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'STRIKE 2' - a sequel to the action extravaganza 'Strike'

Link to the prequel

Origin of Strike 2
Right after I wrote Strike first part, I wanted to make the sequel more stunning than the prequel was. Finally, I came up with a better shaped story line filled with action sequences and interesting twists that makes a solid justification to the prequel. The sequel starts from where the prequel ended and it will be difficult for the readers to follow the story if they have not read the prequel. The link to the prequel is given above. 

I dedicate this story to...
I dedicate this story to my friend Vamsi Krishna whose encouragement, excitement and curiosity made me to pen down the sequel. 

Genre of the story
A full length action thriller with elements of surprises (twists).

Summary of Strike 2
Starts from where the prequel ended. Vamsi after his assignment sets out to find some staggering truths about Operation K.


Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris | Terminal 2
Vamsi, on entering the airport, turned back and looked at the gate. Outside the gate, there was Officer Samuel getting into his car and driving away from the location. Vamsi was at terminal 2, where he was supposed to board a flight to Dubai from where a connecting flight takes him to India. He looked at his ticket and it was written ‘Flight 421F Emirates’. He went to the check in counter to generate his boarding pass.
‘Gate F53, terminal 2F and that is in the level 2. Elevator is over there sir,’ the airport official said pointing to an elevator that lay at the corner.
‘Thank you,’ Vamsi replied and collected his boarding pass.
Vamsi, as he walked towards the elevator, found a men’s room to his left side. He got into it. Meanwhile, outside the men’s room, there were two airport officials communicating through wireless radio and staring at the men’s room. One of them spoke in the radio, ‘he just entered the men’s room’, while the other placed his eyes over the exit of the men’s room. Vamsi was hiding behind the wall observing the two officials. He made a clever guess that they might be the police officers in disguise. He went into the men’s room and stood before a mirror. He splashed some water on his face and was thinking about getting away from them. At that time, he saw a dress hung on to the wall. It was the uniform of a cleaning staff who was taking bath inside the bathroom. Vamsi, without making a noise, took the dress and got into a cubicle. The dress fitted his size and he wore it. There was a garbage trolley outside the cubicle. He put his bag inside the trolley and covered it such that it is not visible to others. He wore a cap and then got out of the men’s room pushing the garbage trolley. Vamsi noticed that the two people who were after him were still outside the men’s room waiting for his arrival. Without getting noticed to them, Vamsi managed to get away from the place. He slowly pushed the trolley, without getting any kind of attention, and entered into the men’s room at the level 1. He got into a cubicle and changed his dress. He then opened his laptop and connected to the internet. He browsed through the flight timings and booked a flight that was about to depart from the airport within an hour. He put it back into his bag and exited the men’s room. He quickly rushed to the shuttle that took him to terminal 2C. He then went to the ticketing counter and grabbed his tickets. Clearing the security check with his alternate identity, Vamsi boarded a flight to Prague.

The officials at the international terminal were involved in a rigorous search for Vamsi. Officer Samuel arrived there after getting the news of Vamsi’s sudden disappearance. They thoroughly checked the men’s room, restaurants, shops and other places but there were no traces of him.
‘What happened?’ Officer Samuel asked one of those two officials after arriving at the airport.
‘Sir, we missed him,’ the official replied.
‘How could you make that so simple? ‘We missed him’, uh?’ Officer Samuel said in an angry tone.
‘Sir, we are sorry.’
‘Yes you should be. Be glad that you are just terminated from the service but not going to jail,’ Officer Samuel said.
‘What are we going to do now?’ Officer Samuel’s subordinate asked.
‘Terminals 2A to 2F, security check counters, CCTV camera footage, it’s highly impossible to trace him out with these. I’m sure that he would have been departed by now,’ Officer Samuel said.
‘Then we can run an identification check,’ the subordinate officer said.
‘He isn’t an idiot to use his original identity to get out from here. Remember one thing; he is the superior officer of the Operation K. Do you know to whom he reports to?’ Officer Samuel paused and continued, ‘Major Suraj Singh.’

