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Pioneer - a 'lengthy' action packed short story

About the story
Siddharth, a drug and weapon transporter, offers his friend Akash a transportation job that gets him 2 lakh rupees as soon as the job is done. Akash, who is in need of money, takes up the job. Unfortunately, the cops trace the plan out and now they are after Akash. The only hope for him is his brother Abhimanyu, a fast growing businessman, who can save him from the cops. But things gets complicated after the death of his brother. Now Akash has been left with only one option - to avenge the murder of his brother. 

Specialty of this story
The specialty of this story is the kick ass narration with surprising twists turning up every now and then. I'm sure the readers will be blown away by the way the story unfolds. 

Action / Thriller

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[Footsteps approaching fast]
Cutlet.. Garam cutlet.... Saaley chutta de....
[Footsteps approaching faster]
[Car horn honking]
[Bike tire screeching]

The footsteps of a man, wearing a black jean and sandal colored shirt, approached the entrance of the hotel The Residency, one of the finest star hotels, located in the heart of the Mumbai city. He went to the elevator and waited for it to get down from fourth floor. Three... Two... One.... The doors of the elevator opened. The man got into the elevator and pressed the number 14. The elevator reached 14th floor. The man got out of the elevator and walked towards Abhimanyu’s office.
'Do you have an appointment?' The lady at the reception asked him.
'Wish I had. Lady, it's important. Just let me in. I want to meet Abhimanyu.' Reply came from Akash.

Abhimanyu, aged 28, was the owner of The Residency and also the fastest growing businessman in the city of Mumbai. His office had a cozy look and everything appeared royal, say it the furniture or the interior. He was on a call when Akash entered. He was interrupted by the intercom.
'Sir, you have a visitor,' the lady said over the wireless intercommunication phone.
'A visitor?' Abhimanyu questioned back.
'He says he's your brother.'
'Brother?' Abhimanyu paused for a while and continued 'okay Sarah, just send him in.'

Akash, younger brother of Abhimanyu, entered the office while Abhimanyu continued his phone call 'ah... Yes... I’ll get back to you on this. Just wait till I react.' He hung up the phone and welcomed his brother.
'Brother! Good to see you. What’s up man?' Abhimanyu went near him and gave a hug.
'May I?' Akash said pointing to the chair.
'Yes, yes, of course have a seat brother. So, what's going on?' Abhimanyu sat in the chair opposite to his brother.
'Wait a moment,' Akash sipped few drops of water and placed down the glass on the table.
'What's up with you brother? You look tensed, aren't you? What happened?'
'I... I just... Ahem... Ahem... I just escaped from the cops,' Akash said.
'Who... What? The cops? I mean how?' Abhimanyu was puzzled.
'How the hell I know that? I was in the middle of a deal and there they were. I just escaped them,' Akash replied frustratingly.
'Okay, brother, just calm down. Relax yourself. Explain me what happened.'
'It all started four days ago.....' Akash continued to explain.

Four days ago....
Day 1 – at a bar, Goa
Akash went to the bar where his friend Siddharth was partying. The bar had a disco where Siddharth along with few of his friends were found dancing. The disco was dark and there were some blue lights that kept blinking. Added to that, a loud music thumped all around making everyone heat up the dance floor. Akash crossed the crowd and went to his friend.
'Hey buddy...’ Akash said in a loud voice.
'Hey..! What's up man?' Siddharth replied back and continued to dance.
‘I need to talk to you.' Akash said in a louder tone.
'What? I can't hear you.' Siddharth was not able to get the tone clear as the thumping sound was much louder.
'Outside.... Come outside.' Akash waved him to get out of the disco.

Outside the disco
After few minutes, Day 1
Akash and Siddharth sat at the bar that lay towards the beach side. They ordered the drinks and continued their conversation.
'One vesper for me' Siddharth ordered to the bartender and turned to Akash 'Dude, anything for you?'
'I will have a B&B.' Akash replied.
'Okay buddy, now tell me.' Siddharth asked Akash tapping his shoulder.
'Do you have any job?' Akash took his glass of drink and continued 'I am running out of money.'
'Mm mm... Why don't you ask your brother? He is a rich guy, isn't he?' Siddharth ordered for one more shot.
'No, man! I don't want to ask him. Get me a job soon. Do you have any?'
'Okay do one thing. Just step into my place tomorrow. Will fix you something.'

