He is the only person, who could reach Domar before the train gets to New Orleans,’ Arianna said and picked up the phone in her hand.

Yakutsk Airport, Russia
Karolek Romochka was at the airport to board the flight bound to Seattle, United States. The flight was delayed few hours because of the bad weather and Romochka spent his time drinking tea and eating burgers at the airport. After few hours, the flight arrived and Romochka boarded it.

A few miles away from Dallas – On the way to New Orleans
The train was moving at a high speed. Inside the train, the Japanese student Hiroto was moving like a zombie from coach to coach. On seeing that, Darko and Ebuka were surprised.
‘What happened to him?’ Ebuka asked Darko.
‘I don’t know, something has happened to him,’ Darko replied.
Chun Hei joined their conversation, ‘he seems to act peculiar. Is he alright Darko?’
‘I don’t know,’ Darko replied.
As they were talking, Hiroto walked towards them with his eyes looking above. He passed without noticing them. He was murmuring something as he walked.
Professor Domar was inside the first class compartment along with his students. He was in his private cabin reading some magazines. The students were after Hiroto, who was behaving odd. They did not inform Domar about the situation as they didn’t want to disturb him.

A military chopper was flying above the train. A guy from the chopper put down two ropes that lead to the top of the train. As there were no electric cables, there was a clear safe path to land on the top of the train. A police officer put out his right hand from the chopper and held a rope. He then put out his left hand and held another rope at his left side. Holding the two ropes, he jumped off the chopper. He moved downward holding the ropes. The chopper was moving at a speed that matched with the motion of the train. The police officer was ten feet away from landing on the train’s top. He said in the wireless radio, ‘hold it, I’m going to land on the train’. There was a tiny red button on his waist belt. Using his left hand he pressed the red button while he held the rope tightly with his right hand. As he pressed the button, two sharp pieces popped out from his shoe heels. Holding the ropes, he gazed his looks on the top of the train, waiting for the perfect moment to make a jump. He made a perfect jump and the sharp pieces on his shoe heels anchored him well on to the top of the train. After balancing himself steadily, he pressed the red button once again and the sharp pieces got back into the heels. Finally, Hari Prakash landed on the train in which Domar was traveling to New Orleans.

Hari Prakash got into the compartment by breaking the emergency glass door. Luckily, it was the compartment in which Domar was traveling along with his students. Hearing the noise, Domar stepped out of his private cabin. He saw Hari Prakash coming towards him.
‘Hello, Mr. Hari Prakash. Is this how you get into trains?’ Domar said this as they exchanged hugs.
‘Well, something important has come up…’
Hari Prakash was interrupted by Hiroto’s ‘zombie-like’ behavior. Chun Hei, Ebuka and Darko were after Hiroto trying to help him. Chun Hei’s beautiful face arrested the attention of Hari Prakash. Hari Prakash had an irresistible eye contact with Chun Hei. Eventually, he began to like her.  
‘What’s wrong with him?’ Hari Prakash asked Chun Hei. 
‘He is in a shock,’ Chun Hei replied.
‘What?’ Professor Domar asked Chun Hei.
‘Darko said that he gave Hiroto a book and he started behaving odd from the moment he read that book,’ Chun Hei explained.
‘Professor, we have a problem,’ Ebuka, who went behind Hiroto, said this aloud.
Hari Prakash ran to the end of the compartment and saw Hiroto trying to jump off the train through the broken emergency exit. He along with Ebuka pulled him back in. By then Hiroto was unconscious. He held a book in his hand. Hari Prakash took the book and looked at it. It was written ‘Dangerous D’ on it.
‘You still have this stuff with you. I told you to keep this away from people,’ Hari Prakash said looking at Domar.
‘I didn’t know he will be interested in that,’ Domar said.
‘What the hell!’ Hari exclaimed.
‘Okay, what’s the matter?’ asked Professor Domar.
‘I had talks with the President of United States,’ Hari said.

The White House, United States – Lunch with Mr. President
A few hours ago
Hari Prakash was having lunch along with the President of United States at the White House. He and the President were sitting opposite to each other at the luxurious dining hall. Delicious sea foods and mouthwatering fried items were placed on the dining table, and Hari Prakash was enjoying his meal.
‘So, Mr. Hari Prakash, we have an information from the intelligence regarding a nuclear threat,’ Mr. President said this to Hari Prakash as they had their lunch.
‘That’s delicious,’ Hari Prakash replied.
‘No, I mean, the fish is delicious. Mr. President, could you please pass on that fish to me,’ Hari Prakash said and the President passed on the bowl to him.
‘The attack will be direct and I need you and Mr. Domar to work on this,’ said Mr. President.
Hari put down the chicken bone on the plate and said, ‘Mr. President, this is Hari telling you not to worry. From now on this is our issue and we will sort it out. I’ll inform Mr. Domar regarding this.’ 
‘Do you need anything else, Mr. Hari Prakash?’ asked Mr. President.
‘Yes, pass that prawn fry to me Mr. President,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘Ha ha, I’m asking about the weapons,’ Mr. President said as he passed the bowl.
‘No Mr. President, we have the adequate weaponry with us,’ said Hari Prakash.