Prague, Czech Republic
After landing in Prague airport, Vamsi went to the payphone to make a call. He placed down his bag and dialed a number. It rang for some time until someone answered it from the other end. ‘Yes, it’s me Vamsi,’ Vamsi spoke in the phone for few minutes and then left to the exit gate. From the exit gate, Vamsi took a taxi to get into the city. The taxi driver drove him to Hotel Prague Inn.
Airport control room | Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
‘We got a lead on him,’ an officer at the control room said to Officer Samuel who was at the control room.
Officer Samuel got up from his chair at once and said, ‘where?’
‘Prague,’ the control room officer replied.
‘He thinks he is a genius, doesn’t he?’ Samuel asked his subordinate.
‘I don’t think so,’ he replied.
‘What do you mean by that?’
‘Maybe he has made some plans,’ the subordinate officer said.
‘Bullshit, he is alone right now. He cannot escape from us.’ Officer Samuel picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. He then spoke, ‘Alert our team in Prague immediately. We need to get him before the sun sets.’

Prague, Czech Republic
Vamsi, after refreshing, stepped out of the hotel for an evening walk across the streets of Prague. Vamsi, as he walked, halted for a moment and looked at the mirror that was fitted on the wall of a shop. Through the mirror, he found a group of four men with guns following him. Vamsi slowly placed his steps forward and after reaching the junction, he ran taking a left turn. The four armed men immediately rushed to the end of the street and ran to the left chasing Vamsi. Vamsi noticed that they were after him and he increased his running speed. Reaching the end of the street, Vamsi took a right turn and entered the main road. The four men split into two teams and one went behind Vamsi whereas the other took a shortcut to block him from the other side. On noticing this, Vamsi decided to get away from the location through some vehicle. He halted for a second and looked around. There was a bus that was approaching the bus station. He ran towards the bus station and got into the bus. The doors of the bus shut immediately after Vamsi got in and it departed from the place. The four men noticed this and they stopped a taxi that came in their way. ‘Police,’ one of those four said to the taxi driver displaying the ID card. All the four got into the taxi and they went behind the bus. The bus halted at the next stop and Vamsi rushed out of the bus. He ran into a crowded street. The street was narrow such that no vehicle could enter it. The four men stepped out from the car and got into the street. Vamsi, who hid behind a wall at the corner of the street, noticed the four men wandering in the crowd. As they came near, Vamsi grabbed the neck of a man with his arm and closed his mouth with his other hand. He then twisted the neck of the man and pushed him aside. The man lay unconscious on the ground. The other three were rigorously searching for Vamsi in the crowd. One among those three spotted Vamsi moving towards the junction of the road. They went after him.

Vamsi looked at his watch as he ran and then turned back to see if they were behind him. One of those three men running after Vamsi aimed his gun at Vamsi’s leg and fired it. The bullet missed its shot and it was fired a few feet away from Vamsi’s leg. Vamsi, on noticing this, took out a gun from his pant and made a quick turn towards his left. He aimed the gun straight at the person who fired at him and shot him on his knee. The man was down and that shocked the other two. Instead of running, Vamsi stood there looking at the wounded man while the other two were approaching him with their guns aimed at him. Vamsi, in a composed manner, took out his magazine and loaded it with bullets. He then cocked it and aimed straight at the other guy. The two men halted at once as they heard police sirens. They gave a big smile at Vamsi as the police vehicles surrounded him at once. There were around ten cars and from those ten cars, thirty cops got out each aiming their gun at Vamsi. Vamsi looked around and dropped his gun down. He stretched his arms and did some sit ups. The police were shocked at his behavior. He bent his fingers to pop up the knuckles and stretched his neck to the left and right. He looked around. It was street thirty one and there were buildings surrounding him. He then snapped his fingers. The firing began and thirteen out of those thirty policemen were wounded instantly. Vamsi stood there at ease wearing his coolers and without moving an inch. The gun shots were fired from the buildings that surrounded the place and the police were not able to trace out from where they are coming from. As the firing went on, a car plunged into the location. Vamsi got into the car and it swiftly fled away from the location. The gun shots stopped once after Vamsi got into the car. The cops got into their cars and followed him but they lost him very soon.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
Officer Samuel who was about to exit the airport got a call in his cell phone. He took it out and picked the call.
‘Yeah,’ he said over the phone.
‘Sir, we lost his track,’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘Don’t you say that again?’ Samuel turned back to the airport and said, ‘wait till I reach there.’
He then walked into the airport. He then made a call to his subordinate who was inside the control room. He spoke over the phone, ‘get me a ticket to Prague in the next flight.’ He cut the call and muttered to himself, ‘Vamsi, what are you?’

