Friday, 31 May 2013

ROD: Rise of Domar - an action extravaganza

Alright, the wait is over. I just penned the third installment of the 'Dangerous Domar' series. Trust me, this one is far more serious yet satirical compared to the rest of the parts. The major highlights of this story will be the pre climax action sequence and the stunning climax. I enjoyed writing the pre climax action sequence to the fullest and I hope the readers will be blown away by it as well as the unexpected twisted ending. 

Here are the links to the first two installment of the 'Dangerous Domar' series 

About the story
Professor Domar along with Officer Hari Prakash and a team of four students has to safeguard the nuclear weapon designed by Domar before the Russian enemy Karolek Romochka takes it away from them. 

Action / Satire


University campus
Oklahoma, United States
Update received!
Hiroto, a guy from Japan, received an update in his cell phone. He opened the message and it read – Tsunami alert to the Central coast of America. Guatemala hit with a massive earthquake. He immediately passed the cell phone to Chun Hei, a Korean girl. She, after reading the message, gave it to Ebuka, an African guy. As Ebuka read the message, Darko, a guy from Slovenia, grabbed the cell phone from him and read the message louder.
'Guatemala hit with a massive earthquake,' Darko read the message.
'And they issued a tsunami alert,' Chun Hei said.
'What about Professor Domar?' Hiroto asked looking at Chun Hei, Ebuka and Darko.
'Oh shit! He is on a vacation,' Ebuka replied.
'So?' asked Chun Hei.
'He went on a vacation to Guatemala,' Ebuka said.

Champerico – Guatemala, Central America
A tsunami alert has been issued to the entire west coast of Central America and hence the coastline of Champerico was completely deserted. Champerico was just few kilometers away from the epicenter and the wave was expected to hit the coast anytime. The sirens began to ring across the beaches indicating that a tsunami is on the way. People were rushing to the higher grounds. Among them were two students from the Oklahoma University who came to Guatemala along with Professor Domar on a vacation.
'Where is our professor?' one of those two students asked the other.
'He just went to swim,' the other guy replied.
'What? Did you just say about swimming?' the first guy asked in a louder tone.
'Yes, he wanted to go for a swim,' the other guy replied.
'What the hell is wrong with him?'

As the two students moved to the higher ground, they saw a giant wall of water hitting the coastline. They were about 2 km away from the coast, on the top of a tiny mountain. The water rushed in with high speed and those students were worried about their Professor Domar. To their surprise, they spotted Domar in that wave. He was actively swimming in the tsunami and was heading towards the coast. He swam in the huge tidal wave and pushed his body along with the direction of the wave motion. As the wave hit the coast, its intensity began to increase and the wave began to suck every object it came across on the ground. He pushed himself forward with much difficulty to avoid getting suck by the wave. After struggling for a couple of minutes, Domar escaped the wave and hit the ground. He then began to run faster. As he ran, he looked back and saw the giant 8 foot wave chasing him. He ran for about 2 km and reached a higher ground. He saw the wave subsiding below. Finally, Domar was out of danger.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pioneer - a 'lengthy' action packed short story

About the story
Siddharth, a drug and weapon transporter, offers his friend Akash a transportation job that gets him 2 lakh rupees as soon as the job is done. Akash, who is in need of money, takes up the job. Unfortunately, the cops trace the plan out and now they are after Akash. The only hope for him is his brother Abhimanyu, a fast growing businessman, who can save him from the cops. But things gets complicated after the death of his brother. Now Akash has been left with only one option - to avenge the murder of his brother. 

Specialty of this story
The specialty of this story is the kick ass narration with surprising twists turning up every now and then. I'm sure the readers will be blown away by the way the story unfolds. 

Action / Thriller

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[Footsteps approaching fast]
Cutlet.. Garam cutlet.... Saaley chutta de....
[Footsteps approaching faster]
[Car horn honking]
[Bike tire screeching]

The footsteps of a man, wearing a black jean and sandal colored shirt, approached the entrance of the hotel The Residency, one of the finest star hotels, located in the heart of the Mumbai city. He went to the elevator and waited for it to get down from fourth floor. Three... Two... One.... The doors of the elevator opened. The man got into the elevator and pressed the number 14. The elevator reached 14th floor. The man got out of the elevator and walked towards Abhimanyu’s office.
'Do you have an appointment?' The lady at the reception asked him.
'Wish I had. Lady, it's important. Just let me in. I want to meet Abhimanyu.' Reply came from Akash.

