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The Return of Dangerous Domar - a sequel to 'Dangerous Domar'

Link to the Prequel

Read the prequel before starting the sequel
It's highly recommended to read the Dangerous Domar before starting this because the story continues from where the prequel ended and this can be enjoyed to the fullest only when the prequel is read.

What's so special with this story?
Everything is special with this story - right from the punch lines to the action sequences, I will take the readers to the extremes of my imagination. For the prequel, it took me one hour to develop a scene (paragraph in this case of a story) and for this, it took me more than an hour and I ensured that the conversation part remain more effective as the action sequences were (in both the parts). 

Genre of the story

Summary of 'The Return of Dangerous Domar'
An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.


Breaking News: Police officials suspect that the content of the book “Dangerous D” written by Indian ex intelligence agent Mr. Domar may be the reason behind the death of a Bangkok based businessman. The Bangkok ministry has forwarded their request to the Indian ministry and they have requested the Indian ministry to take immediate action on Mr. Domar. Sources say that the case has been forwarded to the CBI and an arrest warrant is likely to be issued on Mr. Domar.

‘Sir, is that true that an arrest warrant is going to be issued on Mr. Domar?’ A media person asked this to Officer Hari Prakash, who stepped out from the Parliament of India.
‘Talks are on and we can’t reveal anything as of now. The discussion is on between the Prime Minister and other officials. We will let you know once we get orders,’ Hari responded.
‘As Mr. Hari Prakash said, this has become a national issue. We have to see what the panel is going to decide on issuing an arrest warrant on Mr. Domar. Stay tuned for more updates. Cameraman Ganga with Rambabu reporting from New Delhi,’ reported a media person.

Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi
All the officials assembled at the conference hall where a meeting headed by Mr. Hari Prakash began.
‘We got a really sensitive issue to handle. The writings of an Indian, let me put it this way, the writings of an ex intelligence agent has created a havoc across the world. The news from Bangkok says that a businessman who read the book written by Mr. Domar fell from the building and committed suicide. The decision has been taken based on a series of deaths occurred across the globe.’ Hari Prakash switched on the projector. He continued to speak, ‘look at this picture,’ a picture of a lady lying dead on the beach shore was displayed on screen, ‘this victim is from Cuba and she was said to have consumed poison. Let’s take a closer look,’ the picture was zoomed in, ‘there it is; you can find the book in her hand.’
‘Dangerous D, it is unbelievable,’ said a fellow Police officer.
‘You should believe it Mr. Sharma, we have got evidence.’ Hari continued to explain, ‘the next picture is from Barcelona. The victim died slitting his throat.’ Hari pointed to the book lying next to the victim and said, ‘there you can find the book, Dangerous D.’
‘Dear God! That’s insane,’ commented Mr. Sharma.
‘The third picture,’ a picture of a woman whose body is burnt is shown, ‘this is from Philippines. The woman set herself fire after reading the book. There you can…’ Hari pointed to the book in the picture, ‘…find the book lying next to her.’ The slide changed to next picture, ‘this is the fourth and final picture from Tokyo. This guy ate a live snake out of frustration and died instantly. He had the book holding in his hand at the time of his death.’
‘So this proves that the one and only thing that links these deaths is the book. Am I right Mr. Hari Prakash?’ asked by the Police commissioner Mr. Singh.
‘Exactly Mr. Singh, the words written by Mr. Domar attacked them in a psychic way that ended up in death. We need to ban the book as of now and have to issue an arrest warrant on Mr. Domar as soon as possible.’ Hari Prakash turned to Mr. Sharma and said, ‘Mr. Sharma, I need your help in this case.’

The media persons were waiting outside the building. Hari Prakash went to them and announced the decision, ‘it is now official that an arrest warrant has been issued on Mr. Domar and we will take steps to get him as soon as possible.’
‘An arrest warrant has been issued on Mr. Domar, this was the report given by CBI chief officer Mr. Hari Prakash, and the news is official now. Let us wait and see how soon the Police are going to catch the Dangerous Domar. Stay tuned for more updates,’ a media person reported.

Bhunter, Himachal Pradesh
Channel X - ‘it is now official that an arrest warrant has been issued on Mr. Domar and we will take steps to get him as soon as possible.’ Channel Y - ‘it is now official that an arrest warrant has been issued on Mr. Domar and we will take steps to get him as soon as possible.’ Domar was changing the channels in which Hari Prakash was announcing the arrest on Domar. He was outraged by the news. He kept on changing the channels. Channel Z, Channel A, Channel B, he stopped changing it. There was an interview given by Hari Prakash played in Channel B. It was a live interview and Domar decided to see it.