Back to the Charles de Gaulle Airport
Vamsi got into a cubicle inside the men’s room and changed his dress. He then opened his laptop and connected to the internet. He browsed through the flight timings and booked a flight that was about to depart from the airport within an hour. He then took out his cell phone and dialed a number. The call was answered by a male from the other side.
‘Sir is there any trouble?’ the voice from the other side spoke.
‘Yes, they are after me. Can you please bring Shyam on line please,’ Vamsi said.
After few seconds, Shyam came on the line and spoke, ‘yes Vamsi, Shyam here. What happened?’
‘It’s happening the way we thought. They are after me.’
‘Shit, what do we do now?’
‘Assemble at Prague with our team. I’ll call you after I reach Prague. Where are you right now?’
‘I’m in Vienna with our team. Don’t worry; we will be there in less than five hours.’
The call was hung up. He put the laptop back into his bag and exited the men’s room. He quickly rushed to the shuttle that took him to terminal 2C. He then went to the ticketing counter and grabbed his tickets. Clearing the security check with his alternate identity, Vamsi boarded a flight to Prague.

Back to the Prague Airport
After landing in Prague airport, Vamsi went to the payphone to make a call. He placed down his bag and dialed a number. It rang for some time until someone answered it from the other end.
‘Yes, it’s me Vamsi,’ Vamsi said over the phone.
‘Where are you?’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘I’ve just landed in Prague. How long it will take for you to reach here?’
‘We got stuck in traffic. We are on our way.’
Vamsi walked to the exit. From the exit gate, Vamsi took a taxi to get into the city. The taxi driver drove him to Hotel Prague Inn. 

Hotel Prague Inn | Prague, Czech Republic
Vamsi got out from the taxi and went into the hotel. He got into his room and made a phone call to Shyam.
‘Okay, tell me the plan,’ Shyam asked Vamsi.
‘Anytime they will arrive here, did you make the arrangements?’
‘Yes, divert them and bring them to the street number thirty one. You can take a bus; it’s just one stop away from there. From there get into the crowded street and you can enter the junction after you cross that. Walk a few yards and there you are, at the street thirty one,’ Shyam explained.
‘When will you guys arrive?’ Vamsi asked.
‘We will be arriving at street thirty one. We have all our arrangements made. We have hired some shooters in Prague and they will be hiding inside the buildings around street thirty one. Once you reach there they will save you from the guys who chase you until we get there.’

After the shootout at street thirty one
Vamsi got into the car and it swiftly fled away from the location. The gun shots stopped once after Vamsi got into the car.
‘What the hell? Why are guys late?’ Vamsi said in a frustrating tone.
‘Chill dude, we got you,’ Shyam replied as he drove the car.
‘Sir it’s good to see you alive,’ a team member who sat in the rear side of the car said looking at Vamsi.
‘Shut up man,’ Vamsi said looking at the team member. He then looked at Shyam and asked, ‘what about the shooters?’
‘They are experts. Nobody can catch them,’ Shyam replied.
‘Okay, where are we heading to?’ Vamsi asked looking at Shyam.
‘Vaclav Havel International Airport, our flight departs exactly after two hours from now,’ Shyam replied.

Vaclav Havel International Airport, Prague
Officer Samuel landed at the same airport where Vamsi along with his team were about to depart. As soon as he landed, he made a phone call to his higher official.
‘Sir, we need to alert the airport officials and make a thorough check…’
He was interrupted by his higher officer, who was on phone, ‘look, I don’t want to waste the time anymore. It’s highly impossible to make a deal with the Prague police and we cannot deploy our force without proper permissions. You want to find the guy that’s your headache and don’t involve French police into this.’
The call was hung up and Samuel was upset by the words of his superior officer. He made another call to his subordinate.
‘Yes sir,’ his subordinate spoke from the other side.
‘Now it’s my headache. How can I find him all alone? The higher officer doesn’t want French police to get involved in this. It’s a waste of time traveling to Prague.’
‘Do you want me to call the Major and inform about this?’
‘No, no, no, I’ll do it.’