Day 2 – Candolim Beach, Goa
Akash went early to the beach where Siddharth was supposed to be carrying out his boats business.
'Hey, you are early.' Siddharth waved his hand to Akash and greeted him.
'Morning. Dude, what have you got for me?' Akash asked him back.
'Yeah, it's a jackpot dude. You are about to get 2 lakh cash if you get this deal done.'
'2 lakh? Are you kidding?' Akash was surprised.
'Okay, let me explain the plan by tomorrow.'

Day 3 – Municipal market, Panjim, Goa
Akash and Siddharth took a walk along the municipal market located in Panjim. As they walked, Siddharth explained the plan.
'Here is the plan. This job is more or less a transportation. You need to transport this baggage from a place to another.'
'Transportation. Okay. Where's the location?' Akash questioned him.
'Mumbai. All you need to do is follow my instructions.' Siddharth continued to explain and the plan followed.

The day of the deal
Day 4 – Mumbai
Akash was standing at the Nariman Point signal and was recollecting the plan explained by Siddharth.
'You will be carrying a mobile phone in which I will be ringing twice. The first ring denotes that I have arrived at that place and the second ring tells you to move forward to pick the baggage.'
As Akash continued to recollect the things, the mobile phone rang. It was the first ring and he spotted Siddharth leaving the bag on the opposite pathway. He continued to recollect the plan explained by Siddharth.
'Now after you get the second ring, you have to start moving casually towards the bag. Remember, you shouldn't get noticed by anyone. Just move forward casually and pick up the bag.'

The second ring interrupted Akash. He saw Siddharth leaving the place by getting into the bus and he walked casually towards the baggage place. He reached the place and without having anyone's notice, he picked up the baggage. As he turned to board the bus, a man grabbed his wrist and two police cars surrounded him. 'Got him' said a policeman asking for handcuffs to the fellow policeman. Akash was baffled by the situation.

The policeman went ahead to cuff Akash's hand but the keys didn't set the cuff. 'Keys. Give me the keys' shouted the policeman. On hearing this, Akash raised his elbow and gave a blow on the policeman who was holding him behind. The policeman, as he got the blow on his upper jaw, set Akash free. Akash turned back and punched hard on his left eye and lifted his left leg giving a big kick on the rib cage of the policeman. The policeman yelled with pain. Akash then grabbed the gun from the policeman's trousers and placed it on the head of a fellow policeman, who was standing next to him. 'Don't get near to me. I'll shoot this guy' said Akash, taking the policeman to the back of the truck that lay at the location. As he reached the backside of the truck, Akash punched hard on the face of the policeman and flew away from the location along with the baggage. He ran away so fast and reached a market where people crowded the place. He threw the baggage in a garbage tin that lay on the market lane. He got mixed up into the crowd selling cutlet, chai, etc., and made himself walk towards The Residency. He entered the elevator of the hotel, reached 14th floor and got into the office of his brother.

Abhimanyu's office – In the middle of conversation
'So that's what happened. I just escaped them.' Akash finished his explanation.
'Okay. Did the cops see you entering my office?' Abhimanyu questioned him.
'No way they could see me. I got out of their sight.'
'Huh! Okay, come with me.'
'Where?' Akash questioned him.
'To a place where you will be safe.'

Abhimanyu's apartment, Juhu, Mumbai
Akash has been to the apartment once. The apartment looked similarly rich as the office was. The plush interiors, the golden chandeliers, the royal fragrance and the large swimming pool, everything appeared rich. Abhimanyu gave him the keys along with a mobile phone and a cordless.
'Use the mobile or cordless in case you need anything to ask me.'
'Where are you going?' Akash asked him.
'To Bangkok. A business meeting bro. Will be back by tomorrow.' Abhimanyu replied and left the place.