New Delhi – Channel B studio set
‘Our guest for today is CBI Chief Officer Mr. Hari Prakash,’ the TV anchor turned to Hari and said, ‘welcome Mr. Hari Prakash, we are glad to have you here.’
Hari nodded and said, ‘the pleasure is mine.’
The interview began,
-TV Anchor-
Mr. Hari Prakash, there’s a news that’s startling the world. The book written by Mr. Domar is provoking fear of death amongst the people across the globe. What’s your comment about that?
-Hari Prakash-
Well, I felt it really surprising when I heard the news from the higher authorities a few days back. It was the death of a Bangkok based businessman who fell from the 22nd floor after reading a book. Based on that, I began to collect some data about the most recent death that took place around the globe, those without any motive, which is neither a suicide nor a murder. And when I traced out the similarity between those deaths, I was taken aback. There was the book, Dangerous D, lying beside each of the victim and the book was fully read by those victims before they died.
-TV Anchor-
What are the steps you and the Police department have taken regarding this?
-Hari Prakash-
Right now we have imposed a ban on the book in accordance with the Section 95 of the criminal procedure code. The book has been forfeited to the government and the Police have been assigned a task to seize the books wherever found in India. The people have to refrain from reading this book.
-TV Anchor-
Sir, we have seen you working continuously for the past one week on this case, without even taking a break. Do you really feel like you need a break?
-Hari Prakash-
Of course I need a break. I’m getting engaged in a couple of days and from then the case will be transferred to another officer. But I’ll ensure Mr. Domar gets arrested before that. Zoom in a bit.
---Camera zooms in---
This is for Mr. Domar, wherever you are, I’ll find you and arrest you. You can’t hide longer, Mr. Domar. The more the delay, the more deadly it is going to be.

Bhunter, Himachal Pradesh
---TV switched off---
‘Wherever you are, I’ll find you and arrest you.’ The words kept echoing in his ears as Domar walked around the room. ‘Of course I need a break’… ‘Wherever you are, I’ll find you and arrest you’… ‘You can’t hide longer’… ‘Of course I need a break’… ‘More the delay, the more deadly it is going to be’… ‘I’m getting engaged in a couple of days’.
‘That’s it,’ Domar uttered to himself and took out a map, compass and protractor from the table desk. He made some calculations and according to the data, he plotted the points in the map. He used compass and protractor to merge the points and finally came up with a well etched plan. ‘I’m going to kidnap his fiancé,’ he muttered to himself as he looked at the sketch which he held in his hand. He stood before the mirror facing him and said, ‘arresting Domar is equal to shaving your genital hair with trimmer. You need to be aware of the consequences if it goes wrong.’ 

New Delhi Airport
It was two hours past sunrise when the aircraft landed on the runway number 22 at New Delhi airport. As Domar stepped out of the aircraft, he felt the chillness as the mist gently struck his face. He took a long deep breath and walked towards the exit gate. At the exit gate was Srirangapatnam Chari waiting to pick up Domar. Domar spotted Chari at the exit gate and waved his hand.
‘Welcome to Delhi, Mr. Domar. It is good to have you here,’ Chari greeted Domar.
‘This is not the first time I’m visiting Delhi, Mr. Chari. Tell me about Hari Prakash’s fiancé,’ Domar said.
‘Yes, Mr. Domar, I’ve gathered all the relevant information on Ms. Linda. Let us discuss it on the way home.’
‘Linda? Okay, it doesn’t matter who she is.’
Domar and Chari got into the car where Chari took the driver’s seat. Chari drove the car out of the airport. Domar noticed a file placed on the rear seat. He took the file in his hand and began to go through the contents.
‘So, Linda works at the Airlines office near Karolbagh. Hmmm, sounds interesting! A cop in love with an airline staff, this happens rarely. Isn’t it, Mr. Chari?’
‘I don’t find anything interesting in that, Mr. Domar. All I have done is to gather information in accordance with the data provided by you.’
‘You are such an asshole, Mr. Chari. Don’t you realize that?’
‘I’m afraid that your notions are wrong, sir.’
‘Just relax man, I was just kidding.’
‘I know that, sir.’
‘How far we are from Karolbagh?’
’That’s 10 km towards the north.’
‘Okay, let’s go to the airline office straight away.’