Abhimanyu, aged 28, was the owner of The Residency and also the fastest growing businessman in the city of Mumbai. His office had a cozy look and everything appeared royal, say it the furniture or the interior. He was on a call when Akash entered. He was interrupted by the intercom.
'Sir, you have a visitor,' the lady said over the wireless intercommunication phone.
'A visitor?' Abhimanyu questioned back.
'He says he's your brother.'
'Brother?' Abhimanyu paused for a while and continued 'okay Sarah, just send him in.'

Akash, younger brother of Abhimanyu, entered the office while Abhimanyu continued his phone call 'ah... Yes... I’ll get back to you on this. Just wait till I react.' He hung up the phone and welcomed his brother.
'Brother! Good to see you. What’s up man?' Abhimanyu went near him and gave a hug.
'May I?' Akash said pointing to the chair.
'Yes, yes, of course have a seat brother. So, what's going on?' Abhimanyu sat in the chair opposite to his brother.
'Wait a moment,' Akash sipped few drops of water and placed down the glass on the table.
'What's up with you brother? You look tensed, aren't you? What happened?'
'I... I just... Ahem... Ahem... I just escaped from the cops,' Akash said.
'Who... What? The cops? I mean how?' Abhimanyu was puzzled.
'How the hell I know that? I was in the middle of a deal and there they were. I just escaped them,' Akash replied frustratingly.
'Okay, brother, just calm down. Relax yourself. Explain me what happened.'
'It all started four days ago.....' Akash continued to explain.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Interaction between the Sun, the Ocean and the Air

Hidden power raging through our planet is now made visible with the help of satellites that scans the Earth revealing new details like the nature's unseen forces interconnecting in extraordinary ways. Here in this article I'm going to explain about the interaction between the Sun, the Water and the Air, and the effects due to the interaction.

180 tonnes of water from the ocean rises upward every hour and it is not visible to human eyes. It takes with it the energy equivalent to the output of a small nuclear power station. 1 km up, this vapor condenses into cloud and releases its heat. It raises the temperature of the surrounding air by several degrees. As the air heats up, the water from the ocean rises further producing powerful vertical winds. These drive the clouds up to 15 km high. As the storm cell grows, the effect of the Earth's rotation below forces it to spin. The thunder clouds merge into a vast circle. A hurricane is born.  

A hurricane is one of nature's great power houses. At any one moment, its generating as much energy as world's entire electrical output. This is the physical consequence of water's ability to store and release energy.

The hurricane acts like a release valve when the ocean gets too warm. It helps to balance the climate by redistributing the heat around the planet. It returns the ocean to equilibrium. It's these hidden connections that ultimately keep us alive.  

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A story by ASHWIN - a 'lengthy' short story

What's so special about this story?
Of course this story is special because this marked the silver jubilee among my short stories (25th story). I penned this story in the month of September (year 2012). Initially I decided to write it as a full length romantic story, but after writing the first paragraph a concept struck my mind that made me to change the genre from romance to a suspense thriller (read the story, I don't want to break the suspense). 

About the title
Most of my regular readers asked me a question - 'why did you choose this title?' Well, let me explain. I wanted to use an unique title for my 25th story and hence I zeroed in the name 'a story by ASHWIN'. The specialty with the title is it gets synced to the story -- just look at the order in which the characters are introduced, and if you club the first letter of their names together (in the same order I introduced) you'll end up with a name that is closely linked to the title. 

Suspense / Thriller

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A story by ASHWIN

DAY 1 – 11.30 am

Guy: Hey!
Girl: Hey! How are you?
Guy: I’m good. It’s been a long time. How are things going on with you?
Girl: Yeah, it’s been a long time, and, everything’s cool with me ;)
Guy: Shall we meet up, say, tomorrow? Is that okay for you?

That was a simple conversation between a boy and a girl, but the end of the conversation makes up for all everything. Ashok kept staring at his monitor awaiting reply from Sakshi. After some time, the reply flashed on screen.

Girl: Hmmm, okay. Where and at what time?

Obviously, Ashok was delighted after seeing this. He was scratching his head not knowing how to react. His friend, Hariram, who sat beside him, helped him out.
‘Dude, why are you looking so confused?’ Hariram asked Ashok, as he went through the conversation.
‘Dude, she agreed.’ Ashok replied keeping his vision on the chat box.
‘The place where Wesley took us last week, that restaurant was too good. Fix that.’ Hariram said this and left the place.

