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Blackout 2 - yet another mind twisting short story

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What's this 'Blackout 2'?
It's a sequel to my mind twisting short story 'Blackout'. The suspense in the Blackout has been cleared out here in the sequel and this story ends with yet another unexpected twist leading to the third installment which I'll write it in the near future. 

Note: It is mandatory to read the prequel before starting this. Also post your valuable comment in the comment box after reading the story. For those who couldn't find the comment box - get into the post by clicking on the post title and you'll find the comment box at the end of the post. 

Genre of this story


Regaining the consciousness, I found myself in a strange location. It was some well furnished bedroom. I opened my eyes widely and found myself lying naked on the bed. I got up and took off the blanket. I walked few steps towards the aquarium that was placed at the right corner of the room. Then I turned towards the bed and found a gray shirt and a black jean pant lying there. I wore the dress. Also there was a pair of shoes next to the bed. I wore those too. Suddenly I heard some gunshots. Moments later I felt some rush to my right side. It was a bullet that dodged and broke the aquarium that lay beside me. I rushed downstairs. There were some cops opening fire from the opposite building. I was able to spot out three cops holding guns and aiming at the residence. I found a pillar outside the garage at the basement and hid behind it. The gunshots slowed down. Meanwhile I found an object in my right jean pocket. It was a matchbox and it had two match sticks. A car was parked right in front of me. I opened the petrol tank lid and put the lighted matchstick into the tank. I then pushed the car to the middle of the street. The car blasted in few seconds leaving enormous smoke which was enough for me to flee away from the location.

The gunshots continued and as I made my move and a bullet hit my right arm. The pain was horrible and the blood oozed out of my arm. I knelt down on the road holding it tight. I must leave the location to save my life. I held the wound tighter and ran away from the location.

Somewhere else...
Two of them were watching the entire shootout in a television from somewhere far away from the location.
Person 1: This fellow has got some balls.
Person 2: That means we have to initiate Plan B.
Person 1: Plan B? When?
Person 2: Time will answer the question Billy. Just wait till he knows everything.

I got into the adjacent street and the cops were still following me. I then saw a guy leaving his motorcycle unlocked at the corner of the street. I walked towards the motorcycle and drove it to the next street. I turned back and saw a cop following me in his car. He began to open the fire at me. After making some narrow escapes from the bullets, I reached a street that was heavily crowded. The cop lost his track on me after I got into the crowd. I put the motorcycle aside and walked into the nearby mall. I heard a lady voice from the behind.
'Samuel, is that you? What are you doing here?'
'Sorry, do I know you?’
'Sam, what's wrong with you?'
'If you excuse me I have to go right now'.
I immediately rushed into the mall and got into the rest room to clean the bullet wound.

Somewhere else...
Person 2: What is he doing in there?
Billy: Man! I don't understand anything. Let's initiate Plan B.
Person 2: Shut up Billy. Not now.
Billy: Where he is going now?

The Mall...
The restroom was somewhere at the corner. It was a big one and it had those large shiny mirrors fitted to each basin. I splashed some water on my face. I looked at the mirror that was right in front of me. I splashed some more water on my face and rubbed my eyes thoroughly. I looked back and to the sides to find if anyone was there. There was no one except me but my face looked different. It was not my face. It was not me.

Somewhere else...
Person 2: Perfect!
Billy: Man! Is he your clone?
Person 2: You met him before, didn't you?
Billy: Of course, it was me who confronted him before you did.
Person 2: Anyways, that's not important now. It’s time to initiate Plan B.
Billy: Shit! He is removing his shirt. We won't be able to track him further. I have stitched the camera and the tracking device deep into his shirt buttons.
Person 2: What the.... The connection got cut. Billy, I’m going to that place. You stay here. I may need your help anytime.
Billy: OK Samuel.

Inside the mall...
I came out of restroom after changing my shirt. I was completely confused to see my face changed. I don't know what happened to me or what was happening with me that moment.

The last thing I remember was getting a blow on my head at the hospital and someone carrying me to some place. The conversation between the doctors at the hospital, they were saying something like a split personality disorder. Being an investment banker I never knew what it was. I was sure about one thing; I had no such disorder. I doubt that doctor might have something to do with this. I wanted to find out what was happening with me. I had to meet the doctor.

My thoughts began to fade as I saw Doctor Isabel crossing me and walking towards the Gate No. 21 at the mall. I followed her hoping that she might explain me the situation. After reaching Gate No. 21, she noticed me tailing her. She immediately turned to her right and walked faster towards Gate No. 18 and stepped out of the mall. I followed her and saw her entering the underground railway station. I got into the same train in which she got into. She got down at the Union Station and then got into the Checkers Avenue subway. She walked faster and I followed her. I saw her entering into the Empire building and I entered the same building. I took the stairs while she took the elevator. As I reached fourth floor I saw her coming out of the elevator.
'What the hell is happening to me? Why don't you explain?' I asked her in a loud voice.
'Ssh. Stay calm, James. You cannot shout like that here'. She said that in a low voice.
'What happened to my face?'
'I can explain you James,' she continued her explanation, 'you are in disguise. You are Samuel Scott and that means you are no more James Arthur. Your face has been changed such that you look exactly like Samuel Scott.’
‘And, I did it. I changed your face,' she said.
‘What? Why did you choose me?'
'I chose you only because the pattern of your face matched with that of Samuel. A plastic surgery was performed on your face.’
'What the……!'
'Ssh. James. Calm down,’ she sat on the sofa that lay beside her and continued, ‘you want me to explain? Okay, let me explain. You need to know something before you die.’