After 2 and half hours - Abhimanyu's apartment, Juhu
Akash sat in the living room holding a cup of coffee in his hand. All of a sudden he heard some gunshots outside the apartment. Out of fear, he slowly peeped his head through the window to find out what was happening there. He saw four to five masked people with guns opening fire on his apartment. A bullet suddenly struck the window where Akash was standing and that made him to jump out off the place. Akash immediately grabbed the mobile phone and made himself get below the bed. He dialed his brother.
'Hello.' Akash spoke in a tensed tone.
'Brother. Is everything alright?' Abhimanyu heard three gunshots 'Bro, what's happening there?'
'Somebody, I don't know what's happening, brother, I'm tensed.'
'Okay. Okay. Relax. Just do what I say.' Abhimanyu continued 'Where are you right now?'
'In the master bedroom. Below the bed.'
'Okay. Can you find the door towards the end of the room? Can you see it?'
'Yes. There's the door.'
'Good. Just make yourself get near to the door. Remember, do it by crawling on the floor. Don't get up. Just stay low. Crawl to the door. Now.'
Akash made it in less than fifteen seconds. 'Brother, I've reached the door.'
'Good. There's a kitchen to your left.'
'Yes. Yes.' Akash took a deep breath.
'Get up and get into the kitchen. Get there within three seconds.'
'Three seconds? Are you kidding?' Akash said lying still on the floor.
'Do it. Now.' Abhimanyu's tone was louder.
Akash got up and made a rapid left turn. He made three rapid jumps and reached the kitchen in just two seconds. 'Reached brother.' Akash said as he reached the kitchen.
'There is a slab in front of you. Below that there will be a wooden closure. Just kick it hard. Do it now.'
Akash kicked the wooden closure.  As he kicked, it broke off leading him to the backyard of the apartment. 'What the heck man!' Akash was thrilled.
'It's the secret exit. Get out from the opening. You will find the bike parked at the backyard. Ride it to the airport. I'll be waiting for you.' Abhimanyu hung up the phone.

Escape from the bullets
Akash started the bike and got out of the apartment from the rear exit. One of the masked man got noticed of Akash riding away from the apartment. He signaled the other masked man regarding Akash's escape. Everybody got into their bikes and went on chasing him. Everybody had their guns loaded and there were three bikes, two bikes carrying two masked men and the third bike had only one. They got sight of Akash in less than ten minutes. Akash looked at the right rear mirror and saw them chasing from his behind. On noticing them chasing him, Akash immediately increased his speed. 40...50...60...90...120....135. He was flying on roads. The masked men increased their speed equally and were right behind Akash firing shots at him. Akash escaped three to four bullets and made a rapid turn to his right. The masked men went straight and took a long right turn, a shortcut to get to Akash. Akash saw them chasing and he saw two police cars behind those masked men. As the masked men saw the police cars behind them, they made a U turn and left the location leaving the police cars behind Akash. Akash slowly increased his speed to 140 and drove straight towards the highway. The police cars were still behind him. To get to know whether the police was really behind him, Akash put the right indicator on. He saw in the rear mirror that the police cars turned on the same right indicator. As he was getting near to the turn, Akash flew straight jumping the signal with his right indicator on. After going a distance, he turned back to see the police cars turned right and were away from his sight. 'Phew' he sighed.

On the way to the Airport
Akash took some deep breathes and drove his bike to the airport. On the way to the airport, he found the mobile ringing continuously. He took the bike to the side and attended the call.
'Hello.' Akash said.
'Get the baggage to the national highway near Khandala. Will let you know the exact place in the next call. Do it if you want to see your brother alive.' An anonymous voice spoke over the phone.
'Who are you? Where's my brother?'

Akash felt something was suspicious and the phone call got cut. He knew that someone has kidnapped his brother asking for the baggage. He guessed that it could be the buyer to whom he was about to deliver the baggage. Akash decided to get back to the trash can where he put the baggage despite the danger ahead.

Before leaving he called his friend Siddharth 'Dude, I need your help. Get to the Nariman Point within one hour. I'll meet you there.' He hung up the phone and continued to drive back to Mumbai.

Nariman Point, Mumbai
Siddharth arrived at the Nariman Point and was waiting for Akash to arrive. As he waited there, his cell phone rang. It was the call from Akash.
'Dude. I can see you. Just follow my words. Get down, walk fifty feet and turn right.' Akash instructed him.
'But why? Okay, let me do it.' Siddharth knew something was wrong. He just followed Akash's instruction and got to the right.
'Okay. Do you see the garbage cans lined up? There's a lamp post behind it. Get to there.'
Siddharth went to the lamp post and stood there waiting for the next call. Suddenly a voice from the back side spoke 'Dude. It's me. Don't turn back. Just listen to what I say.' It was Akash's voice.
'I need to take this baggage to Khandala. It's an emergency. They got my brother. I need you to get to Khopoli and after my phone call you drive yourself to Khandala. Understand? Okay, I'm leaving.' Akash explained and left the place.

At Khandala
The next phone call arrived exactly at 8.05 PM and Akash already arrived at Khandala. He was instructed to get to the Goa national highway near the express dhaba. He arrived there at 8.30 PM and was waiting there with the baggage. Two cars (tata sumo) came there and halted fifty feet away from him. Four people got down from each car. Later a man got down grabbing Abhimanyu out of the car. Abhimanyu's hands were tied up and his mouth was tied up with a cloth. Blood stains were all around his face and his shirt.