Airline office, Karolbagh, New Delhi
The traffic was less that day and Chari managed to park the car a few meters away from the airline building. He parked in the direction such that they had a clear view of the building. Domar and Chari were waiting inside the car for the fiancé to step out.
‘I’ve started to feel hungry, Mr. Chari. Do you have anything to eat?’
‘Yes, Mr. Domar, I’ve some food packets with me which I purchased yesterday night. I haven’t eaten it as I had some acidity problems. You want to try it?’
‘Yesterday night, aw, I hope it will be fresh. Let me have a look at it.’
Chari gave the food packet to Domar. Domar smelled it as he opened it and it did not get spoilt. Domar began to eat the food.
‘What’s this food, Chari? It tastes good,’ Domar asked as he swallowed the food.
‘She’s here,’ Chari announced.
Domar threw the food packet into the cover and wiped his mouth. He then looked at the Airline office building. It was Linda who stepped out of the building.
‘Now drive the car to the building, fast,’ Domar said to Chari.
Chari drove the car to the building. Linda was waiting for a taxi ride. Chari took the vehicle and halted it before Linda.
‘You want a ride, madam?’ Chari asked Linda.
‘To Mahipalpur,’ Linda said.
‘Sure madam, get in.’
As Linda opened the rear door, Domar sprayed the chloroform on her face. She began to lose her consciousness and fainted all of a sudden. Domar grabbed her in and Chari drove off the car from that place.

Somewhere in the outskirts of Delhi
Linda, who was unconscious, was tied to a chair. She along with Domar and Chari were at an abandoned warehouse located somewhere in the outskirts of Delhi. Domar, after ensuring that the knot was tied tight to the chair, took out his cell phone and dialed Hari Prakash’s number.
-Phone ringing---Phone ringing---Phone ringing---Picked up-
‘Hello,’ said Hari Prakash from the other end of the phone.
‘Hello Mr. Hari Prakash, it’s a pleasure to hear your voice in the phone,’ Domar said.
‘May I know who you are?’
‘I’m Domar, you late bloomer.’
‘Mr. Domar? Where are you speaking from?’
‘What do you think? I’ll reveal my whereabouts so that you can reach here and arrest me with ease? Don’t ever imagine that.’
‘Domar, you are making a big mistake. Surrender to me before I catch you.’
‘I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, Mr. Hari. Your fiancée, Linda, is with me right now.’
-Call disconnected-
‘Hello… hello… hello…’ said Hari Prakash as he heard the busy tone.
Domar held the cell phone in his hand and sat on the bench. He looked at Chari who appeared tensed. He then said, ‘are you afraid, Mr. Chari? I could smell fear from you.’
‘I’m just tensed, Mr. Domar. By the way, why did you cut the call?’ Chari asked.
Domar looked at the cell phone display. It read Last call cost: 2.80, Balance: 0.00. He then looked at Chari and said, ‘it’s just a game, Mr. Chari. He will call right away. Just wait for few seconds.’
‘Look, the call arrived,’ said Domar after his cell phone buzzed. He picked it up and spoke, ‘yes, Mr. Hari Prakash.’
‘What are your demands?’ asked Hari Prakash.
‘Cancel my arrest warrant and get me a copy of the cancellation notice of the warrant. I’ll let you know the place and time soon. You’ve got only one hour to do that. Turn on the timer, and remember my name is Domar.’
The call was hung up and Hari Prakash, who was sitting inside a car, drove it faster. He halted the car after driving for a few kilometers. It was an abandoned area, far outside the city limits. He got out from the car. He then took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
-Phone ringing---Phone ringing---Phone ringing---Picked up-
‘Oh! Mr. Hari Prakash, that was so quick,' said Domar after he picked up the call.
‘Yes, Mr. Domar, I like acting quick. Well, what did you say? I’m a late bloomer, isn’t it? Get into the warehouse and we both will come to know who the late bloomer is.’
Domar, without hanging up the call, got into the warehouse and found the chair where he tied Linda to be empty. Domar was left shocked at that moment. He turned back and saw Chari lying unconscious on the floor. He heard some cocking sound and felt something touching his neck. It was the barrel of the gun pointed to his neck by Linda.
‘There she is, undercover cop Linda alias Lindsay Mohan, wife of Lieutenant Mohan Suryakumar. She isn’t my fiancé, Mr. Domar. It was my trap laid to you and fortunately or unfortunately you became my victim. Now who is late bloomer, Mr. Domar?’
‘Confront me if you have guts,’ said Domar with an anger filled tone.
‘Get out of the warehouse and turn to your left. I’m there waiting to arrest you.’
Hari cut the call and put the phone back in his pocket. He took out the pistol from his back. He took out the magazine, looked at it and then put it back. He saw Domar coming out of the warehouse and pointed the gun towards him. Hari stepped away from his car and walked to the warehouse where Domar stood there staring at him.
‘This is what I call an ultimate twist in the tale. You didn’t expect it, didn’t you?’
‘So what are you waiting for? Come on, take me,’ Domar said as he raised both his hands with folded fists.
‘What’s so hurry, Mr. Domar? I don’t want to rush things. I’m no hasty.’
‘But I am,’ Domar said this and kicked the pistol in Hari Prakash’s hand with his right foot. He grabbed the gun as he flipped in the air and pointed it at Hari Prakash’s face. Domar then spoke, ‘you see, this is what happens in the middle of a conversation. You shouldn’t have confronted me, Mr. Hari. You made a serious mistake.’
‘You are truly a charmer, Mr. Domar. I’m impressed.’ Hari Prakash said.
‘By the way, how did you trace out my location?’ Domar asked.
‘Simple, Mr. Domar, I made use of the tracking device by planting it in Linda.’
‘Impressive, very impressive, but you’ve made a wrong turn. Can’t you realize that?’ Domar said.
‘Wrong turn? I don’t think so, Mr. Domar. Also I know that you are not going to kill me.’
‘Don’t you judge me, Mr. Hari Prakash? I can shoot you right this moment.’
‘No, you can’t.’
‘Yes I can.’
‘No, you can’t Mr. Domar.’
‘Cut the crap,’ Domar pulled the trigger and no bullets went off.
‘Look what happened, Mr. Domar.’ Hari Prakash grabbed the gun from his hand and said, ‘am I a fool to hold a loaded gun in front of a buffoon?’