Train moving towards New Orleans
Hari Prakash and Domar were sitting inside the private cabin and Hari Prakash was explaining about the situation to Domar.
‘Mr. President says there is a threat and we need to stop it,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘Then it must be the Russians,’ said Domar.
‘How can you be so sure?’ asked Hari Prakash.
‘Remember Mission ISS?’
‘They are going to avenge their failure,’ said Domar.
‘Damn it! What do we do now?’ asked Hari Prakash.
‘Whatever we do, we do it together,’ said Domar.

Seattle, United States
Karolek Romochka, as he got into a taxi at the airport exit, found the cell phone ringing in his pocket. He gave the taxi driver the address and attended the phone call.
‘What?’ Romochka said.
‘We have a problem,’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘You don’t say that,’ Romochka said.
‘Sir, I’m trying my best here. I’m just waiting for the right time.’
‘You have just 12 hours with you,’ Romochka said and hung up the phone call.

New Orleans, United States
Professor Domar, Hari Prakash and the four students arrived at New Orleans. Hiroto’s condition remained unstable and Professor Domar called the emergency service. Hiroto was then taken by the ambulance to the military hospital in New Orleans. The others took a car and they went on to Port Sulphur which is located along the banks of the river Mississippi. 
‘Is the weapon 100% functional?’ Hari Prakash asked Domar who was driving the car.
‘Is that a doubt?’ asked Domar.
‘Okay,’ Hari Prakash said as he turned to the students and then he continued, ‘listen guys, we have a situation. We need to transport that weapon to a safer place and hide it for some time. The reports from the intelligence say that there is an attack that is going to happen. We don’t know when and where but all we do now is to safeguard our weapon. My guess is that whoever has threatened the nation will come looking for this weapon. Before they place a step forward we must react.’
‘The plan goes like this,’ Domar continued to explain the plan, ‘we pick up the weapon from Port Sulphur and transport it all the way to Alaska. Our team will split into two. There will be two vehicles at the Port waiting for us. One of those two vehicles will carry the weapon. We travel by road to Dallas and from there we will take the weapon by a chopper to Alaska.’
‘Wait, we will be splitting into three. Already I’ve asked for a chopper,’ said Hari Prakash.

Port Sulphur, United States
Professor Domar and his team reached the location. They got into the secret chamber inside the port where they hid the nuclear weapon. Domar took it out and put it in a hibernate mode. He also took the blueprint and the instruction manual along with the weapon and put it in one of the two vehicles.
‘Ebuka and Darko will be a team and Chun Hei will be going with me,’ said Professor Domar.
‘I’ll guard you from above,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘Darko, here are the keys.’ Domar said pointing to the vehicle that had the weapon, ‘you’ll be driving that vehicle.’
‘What the hell are you doing?’ asked Hari Prakash after Domar gave Darko the keys.
‘There will be a problem if I carry the weapon. In case there is an attack, it will be on me,’ Domar said.

The military chopper arrived at Port Sulphur and Hari Prakash got into it. The chopper was ready to take off and Hari Prakash looked at Chun Hei who was looking at him. He winked at her as the chopper took off. The car that carried the weapon followed Domar’s Lamborghini. The vehicles left the location and drove straight towards Dallas. The vehicles reached New Orleans in less than 40 minutes and Hari Prakash was keeping an eye on them from the chopper. The vehicles crossed New Orleans and entered into the six lane highway. They were moving towards Dallas. Darko was driving the car while Ebuka, who sat next to him, was going through the blueprint of the weapon.
‘Hey Darko, do you think there will be an attack?’ Ebuka asked Darko who was driving the car.
‘Well, there will be an attack,’ replied Darko.
‘How can you be so sure man?’ Ebuka asked Darko.
‘Because it was planned long ago,’ said Darko.
Ebuka’s face was filled with shock. He was confused for a moment. He then asked Darko, ‘what do you mean by that man?’
Darko winked at Ebuka and smiled. He then said, ‘we planned the attack long ago.’