'Hand over the baggage.' The man who held gun on Abhimanyu's head spoke out.
'Leave my brother. You bastards, I'm going to burn you all alive.' Akash spoke ferociously.
'Nah! That's not possible. Get me the baggage or I'll pull the trigger. The choice is yours.' The man spoke satirically.
Akash closed his eyes for a second and walked few steps ahead with the baggage.
'Leave it there.' The man said.
Akash left the baggage in the mid way and spoke 'Leave my brother now.'
'Sure asshole.' The man said and pulled the trigger taking the gun a few inches below Abhimanyu's chest.
Akash's eyes became wide. 'OMG! Brother. You bastards.' Akash cried out louder as he saw the people getting into the car and flew out of sight immediately.
'Bastards. I'm going to kill you.' Akash ran towards a car but was not able to stop them. He went back to his dying brother. He knelt down near his brother and saw him dying. Later he took out his phone and dialed to Siddharth.

Candolim, Goa
The next morning, Akash and Siddharth, along with the body of Abhimanyu, reached the resort of Siddharth in Goa. They decided to hide the body there till everything gets fixed. The next day, Akash spoke to Siddharth.
'Who's Philippe Noel?' Akash asked Siddharth.
'Philippe Noel? You mean the guy who deals with the drugs in Goa? Man! He is too dangerous.' Siddharth replied.
'Where he used to stay?'
'Why are you asking this?' Siddharth questioned him.

Back to Khandala – the night of the murder
Akash knelt down near his brother and saw him dying. He took his brother on his arms and said 'Brother. Just don't lose your.... Ah! Just hold on for a while. I'll get the ambulance. Shit man. What the... Brother. Just hold tight. Okay?' Akash seemed nervous. His eyes were all wet and his heart beat was faster than usual.
'P...Phil...Philippe...Philippe Noel.' Abhimanyu spoke up in a stressful voice.
'Philippe? Who's that brother? Who's that? Akash saw his brother die. He was not able to feel his brother's pulse. Akash took his phone and dialed to Siddharth.

Back to the resort, Candolim, Goa
'It's Philippe Noel, to whom I was about to deliver the baggage. He sent his men to kill my brother. He died because of me and It's my turn to take revenge.' Akash explained to Siddharth.
'Dude. It's impossible. No one can get near Philippe. He's a big shot.' Siddharth replied.
'I've a plan.' Akash continued 'I was there at Philippe's place yesterday. I heard that he is leaving to Dubai by tomorrow. So our spot will be Goa Airport. We have to finish him there.'
'But the security. How will you manage them.' Siddharth questioned back.
'That you will manage.' Akash replied him.
'What? I mean, how?' Siddharth was puzzled.

The next day
Siddharth recollected the plan explained by Akash.
'There is a security change every day at 5 AM and all you have to do is get inside the house exactly at 5 AM. Here's your ID card, I've arranged it from a friend of mine working at the same security service. So no one will doubt you. All I need you to do is confirm whether Philippe is leaving to Dubai. Rest I'll take care.'
Siddharth reached Philippe's residence and got into the house at 5 AM after completing all the checking process. After a series of cross checks, he confirmed Akash that Philippe will be starting to Goa Airport by 10 AM.
'It's confirmed dude. 10 AM.' Siddharth informed Akash through phone.
'Okay. Get back to Candolim. I'll call you once the work is done.' Akash replied.
'Are you sure you wanna do it alone?' Siddharth asked.
'Just shut up and do what I say.' Akash hung up the phone.

Akash was waiting at the corner of the road where Philippe's house was located. He saw Philippe's car exiting the house at 10.09 AM and he started to follow the car. The car took a left turn and went straight ahead to catch the national highway that takes to the airport. Akash overtook the car and reached the national highway well before they reached. Akash drove the car straight on the highway towards airport and the Philippe's car was right behind his. After driving a distance, Akash made a rapid move to the opposite lane and started to drive in the wrong side. He saw a big container lorry getting near to him at his front side, honking the horn loud. Akash didn't care about that and continued to drive faster towards the lorry. As the gap was around seventy feet between his car and the lorry, Akash made a rapid turn towards his right. The car screeched towards the right confusing the lorry driver, who screeched his lorry towards the left, breaking the barrier and dashing the Philippe's car that came at the other side. The lorry rode on the car smashing it into parts. Akash made a U turn to his right and got into the service lane that took him back to the city. The police arrived soon at the location and found Philippe's body smashed inside the car.