Prague – Istanbul - New Delhi
Vamsi and his team boarded the Turkish Airlines flight that departed from the terminal 1. The flight halted at Istanbul from there a connecting flight took them to New Delhi.

Kargil | Jammu & Kashmir, India
Major Suraj Singh, the brain behind Operation K, was resting at the army camp. A soldier came to the tent where he was resting and announced him about the phone call. Major Suraj Singh got out from his tent and walked to the communication room where the phone call was put on hold. He picked up the receiver. It was from Officer Samuel.
‘Major, I’m Samuel from the Indian embassy,’ Samuel spoke from the other side.
‘Yeah Samuel, what about Omar and Vamsi, are they dead?’ Suraj Singh asked Samuel.
‘Omar is dead, but we missed Vamsi. He got away,’ Samuel replied from the other side.
‘What do you mean he got away? You know this is important. I can’t have loose ends in operation K,’ Major replied in a harsh tone.
‘My guess is they will be heading to India,’ Samuel said.
‘Whatever, I’ll take care from now on,’ Major said and he put down the receiver.

New Delhi – Srinagar
Vamsi and his team landed at the New Delhi International Airport. They reached the counter of the car rental service at the airport. They booked a car to Srinagar and were accompanied by the staff to the car.
‘Here is the car; the man from our agency will be picking it back in Srinagar. Have a wonderful trip sir,’ the staff said as Vamsi and his team got into the car.
Vamsi was driving the car while Shyam sat next to him in the front seat. The back seats were occupied by the two members. On their way, Shyam started a conversation.
‘What’s going to happen now?’ Shyam asked Vamsi.
‘So far everything is smooth,’ Vamsi replied.
‘I didn’t realize that our life is under threat with Operation K,’ a team member said.
‘What made you think that they are going to kill you after you kill Omar?’ Shyam asked Vamsi.
‘It was just a wild guess. With Omar quitting the force, I was made the superior officer of Operation K. Major picked me up and sent me to kill Omar. But why does he wants him killed? How did he know that Omar is a traitor who sold the information to the neighbor country? These questions remained unanswered. You guys remember the meeting we held before my departure?’

Flashback | Kargil, India
Vamsi and his immediate subordinate Shyam arranged for a secret meeting with the other two members of the Operation K at the army camp in Kargil, a night before Vamsi’s departure to Paris. They assembled at the tent after all the officers slept.
‘Major appointed six members in Operation K. Out of the six, one became a traitor and he wants the traitor dead just because he knows the secrets. What if he tries to plant the same trap on us? One day or later, after the operation ends, what if the major tries to kill us all? He made me the immediate superior officer after Omar quit the force, now Shyam is on the line and he will be made the superior after me. Slowly, one by one will get to the superior post and die instantly thus safeguarding the secrets of the Operation K forever,’ Vamsi said.
‘We agree with you, Vamsi. We are with you,’ Shyam responded.
‘Okay, I’ll be leaving to Paris tomorrow. Shyam, I want you to arrive at Vienna with our guys. If there is any problem I’ll travel to the nearest place from Paris just to escape them and you guys can reach me there from Vienna. Then we can head back here and sort out the problem with Major,’ Vamsi explained.
‘But, the members of Operation K are not supposed to travel till the operation gets complete,’ a team member said.
‘I’ll get you guys out from here. I am the superior officer and I’ll deal with that,’ Vamsi said.

Back to the car ride | New Delhi – Srinagar
‘Yes, we remember the meeting. How could you be so sure that those guys who were after you want to kill you?’ Shyam asked Vamsi.
‘The doubt struck my mind when I looked at the passport which Officer Samuels gave me. The passport had my original name in it. No army officers who are under a secret operation are allowed to use their original identity when he is out of the country for some reason. When I found my original name I thought they are going to catch me at the immigration. I guessed they had some plan running in their mind. Poor Samuel didn’t know I had an alternate passport with me and that helped me to get out of the country,’ Vamsi said.
‘Okay, getting caught at the immigration and make an immediate arrest by branding us a terrorist. A gimmick played by Major Suraj Singh, that’s disgusting,’ Shyam said.