Anger popped up in Domar’s eyes. He hit Hari Prakash and began to run away from the location. Hari threw his gun aside and began to chase Domar. Domar ran to the main road and so did Hari who followed him. After running a few miles, Domar jumped off a fence and got into the runway of the international airport. Hari entered the runway followed by Domar. Domar, after noticing that Hari was behind him, increased his running speed. Few yards away from him, Domar spotted an aircraft which was ready to take off. He ran after the aircraft and Hari ran after Domar. Domar noticed a curve from where the aircraft picks up its speed. He wanted to get to the aircraft before it reaches the curve. Hari, who also noticed the same, increased his speed. He was sweating to hell as he ran faster. Domar ran at a lightning speed and got near to the aircraft. As the aircraft was about to touch the curve, Domar plunged himself in the direction in which the aircraft moved and caught the wing. Hari, after seeing this, ran faster. The aircraft started to pick up its speed and Hari was just few feet away. He was drenched in sweat as he ran. Before the aircraft crossed the curve, Hari plunged himself and caught the tail of the aircraft. The aircraft took off and was in air the next minute. Domar was hanging holding the wing and Hari was resting on the tail of the aircraft. Domar pulled himself up and got to the top of the wing. The aircraft reached 10,000 feet above sea level. Domar was able to feel cold wind blowing on his face. The fast blowing wind unbuttoned his shirt. Domar, as he balanced himself on the wing, turned back and looked at Hari, who was struggling as the wind struck the tail of the aircraft harder. Domar showed his “middle finger” to Hari and walked to the aircraft’s body. He carefully balanced his moves as the aircraft was experiencing some turbulence. He got to the first window near to the wing and held it tightly. He then swung from one window to the next placing his hands on one end and legs on the other end of the window, in the direction parallel to the aircraft’s motion. Hari balanced himself on the tail of the aircraft. The flight started to move steady as it entered the troposphere, 23,000 feet above sea level. The oxygen level began to lower and both of them felt some difficulties in breathing. Domar, without wasting any time, swung further and reached the pilot’s cockpit zone. Hari, who was at the tail, swung to the last window and he broke open the window. Finally he got into the aircraft.