A fighter plane rushed into the location and it was behind Hari Prakash’s chopper. Hari Prakash, on noticing this, took his wireless radio and spoke to the base, ‘do you have an authorization on the fighter plane that is following me right now?’ He waited for the reply from the base and it came after few seconds, ‘no sir we have a glitch in the system. Everything got hung up.’ Hari Prakash looked out from the chopper. It was Karolek Romochka in that fighter plane. ‘Shit, we got to move faster,’ said Hari Prakash over the radio to Domar. Domar, as he drove the car, looked at the fighter plane from his rear view mirror.
‘What’s that?’ asked Chun Hei who sat next to Domar.
‘It’s Karolek Romochka,’ said Domar.
‘Who’s that?’ asked Chun Hei.
‘The Russian who challenged the attack,’ said Domar.

Domar drove his car faster. Darko who was behind Domar tried to overtake him. Ebuka, on noticing this, tried to stop Darko from driving the car. Darko punched him on his face and kicked him out of the car. Ebuka rolled on the road and Hari Prakash noticed it.
‘Shit, what’s happening?’ Hari Prakash said over the wireless.
‘Darko, you bastard,’ said Domar who looked at Ebuka rolling on the road.
Darko fastened his car and got near to Domar’s Lamborghini. Meanwhile, the fighter plane was behind Hari Prakash’s chopper.
‘We got an emergency on the highway. Send the ambulance now,’ Hari Prakash informed the emergency service to help the injured Ebuka.

Karolek Romochka, who was driving the fighter plane, spoke to Darko over the radio, ‘overtake him, what are you waiting for?’
‘I’m on that,’ replied Darko.
Domar blocked Darko’s way preventing him from overtaking his car. When Darko got to his left, Domar took his car left blocking his way. Darko drifted his car to confuse Domar who took a right turn when Darko drifted towards right. Darko took an immediate left and overtook Domar’s car. Romochka, on noticing this, opened fire from his plane. The bullets hit the Domar’s car and broke his windshield. ‘Shit, he is firing,’ Domar said over the wireless. Hari Prakash instructed the pilot to hit the fighter plane. The pilot turned the chopper facing the fighter plane and opened fire at it. Romochka tilted the plane upside down escaping the bullets and he fired back at the chopper. The bullet hit the chopper’s wing and the chopper was on fire. Hari jumped off the chopper and seconds later it was blasted in the mid air. Hari Prakash opened his parachute and was traveling downwards. Romochka fired at the parachute and Hari Prakash, who was 500 feet from the ground, was about to make a free fall. Domar was 300 feet away from him and it was impossible to save Hari Prakash. At that time a car screeched in faster. The top of the car was opened and Hari Prakash landed in that car with minimal injuries. The car was driven by Hiroto, the Japanese student.
‘Hiroto, how are you feeling now?’ asked Hari Prakash who held his right arm which was bleeding.
‘Energetic,’ said Hiroto and stepped on the accelerator.
Hiroto took the car to the other side and followed Domar’s Lamborghini. He overtook Domar’s car and was behind Darko.
‘Is that Hiroto?’ Chun Hei asked this to Domar.
‘Hiroto is back,’ announced Hari Prakash over the wireless.
Domar said over the wireless, ‘I’m glad that you’re safe, Mr. Hari Prakash.’

Darko drove faster and Romochka was firing at Domar’s car. Domar drove the car faster in a zigzag manner escaping the bullets. Hari Prakash aimed his gun at the fighter plane which was flying a little bit lower and fired at the wings. The bullets hit the wing but it did not cause any damage to the plane. Romochka unlocked the rocket and aimed straight at Domar’s car. The fighter plane was flying much lower. Hari Prakash made a quick jump and held the wing of the plane. Romochka, on noticing this, tilted the plane and took it a little bit higher. The tilt made a way for Hari Prakash to reach the door of the plane. He broke open the door and entered the cockpit. Hari Prakash fired at Romochka’s arm. Romochka then held the neck of Hari Prakash with his injured left arm. The fighter plane began to lose its control.

Hiroto, who was behind Darko, hit the vehicle with full force. The car that Darko drove rolled on the road and it halted after it hit a pole. Domar halted his car and ran towards Darko’s car. He took out the weapon and ran back to his car. Darko’s car blasted into pieces leaving him dead. The blueprint and the instruction manual burned along with the car while the weapon was safe with Domar.

Hari Prakash hit Romochka with his fist while Romochka held his neck tighter. He spotted a red button before him and pressed it. The alarm was set off as the ignition system was disabled. The fuel tank got locked and the fighter plane was about to crash land on the ground. Romochka held Hari Prakash’s neck tighter and said, ‘let’s die together.’ Hari Prakash, on hearing that, hit hard on Romochka’s face with his head and pushed him aside. The plane was few feet away from the ground and Hari Prakash jumped off the plane and landed on the road. The plane hit the road barrier and rolled on the highway. Few seconds later, the fighter plane blasted into pieces.