Meanwhile at the New Delhi International Airport
The entire police force was in search of a group of ‘supposedly called’ terrorists headed by Vamsi. The officials were making thorough search at the nook and corner of the airport. At that time, one of the official gathered information from the car rental service that Vamsi and his team were on their way to Srinagar. The police immediately alerted the task force at Panipat and gave them the car number in which they were traveling.

En route Panipat
After traveling for about 2 hours, Vamsi and his team reached the toll booth at Panipat. The task force was informed about their exit from the toll and they followed them in two cars. The task force spotted Vamsi’s car, a red Volkswagen, and they were behind them. Suddenly, Vamsi and his team felt a bullet that hit the rear end of the car. Shyam turned back to see who it was. There were two cars following theirs and the firing happened from one of those two cars.
‘Shit, who alerted the task force?’ Shyam said in a disgust tone.
‘May be the major alerted them. He badly wants us dead,’ Vamsi replied.
‘We can’t fire them back,’ Shyam said.
‘What about your weapons?’ Vamsi asked.
‘Are you kidding? We are not supposed to travel with weapons in aircraft,’ Shyam said.
‘Okay, open my bag,’ Vamsi said looking at one of the team members who sat at the rear end, ‘there will be a box, open it.’
‘It’s a gun,’ the team member replied.
‘How the hell you managed to carry it with you?’ Shyam was surprised.
‘That’s what makes me unique,’ Vamsi said.
He then changed the gear and pumped up the accelerator to greater speed. The cars behind them increased the speed too. Vamsi said to Shyam, ‘fire them back, aim for the tyre,’ and drove the vehicle faster in the highway. The traffic free road made it easy for Vamsi to escape from the bullets fired by the task force people by driving in a zigzag manner. Shyam rolled down the window and pointed the gun at one of those two cars who were following them. The bullets were continuously fired by the people from those two cars and it made Shyam to immediately get back to his seat. Shyam, out of frustration, said, ‘shit, they are firing in continuous rounds,’ and he waited for a gap to attack them. A few minutes later the firing stopped and before they reloaded their guns, Shyam peeped out of the window and shot at the tyre of one of those two cars. The bullet hit the rim of the wheel producing smoke due to friction. The car then halted after it hit a pole. The bullet fired from the other car straightaway hit the rear tyres of Vamsi’s car. ‘Damn it, they shot our wheels,’ Shyam said this looking at Vamsi. Vamsi grabbed the gun from Shyam and rolled down the window. He applied the brakes gently until the car came to a halt. He peeped out of the window and aimed the gun straight at the car that was approaching them. He fired two bullets; one hit the front mirror and broke it while the other followed the first bullet that hit the driver’s forehead. The car losing its control hit the divider and turned upside down. Vamsi and his team got out from their car and were standing on the highway. Meanwhile, another car was swiftly approaching them. Vamsi took out the magazine to have a look at the bullets. The car halted after approaching them. ‘Guys, get inside,’ an old man who drove the car said to them. The car doors were opened and Vamsi along with his team got into the car. The old man took a U turn and drove towards Delhi.