What came as a surprise to the pilots was Domar who was found hanging outside the right cockpit window. He broke open the window and got into the cockpit. He hit a pilot hard on his head. There were two pilots flying the aircraft and one went unconscious after getting hit by Domar. Domar then took the pilot’s seat and began to fly the aircraft. Hari managed to surprise the passengers by getting into the aircraft in the mid air. There were just few people in the aircraft and all of them were baffled at the situation. The turbulence was heavy as the thick clouds hit the wings of the aircraft. The wind blew heavily inside the aircraft and things started to go out of control. The aircraft was moving in a zigzag manner in the mid air. The altitude dropped from 23,000 feet to 19,800 feet. Domar tried his hand and stabilized the motion of the aircraft in few minutes. He managed to pass through the clouds and managed to stay within the troposphere. The flight moved steadily at an altitude of 24,850 feet above sea level with an extraordinary speed. Hari entered the cockpit and grabbed Domar’s neck from his behind.
‘Hey co-pilot, what’s your name?’ Hari Prakash asked the co-pilot who looked tensed.
‘My name is Amar,’ said the co-pilot.
‘Hey Amar, I’m Domar,’ said Domar as Hari continued to strangle his neck. Domar looked at Hari and said, ‘you are making me uncomfortable.’
‘Amar, land the aircraft immediately,’ Hari said as he took away his hands off Domar.
Amar lowered the aircraft to an altitude of 15,000 feet. To everyone’s relief, the radio signals were on and the walkie-talkie worked flawless. Amar communicated through the radio and managed to make an emergency landing at a nearby runway strip. It was just ten minutes away from them.
After getting clearance from the authorities, Amar lowered the aircraft. The runway strip started to get into their view as they approached the ground. Amar landed the aircraft safely on the ground while Domar remained seated at the cockpit with a gun pointed at his head by Hari Prakash. The aircraft came to a halt and the passengers got out at once. Amar got into the ambulance, which was waiting at the runway, with the unconscious pilot while Hari and Domar remained inside the aircraft.
‘Are we not going to get out of this plane?’ Domar asked Hari.
‘Look what you have done,’ Hari said this and punched hard on Domar’s face.
‘Aw! That hurts,’ Domar said as he wiped the blood from the corner of his lips.
Hari grabbed Domar’s shirt and pulled him out of the aircraft. Hari Prakash pushed him aside and Domar rolled on the runway strip. Domar got up and hit Hari Prakash hard on his face. Hari then kicked him. The fight began. Few moments later, the passengers were getting in the bus which arrived at the runway strip. Domar and Hari Prakash stopped fighting after they saw the bus.
‘Look, let’s have the fight later,’ Domar said.
‘Let’s get into the bus,’ Hari said.
The bus departed from the airstrip. The driver of the bus looked unusual. He did not resemble any Indian. Hari Prakash and Domar became curious to know about the place where they landed the aircraft. Amar was seated next to Hari Prakash and it was Domar who sat at the other side of Hari Prakash. Three of them looked at each other’s faces.
‘What’s this place?’ Domar asked.
‘Gorno Altaysk,’ Amar replied.
Domar got up from his seat and punched hard on Amar’s face with a tightened fist. Blood oozed out from Amar’s nose. Hari Prakash grabbed Domar and pulled him back to his seat.
Hari punched on Domar’s face and asked, ‘what the hell is wrong with you?’
Domar wiped the blood from his mouth and replied, ‘why did he swear on me?’
‘You fucking rat, Gorno Altaysk is the name of a place in Russia,’ Amar spoke harshly.
The word “Russia” echoed several times in the ears of Hari Prakash. It was a sheer surprise to everyone present in the bus. People murmured to each other at first and later silence dominated the bus.

Gorno Altaysk to Novokuznetsk
The bus was set on course to Novokuznetsk which was 350 km from Gorno Altaysk. On the way, Domar spoke nothing. He took a good nap during the journey. Others, including Hari Prakash, relaxed themselves. The journey lasted for about six hours until they reached their destination, Spichenkovo Airport.
‘Mr. Domar, wake up. We have arrived at the destination,’ said Amar who was seated next to Domar.
Domar opened his eyes at once and stared at Amar. He then spoke, ‘what’s this place?’
‘Spiche…’ Amar paused as something struck him. The blow on his face he got from Domar after he said Gorno Altaysk. He then said, ‘no, Mr. Hari Prakash will tell you the name,’ and stepped out of the bus.
Domar stepped out and saw Hari Prakash standing outside. He went to him and asked, ‘what’s this place?’
‘Spichenkovo airport at Novokuznetsk,’ replied Hari Prakash.
‘What are we doing here?’ Domar asked.
‘We have a flight to Moscow from here.’
‘Moscow? That’s far away from here. We should get back to India, right?’
‘Yes, Mr. Domar, we have no flights to India from here. We got only one option that is a flight from Moscow. Everything is because of you, Mr. Domar. If you have surrendered to me we could have avoided all these mess.’
‘All right, if I did so I would have missed a chance of visiting Russia. Things happened for good.’