Guy: Hotel Park - tomorrow 4.30 in the evening?
Girl: Sounds good. I’ll see you there.

Ashok still kept staring at the chat box even after he read the message ‘Sakshi logged out from chat’. Later, he closed the laptop. He looked at Hariram, who was dumping the clothes in the washing machine, and smiled.  

DAY 2 - 4.05 pm
Ashok was there at the restaurant quite early. He booked a table at the garden and was waiting for Sakshi to arrive. He was not sure whether Sakshi will turn up at the mentioned time or not. With a little hope, he waited there. The time was running out and yet Sakshi did not arrive. He waited there for almost three and half hours, and still there was no sign of her. Out of frustration, Ashok left the restaurant. He went to the parking lot, got into the car, and then drove back to his house.  

Friday, 24 May 2013

Blackout 2 - yet another mind twisting short story

Prequel Link

What's this 'Blackout 2'?
It's a sequel to my mind twisting short story 'Blackout'. The suspense in the Blackout has been cleared out here in the sequel and this story ends with yet another unexpected twist leading to the third installment which I'll write it in the near future. 

Note: It is mandatory to read the prequel before starting this. Also post your valuable comment in the comment box after reading the story. For those who couldn't find the comment box - get into the post by clicking on the post title and you'll find the comment box at the end of the post. 

Genre of this story


Regaining the consciousness, I found myself in a strange location. It was some well furnished bedroom. I opened my eyes widely and found myself lying naked on the bed. I got up and took off the blanket. I walked few steps towards the aquarium that was placed at the right corner of the room. Then I turned towards the bed and found a gray shirt and a black jean pant lying there. I wore the dress. Also there was a pair of shoes next to the bed. I wore those too. Suddenly I heard some gunshots. Moments later I felt some rush to my right side. It was a bullet that dodged and broke the aquarium that lay beside me. I rushed downstairs. There were some cops opening fire from the opposite building. I was able to spot out three cops holding guns and aiming at the residence. I found a pillar outside the garage at the basement and hid behind it. The gunshots slowed down. Meanwhile I found an object in my right jean pocket. It was a matchbox and it had two match sticks. A car was parked right in front of me. I opened the petrol tank lid and put the lighted matchstick into the tank. I then pushed the car to the middle of the street. The car blasted in few seconds leaving enormous smoke which was enough for me to flee away from the location.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Unforeseen Destination - a short story

What made me to write this story?
In early 2011, when I was travelling in Kacheguda express from Chennai to Hyderabad, I came across a strange incident (I don't want to reveal the incident now as it will spoil the story). Based on that incident I decided to pen a story and hence 'Unforeseen Destination' came into existence. The idea of writing it as a story struck me when I was travelling in the same Kacheguda express from Chennai to Cuddapah a few months later. 

Genre of the story
Comedy / Drama

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Chennai Egmore Railway Station - July 8, 2011, 04.50 PM
Ten minutes left for the departure and I was there standing in front of the bookshop bargaining with the bookseller. I tried to convince him to my price, but he was adamant. The time was running out hence I offered him his price and grabbed my book. The time was already 4.58 PM and I swiftly reached Platform number 5. There, I saw a bunch of people standing right before the A/C compartment blocking the way. I peeped into the crowd to find out who it was. It was the railway minister who boarded the compartment adjacent to mine. The time was 5.30 PM and the train departed from the station. My excitement doubled as I was going to meet my brother after two long years.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Blackout - a mind twisting short story

What's so special with this story?
I can say that this story 'Blackout' is the most peculiar as well as complicated one among my creations. The narration is mind twisting and it easily takes more than one read to understand what exactly is going on. The confusion can be cleared if each and every line is carefully read and understood. It can be further eliminated by reading the sequel which I'll be sharing in my future posts. 


Note: Do not forget to post your valuable comment in the comment box after reading the story.