The White House, United States
The President of United States of America was waiting for the arrival of Domar and his team. He was waiting at the entrance of the White House guarded by his security. As the arrival was delay he made a phone call to Domar.
‘Mr. Domar is everything okay?’ asked Mr. President.
‘Yes, we are on our way,’ said Domar from the other side of the phone.

Domar and his team arrived at White House after a couple of minutes. The President saw Domar getting out from the car with the nuclear weapon. Hari Prakash followed Domar. Hiroto got out from the car and was standing next to it. Chun Hei after getting out from the car rushed to Hiroto. She hugged him tightly and kissed him all over his face. Hari Prakash was stunned for a moment and then his duty distracted his thoughts. He gave a smile on the kissing couple and then greeted the President. The President tapped Domar’s shoulder and said, ‘we need a person like you Mr. Domar.’ The President then looked at Hari Prakash and said, ‘you too Mr. Hari Prakash’. Hari Prakash gave a salute to The President.

A subordinate officer came to Hari Prakash and whispered information in his ears. Hari Prakash, on hearing this, became shocked.
‘What happened?’ asked Mr. President.
‘The forensics did not find a dead body near the fighter plane,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘That means Romochka is alive?’ asked Domar.
Karolek Romochka vroomed into the White House premises. Trespassing the security, he drove towards the White House entrance where Mr. President along with Domar was standing. Romochka took out his gun and aimed straight at Domar. He fired two bullets straight at Domar. On noticing this, Mr. President got into the way and had two bullets on his chest. The bodyguards rushed towards the Romochka’s car. One of the security guys took a rocket launcher and fired it straight at Romochka’s car which was escaping the premises. The car blasted into pieces leaving Karolek Romochka dead.

The President fell on the floor. Domar handed the weapon to Hari Prakash and held The President in his arms. The President, as he was dying, said looking at Domar, ‘our country needs someone like you Mr. Domar, someone like you.’ Then the President died leaving everyone in a state of sadness.

A couple of days later
Washington, DC, United States
“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
The Oath was taken and Domar was officially made the President of the United States of America. He took the blessings of the Pope and met the students at the Oklahoma University at The White House later that day. He also thanked the people of country through a press meet for electing him as the President. At the end of the day, President Domar was in his office going through some files. That time, he received a call in his personal phone.
‘Annyeonghaseyo Mr. President, congratulations on your success,’ it was the voice from the other end of the phone.
‘Who are you?’ asked President Domar.
‘My name is Bong-cha. I am from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’
‘What do you want?’
‘I want nothing Mr. President, nothing big expect that we want to destroy your country. Tell your people to get ready to face the attack. Do you think we can’t attack your country Mr. President? Remember, you follow rules but we do not.'
President Domar after a moment of silence said, ‘rules are followed in Grammar, they are broken by Domar. You don’t mess with me.’

Written by Ashwin Kumar

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  1. Always when you include Domar in your story you go beyond our imagination to portray him in an unimaginable manner.
    Coming to the story, the conversation between Hari and president broke to big laughter.All the characters you included have a dominant role in your story including the character Chun Hei :-).
    The climax chase made me visualize wheat you wrote. And towards the end..... hehehehe! the words Domar-Pope-President ... hehehehehe. What can be more for Domar.
    Finally, ROD came out well polished with comedy, action ,thriller with a little love :-( .
    From now whenever I eat fish or prawn I hope I remember Mr. President and ofcouse ROD.
    Let me see how long the ROD elongates in its sequel :-)

    1. haha.. i could see that you enjoyed the story very well. I'll assure you that i'll live up to your expectations or maybe beyond in ROD 2

  2. oh my god dude , what a creation . mind blowing dude . i was esp at that climas and that pre-climax . and Mr.President sequence was awesome.Ashwin = Simly making ur negatives to ASHes , headind to WIN. keep going dude . waiting for the next episode . All the best .

  3. clear and refined comedy+action+thriller :), especially the action sequences towards the end were beyond Hollywood standards..waiting for ROD 2

  4. wow it was really a great read. it was like watching a movie. perfect potpourri with action comedy thriller with sprinkle of romance.. poor Hari.. perhaps you should bring a pair to him in the next episode ;) a fun n enjoyable climax.. thought Domar is a funny guy.. but the president.. haha.. am still laughing.. hats off for this wonderful series, Ashwin. :) :)

    looking for the Republic Day.. :D

    1. haha.. i'm left in an excited state after reading your comment! I'll make sure that 'Republic Day' will be more enjoyable :) expect it before this month end :)