Samuel Scott is a terrorist. He, along with his partner William, has been assigned a task by their organization and their task was to blast Mayor’s residence leaving everyone dead, including William. It was a suicide mission. Sam realized something. He knew that after William’s death, people will come after him. He will be killed by either those people or by the cops. So he planned something, like an alternative. That was the time you came to the hospital for gastric diagnosis. While taking tests, I found something. Your face pattern more or less matched with Samuel’s face. I suggested the idea of facial transplantation, a plastic surgery, to Sam. He was convinced with the plan. Swapping faces is so simple now-a-days and it can be done faster than expected. I sedated you with the drug, left you at Samuel’s office and it was Billy who then took in charge. He made you to take the bomb to William. You were made to act like Samuel Scott. With that drug, you won’t even remember who you are. You were made to believe everything that was happening around you was happening to you. You were made to believe that your name was Samuel. Actually, you are now living the life of a terrorist – Samuel Scott.

‘’s exciting to hear such stuff, right James?’ She asked.
‘The attack this morning…’
‘Cops, I said it right. People will come looking for you, I mean, for Sam.’
'You sick b**ch. Why did you do this to me? I am going to put both of you behind the bars'.
'It's too late James. Sam must have already initiated Plan B by now. You can't stay alive that longer'.
'F**k you! Are you people threatening me? I will surrender to those cops no matter what happens and I will reveal everything to the cops.’
‘Don’t act stupid, James, you can't. The cops are waiting to kill you at the instance they find you. You can't escape from death James. You can’t.'
'Yes, I can.'

Isabel's cell phone rang as James left the place and walked downstairs. She picked up the call.
'Did you reveal everything?' It was the voice from the other side of the phone.
'Yes, Samuel. Everything went according to our plan'.

Outside the Empire building...
The words the Isabel spoke continued to echo inside me. All I had to do was to find Samuel Scott. While walking down the building towards the road, I found something ringing in my left side pocket. It was a cell phone. I took it out. It showed ‘Samuel Scott calling’.
'You sick idiot. I am going to find you and...'
It’s too late,' it was the voice from the other end of the phone.
As I walked, I said, 'it’s not that late Sam. I am going to find you.'
Suddenly I halted after I felt something poked deep into my abdomen. I put the mobile down and tears started to roll out of my eyes out of pain. Blood oozed out and I knelt down on the road yelling with pain. Slowly my vision blurred out and I felt like I was going to faint in few seconds. Slowly the thoughts began to vanish. My vision started to blur. And...

Far outside the building - Few moments ago
Samuel Scott was standing far outside the building watch it with a binocular in his hand. In the other hand he was holding a cell phone.
'Good,' Samuel to Isabel with whom he was talking in the phone.
'From the mall I brought him to this building. Now he is yours,' Isabel said this from the other side of the phone.
'I'm going to initiate the Plan B,' Samuel hung up the phone and saw James coming out of the building. He dialed a number and the cell phone rang which was there in James’ pocket.
'Hello James, this is Samuel.’
'You sick idiot. I am going to find you and....' James spoke over phone.
‘It's too late'.
'It’s not that late Sam. I am going to find you.'
'Good bye James,’ Samuel whispered in James' ears as he walked close to him. Samuel took out his knife and poked deep into the James’ abdomen. He then continued to walk throwing the phone aside. After walking few yards away from the location, Samuel turned back and saw two cops surrounded James.

The cops were giving first aid to James who was bleeding to death. One of the cop took James' cell phone which lay aside in his hand.
'The call is still on. Whom was he talking to?' The cop said to another cop looking at the cell phone display.
'Well, we've got one evidence. Keep it safe,' the cop replied.
Murmurs filled the place for a couple of minutes as all the people gathered together and were gazing their looks at the bleeding James. The cops could hear the siren sound of the ambulance which arrived at the location. The cop who held the cell phone pressed the red button to end the call. 'Boom!' the Empire building blasted into pieces.

Samuel, as he walked, took out a cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number. Some lady picked up the call.
'Honey, what happened?'
'I'm safe, Isabel's dead.'

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. interesting thriller. from split personality to face off.. wow totally unexpected twist. and now everyone dead huh? and who is that new character involved? any more chapters on the way? :p

    1. Blackout 3 on the way... most probably the series shud end with that (I'm not sure) :P