All of a sudden everything blacked out. I was able to see just the darkness around me. Later, I realized that I fell asleep. Rubbing my eyes slowly to get the vision right, I found myself in an anonymous place that was filled with people and computers. Suddenly a loud female voice forced me to regain my consciousness.
'Samuel, wake up. I need you to complete this work by noon'.
The situation appeared puzzled to me that time. I was not able to recollect anything. I took the glass of water which was placed on the table. A loud voice caused me to spill the water on my shirt. 
'Samuel (in a louder tone), what did I tell you to do and what have you done?'
'I'm sorry to ask this, do you know me?' She gave me a strange look when I asked this question.
'Stop kidding and get your work done. I want you not to delay it much longer'.
'I'm sorry. Do you know when I turned up here? I mean, how did I come to this place?'
'Samuel. Are you all right?'
'No. I am not. Excuse me'. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

What makes us 'YAWN'?

Before getting into the explanation, let me tell you what made me to write this article. Today (May 13, 2013), I have been yawning continuously since evening. Every time I yawned, I thought about writing the 'yawn mechanism' in my blog and here is the result. 

The 'yawn' mechanism
Normally, when we breathe in, we inhale oxygen which is used by the body. The body also makes carbon dioxide which is exhaled through the lungs. When we are sleepy, bored or tired, we breathe more slowly and the oxygen supply in our body is therefore reduced. On noticing this, the brain sends a message to the lungs and that in turn makes us to take an extra deep, long breathe called the 'yawn'. It pumps in more oxygen into our body and gives out carbon dioxide fully.

Something about Earthquakes

The rattling windows, the shattering glass panes, the trembling ground – when all these events occur together we call it an 'Earthquake'. But few Humans out there doesn't really know (or they are least cared) about how these things happen. If you belong to the 'least bothered' category, this article might sound interesting and if you know the facts then this could serve as a quick refresh.

Earthquakes occur due to the collision of tectonic plates beneath the Earth surface. To know something about Earthquakes, first of all we should understand what tectonic plates are. The Earth's outer layer is broken into pieces and those pieces are called tectonic plates. These plates are about 100 km thick and they are constantly in motion. The edges of these tectonic plates are called the plate boundaries. The plate boundaries are made up of many faults and most of the earthquakes occur on these faults. The location below the Earth's surface where the earthquake starts is called the hypocenter, and the location directly above it on the surface of the Earth is called the epicenter.

When the tectonic plates are in motion, the edge of the plates which are rough gets stuck as they bump into each other. This ceases the motion of the plate edges while the rest of the plate is still moving. In this case, the energy that would normally cause the plates to move is stored up in the edges. Finally, when the plate has moved far enough, it unsticks the edges and all the energy stored in the edges are now released on to the Earth's surface. The energy radiates outward like the seismic waves. These waves shake the Earth as they move through it and when they reach the surface, they shake the ground and anything on it (buildings, mountains, trees, etc). Hence the definition goes like – Earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves (refer Wikipedia for the definition).

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Protect your brain... Wear a helmet

Wear helmet while riding bike
The most important organ of our Human body is the 'Brain'. The brain performs an incredible number of tasks like controlling body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate; it handles the physical movements when walking, running or standing; it lets you think, memorize and emote. If any damage is cause to this vital organ, then the entire system will be collapsed leading to the end of the life.

The most common among the traumatic brain injuries is the Concussion. A concussion is a brain injury that is caused by a sudden blow to the head. A blow can produce a brief loss of consciousness, headaches and impaired cognition. Symptoms can last for days or sometimes longer.

When the Brain gets rattled
The skull and the brain it protects proceed at the same pace when a person travels at great speed. Any sudden impact causes the brain to accelerate against the skull, a movement called a coup. The organ then decelerates rapidly and hits back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup. A collision may also produce rotational forces that twist the brain inside its casing of bone.

La Palma: What happens when it erupts?

Satellite image of Canary Islands
La Palma, the largest of the western Canary Islands, is home to Cumbre Vieja, an anicent angry volcano. It erupts unpredictably, sometimes a century, sometimes every decade.

Cumbre Vieja is at the center of a controversial theory, a disaster scenario for the eastern coastline of the United States. The theory of volcanic collapse of Cumbre Vieja could cause a landslide so immense that it would send a shockwave of water, a mega tsunami, whirling 3000 miles. It would hit the east coast flooding everything from Miami to Boston.

Predicted Tsunami alert to US
What gives the theory weight is the island's geological history. Cumbre Vieja has had a partial collapse already. About a week after the start of the 1949 eruption, there was a series of very strong earthquakes and the west side of the volcano slid downwards into the sea. The reason, deep within the volcano is two types of rocks. One lets rain water in and the other traps it. 