Sector 21, Sonepat
The old man took them to his house located at Sector 21, Sonepat. All the four freshened up and gathered for a meeting with the old man.
‘You guys from Operation K?’ The old man asked looking at all the four.
‘Yes, Suraj Singh made me the senior officer and this guy Shyam,’ Vamsi said pointing to Shyam, ‘is my immediate subordinate.’
‘You know who I am?’ The old man asked while the others nodded a ‘no’. He then said, ‘I am Major Aslam Qureshi.’
‘Major Aslam?’ Vamsi asked out of surprise.
‘I worked with Major Suraj Singh at Indian Intelligence Service and I quit the force after I got to know that Suraj was made the chief of Operation K,’ said Major Aslam.
‘Yeah, we heard a lot about you,’ a team member said.
‘Major Vamsi, right?’ Aslam asked looking at Vamsi.
‘Yes major,’ Vamsi replied.
‘What happened to Omar? Is he safe?’ Aslam asked Vamsi.
Vamsi looked at Shyam and Shyam answered Aslam’s question, ‘Omar is dead.’
‘What did you just say?’
‘Major, I’m sorry,’ Vamsi said.
‘Yes, you should be. Omar was like your brother,’ Aslam said looking at Vamsi.
‘But he is a traitor,’ Shyam said.
‘Hell with the traitor thing. Omar was not a traitor. He wasn’t selling any information to other countries. What kind of information he had with him to sell?’ Aslam asked looking at all the four members.
‘The design of the weapon and other technical details,’ Vamsi said.
‘When did the weapon construction begin?’ Aslam asked.
‘Few weeks ago,’ one of the team member replied.
‘Did you guys ever check out the place where the weapon is being made?’ Aslam asked.
‘No, we were not allowed to do so until the progress reaches 50%,’ Shyam replied.
‘That’s it, there is no such weapon being made. Operation K is a fake,’ Aslam said.
Vamsi and Shyam were blown away after hearing the truth about Operation K from Aslam. Aslam then said, ‘Operation K doesn’t exist for real, instead it exists only on papers. Suraj Singh is the mastermind behind this scam and he is just a part of it. It is headed by Ranveer, the chief officer of the secret security services. Ranveer along with Suraj Singh together started the operation known as Secret Mission: K. Its objective was to build an indestructible weapon. Remember, nothing is indestructible in this world. Operation K was just an eye wash and I quit the force when I was about to be made the immediate subordinate to Suraj Singh for this so called secret mission. From that day I’m hiding underground as they are rigorously searching to kill me. They have not found me until now and I’m sure that they will never find me. The main objective of Operation K is to get foreign funds invested in the mission and the profit directly goes to the pockets of Ranveer and Suraj Singh. You guys are the victims of the ‘never existed’ mission.’
‘What about Omar?’ Shyam asked Aslam.
‘Omar was innocent. It was me who explained him that Operation K was a fake and when Suraj Singh came to know that Omar knew everything, he decided to kill him,’ Aslam explained.
The prison scene where Omar was killed flashed in Vamsi’s mind – ‘K?’, ‘Yes, it’s K’, ‘I told them nothing’, ‘I believe you, Omar’. Aslam continued to explain, ‘to safeguard Omar from Suraj’s trap, I sent him to Paris. I asked my good friend Leonard to safeguard him by putting him in the prison such that no one can get to him.’
‘Leonard was your man?’ Vamsi asked Aslam. He paused for a moment and asked, ‘but why such risks for Omar?’
‘Because Omar is my son,’ Aslam paused and continued, ‘our father and son relationship was not in good terms when he joined the force and I wasn’t able to stop him while he was made the superior officer to Operation K. He was made in charge on behalf of me. It was too late when I came to know that Omar was leading a team that is headed by Major Suraj Singh. As soon as I came to know about it, I wanted to safeguard him. Using some of my good contacts in IIS, I made him get expelled from the force and that’s when Major Suraj Singh got to know that Omar knew something. I sent him to Paris but I wasn’t able to save his life. Suraj doesn’t like having loose ends and now he wants you all dead.’
‘Before he gets to us, we must confront him,’ Vamsi said looking at Shyam and the two team members.
‘I know a place where you can do that,’ Aslam said looking at all the four. He said, ‘Suraj will be traveling to Patiala to visit his family once in a month and he will be doing that in a couple of days. I guess that will be right time to take him down. For years he has been stopping at a dhaba located in the Jalandhar-Ludhiana highway. The dhaba remains isolated but a vehicle full of security will accompany him every time.’
‘We will take care of that,’ Vamsi said.
‘Just make sure the son of a moron is dead,’ Aslam said looking at Vamsi.