Spichenkovo Airport, Russia
Passengers checked into the airport with their luggage that was recovered from the crashed aircraft. Domar walked to the restroom whereas Hari went to the cafeteria. The men’s room at the airport appeared compact. There were two lavatories and one was engaged. Domar got into the other which was empty. He closed the door from inside, unzipped his pant and let it flow. Domar heard someone speaking over the cell phone from the adjacent lavatory. He was eager to know what the conversation was about. He began to overhear the voice.
‘это должно случиться 370 км выше. У нас есть очень меньше времени остается с нами. Мы можем получить "идти вперед" в любое время. Будьте готовы к этому.’
English subtitles: ‘it should happen 370 km above. We have very little time left with us. We can get the "go ahead" at any time. Be ready for it.’
Domar was left in a perplexed situation after hearing what the Russian said. He rushed out of the lavatory at once. He saw Hari Prakash at the cafeteria after he stepped out of the men’s room. He went to him and explained everything that happened in the men’s room.
‘370 km from here, you mean back at Gorno Altaysk? What’s the deal in it?’ Hari Prakash said.
‘Hari, you have not got the point. 370 km above, they are planning for a bomb blast 370 km above the Earth’s surface,’ Domar said.
‘What’s there?’
‘ISS, they are planning to blast the International Space Station.’
‘How sure you are?’ Hari asked Domar.
‘I overheard the entire thing at the men’s room,’ Domar said this and looked at the men’s room.
-Back at the men’s room, a few minutes ago-
 ‘это должно произойти, 370 км выше. У нас очень мало времени остается с нами. Мы можем получить "идти вперед" в любое время. Будьте готовы к этому ... Нам нужно, чтобы взорвать МКС и шоу Америки нашу реальную власть ... Да, Данил будет информировать вас о план ... Если моя догадка верна, то мы получим "идти вперед" в ближайшие три дня.’
English subtitles: ‘it should happen 370 km above. We have very little time left with us. We can get the "go ahead" at any time. Be ready for it... We need to blast the ISS and show America our real power... Yes, Danil will brief you regarding the plan... If my guess is right, we will get the 'go ahead' in the next three days.’
‘This is what happened,’ Domar said.
‘Danil, he might be the boss. So, what do we do now, Domar?’ Hari asked.
‘Whatever we do, we do it together. From now on you will be on my side. I’m going to show the Russians what the real power means.’
‘Stop day dreaming, Mr. Domar. This is going to be risky.’
‘I’m Domar, not a day dreamer. Risk is like video disk; once it gets older it will be unfit for playback.’
‘I don’t understand, Mr. Domar,’ Hari said.
‘Let’s put the words into action. The first step is, at any cost, we need to get to America,’ Domar said in a low tone.
‘America, are you kidding?’
‘Yes, I mean no, I’m not kidding. Let’s get to Moscow and board a flight to America from there. Talk to the Prime minister regarding the arrangements,’ said Domar.

Moscow International Airport, Russia
The snow drizzled all over Moscow leaving the temperature dip below zero degrees. Hari Prakash struggled a lot to tackle the cold whereas Domar got acclimatized to it quickly. Hari Prakash made a call to the Prime minister of India through a pay phone; meanwhile Domar, who waited outside the payphone booth, overheard the talk.
-Hari Speaking over phone-
‘Yes, Mr. Prime minister, we are yet to confirm about the situation. We cannot delay as this is likely to happen in the next few days… No, no sir, no, we can’t take risks by leaking this info to media… I’m seventy percent sure this is going to happen… Yes sir, we are all set to travel to America… Ok sir, thank you.’
-Call ended-
Hari stepped out of the booth and Domar asked him, ‘what happened?’
‘Prime minister said he will talk with the President of United States and make room for our arrival at the states. Remember, we do not have our passports at the moment. This is the only way we could to get there,’ Hari replied.
‘If the President of America gets to know about this, I don’t know how much mess is going to happen.’
‘Don’t jump into conclusions, Mr. Domar. Just wait for the phone call.’
The payphone began to ring. Hari got into the booth and picked up the phone. It was from the Prime minister of India. Hari spoke for few seconds and then came out of the booth.
‘Go ahead from the Prime minister and welcome note from the President. We can collect our tickets from the counter number 4,’ Hari said.
‘That’s awesome, let’s roll.’

John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, USA
The journey from Moscow to New York lasted for about eleven hours. The Boeing aircraft landed safely at the JFK airport. Domar, who remained seated inside the aircraft, looked at Hari and asked, ‘this aircraft is awesome, isn’t it?’
‘Of course, this is Boeing,’ Hari replied.
‘What’s next?’
‘A person from NYPD will be waiting for our arrival. His name is Emmanuel Macalister Timothy,’ Hari said.
‘What the hell was that? Emmanuel Macalister Timothy, three names or a single name?’ Domar asked out of irritation.
‘Single guy with a clubbed name,’ Hari replied.
‘Let’s meet him.’

Domar and Hari got out from the aircraft and walked to the exit gate. At the gate was the NYPD official waiting for the arrival of Hari Prakash. He held a board in his hand which was written ‘Agents from India, President welcomes you to America.’
‘Mr. Emmanuel Timothy, nice to meet you sir,’ Domar greeted the NYPD official.
‘Hello Mr. Lamer… sorry, Mr. Vomer.’
‘No, no, my name is Domar.’
‘Oh! Sorry sir, I apologize for it, Mr. Domar.’
‘Mr. Timothy, where are we heading to?’ Hari Prakash asked the NYPD official.
‘We are going to the white house, Mr. Hari Prakash.’
‘Are we going to meet Mr. President?’ Domar asked out of curiosity.
‘Of course we are going to meet him,’ Hari replied to Domar. He then asked Emmanuel, ‘how close we are, Mr. Timothy? Do we have any clues?’
‘Yes, Mr. Hari Prakash, our boys have traced all the calls that originated from Russia and its neighboring parts. The calls that originated from Moscow and other parts of Russia carried some information about the ISS bomb threat. But most of them were code words. Our cryptography team is working on that. We will get the info once after we get to the white house.’