Goa to Mumbai, en route Pune
Akash called his friend Siddharth and asked him to move the body to Mumbai. He drove towards Mumbai where he decided to perform the final rituals. On the way, he stopped at a dhaba to have some food. There he found two cars (tata sumo) that looked similar to those he saw during his brother's murder. He went to the car and found the baggage lying inside the car. Out of curiosity, Akash opened the baggage and found nothing but old newspapers stuffed in it. He appeared baffled. He then saw four people exiting the dhaba and they too similar to those who killed his brother. On seeing them, Akash took out his gun and started to open fire at them. On hearing the bullet shots, the dhaba owner immediately called the police and they were there within five minutes. The police came near Akash to stop him from firing but unknowingly he shot one of the policeman leaving him dead. One of the police grabbed the gun from his hand while the other cuffed his hand and took him into custody.

After few hours, Pune, Maharashtra
Akash was produced at the District court after few hours. He has been sentenced for three years for brutally murdering a police officer. He was shifted to the main jail located in Pune along with three officers in a car. On the way the car blasted into pieces leaving an enormous amount of smoke travel into the air. Meanwhile a car overtook the blast location and inside the car was Akash lying in an unconscious state. 

A few minutes ago
The policeman got Akash into the car and covered his face with a black cloth. The car started from the District court and it reached the national highway in few minutes. On the way, they spotted a young boy bleeding to death on the road. The three policeman got down from the car to check out the boy leaving Akash tied up inside the car. As the policeman went to take a look at the boy, a car and two mini vans covered the police car. Two of them got out from the car and sprayed chloroform on Akash's face. As Akash became unconscious, they took him out, removed his shirt and put it on a model replacing it in the car instead of him. The policeman took some time to get to the car and before they reached, the car and the van fled out from the place. The car started to move and the police found Akash not responding. The policeman seated next to him lifted the cloth covered on his face. 3...2...1....Boom. The car blasted into pieces  leaving an enormous amount of smoke travel into the air. It was a bomb, not a body.

After few hours – Somewhere in Goa
Akash started to regain his consciousness. He found himself in a garage devoid of light. He heard someone opening the door. His vision wasn't that clear. He rubbed his eyes and looked towards the door. He found a shadow of a person getting near to him. His vision was still not clear. He rubbed his eyes and face to make his sight clear. As the shadow got near to him, he was surprised. It was his brother Abhimanyu. Behind him, he saw another shadow and it was none other than his friend Siddharth.

Abhimanyu's office – 2 and half hours after Abhimanyu left his apartment
'What's now?' Siddharth who was with Abhimanyu at his office asked him.
'I'm expecting a phone call from Akash.' Abhimanyu replied to Siddharth.
'Are you sure he'll call you?' Siddharth doubtfully questioned.
Abhimanyu's cell phone rang. 'See. Here it comes.' Abhimanyu said.
'Hello.' Akash spoke  from the other side of the phone in a tensed tone.
'Brother. Is everything alright? Bro, what's happening there?' Abhimanyu signaled Siddharth for their next plan as he continued to speak over the phone.
….....'It's the secret exit. Get out from the opening. You will find the bike parked at the backyard. Ride it to the airport. I'll be waiting for you.' Abhimanyu hung up the phone.
'What's next?' Siddharth asked him.
'Khandala.' Abhimanyu replied.

Day 1 – After getting out from the bar
Siddharth called Abhimanyu in the middle of the night. 'Sorry to disturb you bro.'
'Tell me.' Abhimanyu said in a semi sleepy tone.
'Akash has asked for a job. I guess this will be the time to execute your plan.' Siddharth said over phone to Abhimanyu.
'Okay. Tell him there is a deal and explain him the plan accordingly.' Abhimanyu spoke and hung up the phone.

The day of the deal – Day 4
'Hey Sid, just leave the baggage there and I'll send some of my people there in disguise of policeman. Leave the place as soon as you leave the baggage but be there around and keep watching whether the situation is under our control.' Abhimanyu explained to Siddharth through phone while Siddharth was at the Nariman Point to leave the baggage.

A few minutes before the deal – Day 4
Abhimanyu was there at the Nariman Point talking his people who were about to go in the disguise of policeman.

'Guys, listen. He is my brother. My blood. Remember that. Handle him carefully. Don't worry he'll not kill anyone. Just make sure everyone has a dummy gun and the one who gets near him has the original one. Okay, remember what I said. I don't want the situation to get messed up.'