The heat from the volcanic eruption could raise the pressure of the trapped water which could force a collapse. An entire side of the volcano, a giant chunk of mountain would plunge into the sea unleashing the mega tsunami. The Cumbre Vieja landslide would be thousands of time larger than the any that the scientists have studied before. This will be the biggest natural catastrophe in history.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wounded - a short story

About the story
The thought was spontaneous and it occurred to me while I was half awake in the late night (on May 7, 2013). The specialty is that it took me just 20 minutes to pen this story.



'Where am I?' he muttered to himself as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. 'What's happening with me?' he again muttered to himself as he found himself lying at the corner of the bed. Something shook him up all of a sudden. He felt some voltage passing through his body that jolted him out of the bed. 'What the hell!' he muttered to himself as he looked around the room. The concrete walls of the room were painted blue and it had posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger pasted all over it. The dirty clothes were spread on the floor. The room was indeed stinking a bit. He spotted a door to his right side. He rushed to it and opened the door. The blazing sun blurred his vision for a couple of seconds. He rubbed his eyes and by the time he got his vision back, he saw a man getting up the staircase which lay to his right side. The man as he approached took out a gun and shot him twice on his chest.

'Where am I?' he muttered to himself as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. -Posters, Door, Vision blind, Gun shots- He recollected everything that happened moments ago. Suddenly he felt some voltage passing through his body which jolted him out of the bed. The wall was blue and it had the posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger on it. He spotted a door to his right side. He decided not to open it instead he peeped his head out through the window attached next to the door. He saw a man walking towards the staircase. He was not sure whether the man was the same one who shot him a couple of minutes ago. He looked around the room as his heart began to thump louder. 'Think, think, come on,' he muttered to himself. He spotted another window which lay opposite to the front door. The window was open. The man got into the staircase and was climbing up to the front door. Before the man got to him, he ran towards the window and jumped out of it. The room was located on the first floor and he landed on the road with a thud. 'Aw!' he yelled out of pain after he hit his hand on the ground. He got up and began to run away from the location. As he left, he turned back and looked at the man who was staring at him from the window. Holding his injured hand with another hand, he walked faster like a cripple. The roads were pretty much crowded and he felt something strange as everyone around were gazing their looks at him. He looked around to see that all their eyes were on him. When he turned back to follow the path, he saw the man standing before him with the gun. The man aimed the gun straight at him and shot him twice on his chest.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Biggest Storm in the Solar system

A picture of Planet Jupiter
The planet Jupiter is the monster of the solar system. Its mass is two and a half times as much as all the other planets combined. The biggest planet in the neighborhood also has the biggest storm in the solar system - a hurricane with 400 mph winds knows as the 'Great Red Spot'. What would happen if such a storm appear on Earth? It would be a day we hope never happens. No hurricane on Earth has ever had winds faster than 200 mph until now. A hurricane coming in over the water create a storm surge. It would pile up water ahead of it and a giant wall of water hits the coast line/ground. Some areas recorded a 9 feet storm surge from super storm Sandy but this giant storm (in Jupiter) is more than 20 times worse. With the surge reaching 200 ft height, many coastal towns would be completely under water. Fortunately the giant storm knows as the 'Great Red Spot' is about 500 million miles away, on Jupiter, the 5th planet from the Sun.

Jupiter is the solar system's biggest planet. So big that 1,300 Earths would fit inside. It has 67 known moons. Its day is 10 hours long and it takes 12 Earth years to go around the Sun. The planet is a giant ball of gas and liquid. Temperatures registers at chilly 229 degrees below zero. The turbulent atmosphere is home to lightening strikes, helium rain, jet streams and a planet wide collection of swirling storms. Most of them are small for Jupiter. But one is a colossal giant and we call it 'The Great Red Spot'.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Smoking really kills!