White House, Washington DC
After a drive of four hours, they reached The White House. Emmanuel got out from the car and opened the door for Hari and Domar. Domar was left spellbound after looking at the white house building. Domar and Hari were taken inside the building by Emmanuel Macalister Timothy and the President of the United States was sitting there at his room. He was busy signing the documents and they waited outside the room for some time. Later, Emmanuel was asked to bring Hari and Domar to the President of the United States. Domar greeted the President as he entered the room, followed by Hari and Emmanuel. They exchanged handshakes and hugs. They sat at the conference table and the President ordered some drinks for the gentleman present in the room.
‘Okay, Mr. Domar, we trust you. We need your service right now,’ the President said looking at Domar.
‘I’m at your service, sir. But I can’t do this without Hari Prakash. I will need his help in this mission,’ Domar said.
Hari Prakash’s facial expressions changed once after he heard what Domar said. He was filled with joy from inside but was unable to express it. He looked at Domar and Domar looked at him. Hari blinked his eyes once as a sign of thanking him. Domar responded with another blink.
‘Okay, Mr. Hari Prakash, what help you’ll need?’ President asked Hari.
‘Sir, we need few software hackers, a couple of cryptographers, a few NASA guys and a space shuttle.’
‘Okay, but be careful during the mission,’ the President said.
‘Sir, my name is Domar and I’m as powerful as a rammer. Just be worried about the Russians. They are going to face the worst disaster of their lifetime if this mission fails for them. I will succeed this mission at any cost. I don’t even care if the cost is my life.’
Tears rolled down President’s cheek after hearing what Domar said. He went to Domar and hugged him tightly, and said, ‘we are so proud of you, Mr. Domar. After the mission, the party is mine.’

Mission ISS – Phase 1
The mission was split into two phases. The first phase includes the initial preparation and the second phase includes the execution. In the initial preparation, the NASA guys were involved in providing the physical training to Domar, who was about to travel to space. They gave him the training that all the astronauts take before going for a space flight. The technical side was managed by Hari Prakash.
‘Timothy, did you get the info on the coded words?’ Hari Prakash asked Emmanuel.
‘Yes, Mr. Hari Prakash, the reports are displayed on the screen.’ Emmanuel displayed the map on the screen and then explained, ‘they are going to launch the missile through an auto detachable space shuttle from Magadan, Russia.’
‘Where’s Magadan?’ Domar asked.
‘It’s somewhat close to the north pole, situated at the Sea of Okhotsk,’ Emmanuel replied.
‘So, they are going to launch the missile exactly in a direction perpendicular to the path in which the ISS orbits. Also they are going to launch it from the place which is less deserted and the time when ISS orbits that region. They have got some balls,’ said Domar.
‘Georgetown, it is the best place for us to launch the space shuttle. We will launch it in a direction perpendicular to the missile the Russians are going to launch. We must do it in sync with them. Timothy will decrypt all the conversations happening between the Russians at the time of their launch,’ said Hari Prakash.
‘Let’s do this,’ said Domar.

Mission ISS – Phase 2
After taking adequate training, Domar was taken to Georgetown where the space shuttle was ready to take off. Hari and his team were at Washington DC monitoring the communication channel and other technical aspects. Domar’s radio was on air and Hari gave him commands over the wireless. Domar got into the space shuttle and the doors were sealed tight. He wore the astronaut’s dress and the supply of oxygen was abundant. He did not feel uncomfortable in the dress. Domar relaxed himself inside the space shuttle and took a deep breath.
‘The coordinates are set and I’m ready to depart. Inform me about the progress,’ said Domar over the wireless and the voice was little bit noisy.
‘Timothy, what have we got,’ Hari asked Emmanuel.
Emmanuel heard the traced Russian line and replied, ‘they are going to launch in five.’
‘On your mark, Domar, we will be taking off in five,’ said Hari over the wireless.
‘Let’s do this, I’m all set,’ Domar aloud as the transmission was noisy.
The missile from the Russia was launched and simultaneously the space shuttle from America was launched in the direction perpendicular to the motion of the missile.