Abhimanyu's office – a few minutes after Akash escaped from the police.
Abhimanyu got a phone call from Siddharth after Akash escaped the cops.
'Bro. He just escaped them. I guess he will be headed to your office.' Siddharth spoke.
'Yeah. I guess he's here.'
'Sir, you have a visitor.' The lady announced through the wireless intercommunication phone.
'A visitor?' Abhimanyu questioned back.
'He says he's your brother.'
'Brother..?' Abhimanyu paused for a while and continued 'Okay Sarah, just send him in.'
'Okay, he's here.' Abhimanyu continued to Siddharth who was on phone. 'ah.. yes.. I’ll get back to you on this. Just wait till I react.' He hung up the phone and welcomed his brother.

Abhimanyu's office – A few minutes before 2 and half hours after Abhimanyu left his apartment
'I've explained him the plan. I've made him carry out the deal. And according to the plan, he escaped the police. I don't understand why you are doing this to your brother?' Siddharth questioned Abhimanyu.
'It's simple, Sid. Philippe Noel, ever heard of his name?' Abhimanyu questioned him.
'Yeah. He is a powerful man in Goa.'
'Yes. It's not that easy to kill Philippe Noel. And even if we hire someone to do that, I'm sure that we may get caught. The only possible way to do that is making my brother to kill him.' Abhimanyu explained.
'You mean Akash is the one to kill Philippe? How?' Siddharth questioned.
'Akash must not know what he is going to do. But he will do what he is supposed to do. What we are supposed to do is to make him react according to our plan. He will be the player but the remote control will be with us. He will do just as we want him to do.'
'I don't understand brother.' Siddharth was doubtful again.
'Akash can kill Philippe Noel unless we convince him that Philippe's men killed me. So I need to die in front of him to make him believe that. That's the plan.'
'What?' Siddharth exclaimed.
'I've arranged for some people at Khandala who will kill me in front of Akash and the rest we will leave it to Akash. He will take care of it. You know it, he's my blood. He will finish it what he started. That's what we are gonna make him think. He started it, I got killed because of him and it's his turn to take revenge. Plan is ours but we should make him think that it's his. Are you convinced Sid? You want me to explain once again?'
Siddharth was enthralled after hearing the plan. 'Bro, that's awesome.'
'Indeed.' Abhimanyu replied looking at his phone.
'What's now?' Siddharth who was with Abhimanyu at his office asked him.
'I'm expecting a phone call from Akash.' Abhimanyu replied to Siddharth.

Back side of Philippe's residence – the day Philippe Noel died
Abhimanyu was waiting there at the back side of Philippe's residence waiting for Siddharth to get into the car. He saw Akash following Philippe's car and they followed Akash's car without getting noticed to him. Abhimanyu drove the car and followed Akash everywhere. He saw him overtaking Philippe's car, diverting the lorry, taking a U turn and also he was there at the dhaba when police took Akash into custody.
'Bro. Akash, he killed a policeman.' Siddharth exclaimed in shock after seeing Akash opening fire on a policeman.
'Shit man! Now the police won't leave him. We have to make an another plan. I don't know what made him to mess up like this. I've an alternative.' Abhimanyu said to Siddharth.

At the district court, Pune, Maharashtra
Abhimanyu saw policeman covering Akash's face with a black cloth and getting him into a car. Abhimanyu followed the car which entered into the national highway. Siddharth made a call and after few minutes two vans lined up the way. They saw the police car stopped at a place and immediately covered it from all ends replacing Akash with a model tied with a bomb inside the car. After few minutes, the police car blew up into pieces. Akash was found lying unconscious inside the car where Abhimanyu was found driving and Siddharth sat right next to him.

Back to the garage
As Akash started to regain his consciousness, he was surprised to see his brother alive. At the same time, he felt something wrong.
'Good to have you back brother.' Abhimanyu said to Akash.
Akash started to lose his focus. He felt like his eyes were twisting from inside. He slowly started to lose his grip and he fainted.

Police headquarters, Mumbai
Officer Kapoor was in charge of Akash's case. He was worried that the case went out of trace after the blast of the car. Everyone believed that Akash along with those three officers were burnt into ashes until the forensics reports arrived at his table. He sat there placing his hands on his forehead while Officer Matthew interrupted him 'What's going on officer? Anything wrong?'
'The forensics report. It shows that they traced out only three burnt bodies from the car. But there were four in total.' Kapoor explained.
'So. What are we going to do?' Matthew questioned doubtfully.
'Case reopened.'

Written by Ashwin Kumar

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