What happens when you smoke?
  • The first thing happens when you smoke is the release of a mixture of gases around your eyes, nose and throat. Your eyes may water, nose might run and the throat will most likely become irritated.
  • Smoking paralyzes and even kills Cilia. Cilia is found in the windpipe of a human body and it is helpful in sweeping out mucus and dirt out of the lungs. When smokers wake up coughing, it is because of the Cilia that are not killed are hard at work. Then the first cigarette of the day paralyzes the Cilia once again and the cough ceases.
  • Cigarette smoking damages the floating scavenger cells deep inside the lungs. The scavenger cells are used to remove foreign particles from the alveoli ( tiny air sacs in lungs).
  • A lot of what you inhale turns into a tar and only 30% is sent out during exhalation. The remaining 70% gets accumulated in your throat and lungs. The tar in turn kills lung cells and is responsible for a massive breakdown in the Human respiratory system.
  • Cigarette smoking affects the heart. The chemicals in the smoke are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and from there it straight away reaches the heart. At that time the heart beats faster than usual. Smoking can also cause irregular heartbeat (in medical terms it is called Arrhythmia).
  • Smoking also reduces the oxygen level in your blood because the carbon monoxide produced by the smoke tricks the body to think that it's oxygen. The body cells needs oxygen and heart works overtime to produce it (if so then the heart weakens soon).
  • The tar also coats the tongue and nasal passages which in turn kills your senses of smell and taste.
  • When you smoke, the harmful carbon monoxide stay in your blood for a period of six hours.
  • Smoking also increases the blood pressure and lowers the oxygen supply to the skin which in turns causes the dark lines around the eyes. The skin may also appear gray in color and the person may appear lean.
  • Smoking can also affect sex life. It leads to erectile dysfunction in men. It also lowers the sperm count. Women who smoke heavily show a decline in fertility and reach menopause two years early, lowering the possibility of pregnancy.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

25/01/13: A day of misfortune

Since a long time I've been trying to write this article but I wasn't able to finish it in a single flow. Today (May 5, 2013) I'm finally sharing my experience with the virtual world on 'How I tried watching Vishwaroopam despite a ban'. 

How I tried watching Vishwaroopam despite a ban

News channel 1 – Vishwaroopam banned in Tamilnadu for 15 days
News channel 2 – Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam not to be screened in Tamilnadu for 15 days
News channel 3 – Vishwaroopam banned in Tamilnadu

On January 24, 2013, around 10 pm, the Madras high court stayed the release of Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam for a period of 15 days. Being an ardent movie buff, me and my friend were eagerly waiting to catch the extravaganza on big screen on the first day, but the unexpected news came as a big blow to us. The movie was set to release in other parts of the country without any hurdles and that further disappointed us. After inquiring with some of my contacts, I made sure that the movie got a 'go ahead' in Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu version was all set to release on Jan 25. Nellore and Tirupati were the only nearby places from Chennai and we decided to pick on Nellore because of the feasibility of tickets (S2 Cinemas). That night I booked the train tickets (Jan Shatabdi express). The onward journey was in waiting list while the return journey tickets were confirmed.
'Hey, I just booked the tickets. We have our return tickets confirmed but I'm not sure about the onward journey,' I said this to my friend through the telephone.
'Are you sure that the movie will be played there?' my friend asked me.
'Yes, I just got a confirmation from S2 Nellore that the movie will be played tomorrow. Let me try for online booking. Mostly they will open around 2 am. And listen, if the onward ticket does not get confirmed, we need to head to the railway station as early as 5 am to get the tickets.'
'Okay, I'll try to stay awake,' my friend said and I cut the call.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Search - a short story

What's this story about?
'The Search' is about four guys who always do the right things wrong ending up in a messed up situation.

What's so special with this story?
Few of my regular readers urged me to try my hand at comedy and I wasn't able to say 'no' to them. Even though the story is not a full-length comedy, I learnt that the readers were able to laugh at few places as they read the story (that's fair enough for a newbie like me and I'm happy that I was able to evoke laughter with my first try). The story came out completely from my imagination (no copycat works). Being an ardent fan of Guy Ritchie (English film director) I decided to adapt his style and pen a story based on my imagination, and 'The Search' is one such thing happened.

Genre of the story


Local Boxing Competition, 26th May 8.30 PM, Full moon day
Location: Ewer Street, London - Latitude 51.504429, Longitude -0.10083 according to the London map
Temperature: 16 degrees, Humidity: 43%
The crowd started to cheer loudly as the boxing match reached the final round. Wait, oh my god! Charlie's opponent gave a big blow on his face. Charlie was down.

Exactly 39 hours 30 minutes and 33 seconds ago
A man wearing thick black suit was walking with a baggage along the Summers Street in London. The man looked straight and stiff while walking. His energy appeared brisk, not until he fell into the pit hole that was there right before him, which went out of his notice.