The space shuttle quickly passed the troposphere and entered the stratosphere. It was moving at a steady speed. Domar was able to spot the missile from the direction he was traveling.
‘I could see, I could see the missile. But it seems like I need to pick up some speed,’ Domar announced over the wireless radio.
‘No, don’t try to increase the speed, Domar. It is moving at an exceptional speed. You will get to the missile once you enter the mesosphere,’ replied Hari.
‘What’s my altitude?’ Domar asked as he was not able to find altimeter inside the space shuttle.
‘You have just entered the stratosphere. You are at an altitude of 37,600 feet and you are gaining 6,000 feet per second,’ replied Hari.
Domar found a red dot on the screen that was in front of him. It was nearing his space shuttle. The alarm was set off and Domar spoke over the wireless, ‘oh shit! Someone’s coming after me.’
‘What?’ Hari said and looked at the computer. It was another space shuttle traveling in the direction of Domar’s shuttle. Hari said, ‘that’s some space shuttle. It may be from the Russians. Stay away from it.’
‘I’ve no other option left. I’m going to increase the speed,’ Domar announced over the wireless.
‘No, no, stay steady,’ said Hari.
‘Time is running out and I need to act fast.’
Domar increased the speed of the space shuttle. The altimeter was turned on all of a sudden. He noticed that he entered the crux of the stratosphere as he was at an altitude of 42,850 feet above the ground. The space shuttle which was behind Domar also gained its speed. Domar decided to divert it from its course. He moved his space shuttle slightly away from his course.
‘What are you doing?’ Hari shouted over the wireless.
‘Just wait and see, my friend.’
Domar deviated from his course and entered the lower level of the mesosphere. As he entered the mesosphere, the booster rockets got detached from the main fuel tank. Now all he got to do is travel in one direction, upward. The space shuttle that was behind him entered the mesosphere and got detached from its fuel tank. Domar spotted the missile that was moving somewhat close to his shuttle.

The thermosphere was few feet above and ISS was about to cross the region. He saw the ISS moving close to the region where the missile was traveling. He also saw the Russian space shuttle coming close to him. Domar emptied his fuel tank by pulling the ignition button. The fire was enormous making the Russian space shuttle to deviate from its path. The Russian space shuttle was sucked back into the Earth as it entered the stratosphere.
‘That’s it, good job Mr. Domar,’ said Hari Prakash through the wireless.
‘The real task is yet to begin.’
Domar looked at the missile. It began to lose its speed. The ISS came into the orbit. Noticing that the missile started to lose speed, Domar made a rough calculation.
‘Come on, Domar. The missile will hit the space station in eighty seconds,’ said Hari Prakash over the wireless.
Domar was running out of fuel as he opened the ignition chamber. He detached himself from the space shuttle as he went closer to the missile. Now Domar was floating in the space. He was few feet away from the thermosphere. The missile was about to enter the thermosphere region. Domar was swinging in the air as the gravity was trying to suck him back to the ground.
‘Domar, you have to enter the thermosphere to kill the gravity. If you stay in the mesosphere for few more seconds you’ll be sucked back to the ground,’ Hari said over the wireless.
Domar looked at the missile, and then he looked at the ISS. The missile was pointing to the core of the space station.
‘Forty seconds left for the blast,’ Hari announced over the wireless.
Something struck Domar’s mind. He tried hard and released a powerful fart which plunged him into the thermosphere. Domar got hold of the missile as he entered the thermosphere.
‘Thirty seconds left,’ Hari announced.
Domar was traveling along with the missile by holding it tight. He saw a touch screen display on the body of the missile. He needed a code to deactivate it.
‘I need a code to deactivate the missile,’ Domar announced over the wireless.
‘It’s XYZ122,’ said Emmanuel to Hari.
‘It’s XYZ…’
‘Yeah, I heard it,’ Domar interrupted Hari.
‘Okay, you got nineteen seconds left,’ Hari said.
The communication room was full of cheer and claps. Emmanuel hugged Hari Prakash tightly after the successful execution of the mission.  The deactivated missile slowly lost its track and dropped to the lower layers. The missile landed into the sea later. Domar opened his parachute and reached the ground safely. He landed at Portland, USA.

The President’s Party
New York, USA
A special party was organized by the President of United States after the success of the mission to save the International Space Station. The President honored Domar by presenting him a prestigious medal of honor. He congratulated Domar for the victory and hugged him tight. The President inaugurated the book “Dangerous D” written by Domar at the party. It was a sheer surprise for Domar to find the ban on his book lifted. In addition to all these, Domar was provided with an American citizenship.
‘Are you happy?’ Hari asked Domar as he carried a champagne glass with him.
‘Yes, I’m so delighted about my book and the citizenship,’ Domar said this and took a glass of champagne.
‘Okay, so what made you to risk your life?’ Hari asked.
‘If the ISS was blasted, we may lose communication around the globe, especially the internet will be gone.’
‘So what’s the point? What was that had to do with you?’
Domar sipped some champagne and replied, ‘how could I watch porn if the internet is gone?’

Written by Ashwin Kumar



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    1. haha.. yeah he is indeed crazy as he did everything only for 'one' reason :P i'm very glad that you enjoyed reading this :)

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