Punjabi dhaba located at Jalandhar-Ludhiana Highway
After hiding for a couple of days in Aslam’s house, Vamsi and his team set out to Punjab. They reached the dhaba located at the Jalandhar-Ludhiana highway where Major Suraj Singh was supposed to arrive for his lunch. Shyam along with a team member arrived in disguise of a lorry driver whereas Vamsi was in disguise of a tourist. The other team member accompanied Vamsi. All the four sat in different tables hiding their faces from getting recognized. An hour later, Major Suraj Singh along with his security van arrived at the dhaba. Shyam signaled and alerted Vamsi about his arrival. Vamsi, who was holding a newspaper to cover his face, lowered it a little to have a look at the major’s face. Major Suraj Singh walked into the dhaba and sat at his regular table. The security people were standing outside the dhaba. Vamsi was waiting for a suitable moment to kill him. He noticed Suraj Singh getting up from his table and walking towards the wash room. Vamsi put down the newspaper and followed him. The wash room had a lavatory next to the wash basin. Vamsi got to the wash basin with his cap on and stood next to Suraj Singh. He opened the tap and began to wash his hands. Suraj Singh, after splashing some water on his face, reached the lavatory door. Vamsi, on noticing this, immediately pushed him into the lavatory. He got into it and locked the door from inside. Vamsi pushed him to the wall and closed his mouth tightly with his left hand. He took out the gun in the other hand and pointed it at Suraj’s abdomen. He whispered in Suraj’s ears, ‘Omar and Shiva died for Operation K. Now it’s your turn.’ He put two bullets into his body. The gun shots were not heard as the barrel was fitted with silencer. Major Suraj Singh died instantly. Vamsi put the gun back in his pocket and walked out of the lavatory. He then stepped out of the dhaba, got into his car and drove away from the location. Others slowly exited the dhaba and cleared the location. The security persons after waiting for a sometime searched the dhaba and found Major Suraj Singh lying dead in the lavatory.

Sonepat, Haryana
All the four assembled at Aslam’s house with good news that Major Suraj Singh is dead. They celebrated the evening with champagne.
‘I sent a fax to the head office this evening,’ Aslam said as they were having champagne.
‘What did you send in the fax?’ Shyam asked Aslam.
‘The evidence that Operation K is a fake,’ Aslam poured some champagne and said, ‘an evidence to take Ranveer into custody.’
‘What about us?’ Vamsi asked.
‘All of you will be joining the force soon. Stay here until things turn fruitful.’

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. OMG What an awesome story by u man . i m stunned by those action sequences , esp that gun shots by 12 , major aslam explaining that "k" is fake ... oh oh oh . keep writing and keep us amazed . best wishes.

    1. Thank you and i'm glad that you liked the story ;)
      FYI, there were no 12 gun shots. It goes like a series of gunshots fired by a group of shooters hiding in the building (i've not even revealed who those shooters were and their number).. out of several gun shots, 13 policemen got injured. .. :)

  2. Strike-1 a MindBlowing Thriller and now Strike-2 is a Mind bending one :) I was Amazed by Operation K twist in Strike-1 but now totally Speechless with the last Twist of Strike-2 ;)

    Stunning Action Sequences + Brilliant Screenplay + Great Creativity = Strike-2 \m/

    It keeps you Thrilled every now and then :) The Flavor of Strike is restored here as well that is edge of the seat Action Sequences :)

    Strike will always be a Special memory for me not just because I am the lead role in it ... it is because Ashwin wrote it with love towards me <3 Thanks mams

    Keep Rocking Keep Striking :)

    1. Thank you so much Vamsi :)
      Lets rock once again with Strike 3 soon... :)

  3. oh my my.. what a fantastic read. speechless i am.. you amaze me with each n every story. superb!!

    *damn.. why did i delay reading this?* :-/

    1. wow! i'm totally elated after reading your comment. glad that you enjoyed reading it :)

  4. Oh god man.. Strike - 2, shyam as a sub ordinate.. its amazing to see myself in such a mind blowing sequence....surprised and thrilled ...

    Really this would be memorable forever... Thanks a lottttt buddy :)

    keep writing and i will always be at my best to give 100 % on my character :P

    1. hey Shyam ! Glad that you're impressed by the way I etched your character. Lots to come..Expect more in Strike 3 ;)