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Mirage - a short story based on a real story

How did the idea struck my mind?
One day, while I was browsing through a medical forum, I came across this article which had a story of a patient who had a weird psychological disorder. I then thought - 'why not develop it into a story in my style?' That's how 'Mirage' came into existence. 

Genre of the story
Psychological thriller

Summary of 'Mirage'
Melissa, an officer from the psychiatric division, has been roped into a case to find out what exactly is wrong with Kelly who has been arrested for trespassing into a man's property whom she claims to be her husband.


Stockholm, Sweden
Christmas Eve, 2011
It was Christmas Eve and everybody in the town was celebrating it. Every house had a Christmas tree. The churches were crowded with people. Those who stayed inside their house watched the television along with their family. But, it was not the same for everyone. On the Eve of Christmas, outside a house in Stockholm County, two police cars were found halted. People from the neighborhood stepped outside their houses to take a look at the scene. There were three policemen trying to arrest a woman who was uncontrollably screaming. She was dragged to one of the police cars and her hand was cuffed to the window. The car doors were closed and she was taken to the police station.

Melissa was celebrating her Christmas Eve with her son and her husband. It lasted no longer until she received a phone call from Stockholm Police department.
‘Hello… Melissa here,’ Melissa said as she picked up the telephone.
‘Hey Melissa, Casper wants you at the office,’ it was the voice of a male police officer.
‘What? It’s Christmas Eve, Max. I’m supposed to be off duty,’ Melissa said over the telephone.
‘I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it. Casper insists you to be here within an hour,’ Max, who was on phone, said this to Melissa.
‘In an hour? Crap! Okay, tell him I’m on my way,’ Melissa said this and hung up the phone.
Melissa placed down the telephone and looked at her son. He was watching cartoon with his father. Melissa walked towards her son, lifted him up and placed him on her lap. She kissed him on his cheek and softly whispered in his ear, ‘Mommy got work. She has to go now and she will be back soon.’ Her son looked at her. His face was saddened all of a sudden. He said, ‘Mommy, it’s Christmas tomorrow.’ She slowly rubbed his hair and said, ‘I’m sorry honey, it is really important for Mommy to go right now.’
‘What happened?’ asked Melissa’s husband.
‘Casper wants me at the office,’ Melissa replied.
‘Okay, come back soon.’
Melissa changed her clothes and she kissed her son and her husband before leaving home. She stepped out of her house, got into her car and drove off.

Casper, the senior officer of Stockholm Police crime investigation section, was waiting at the entrance of the County Police station. Melissa arrived there in twenty minutes. She parked her car and walked towards the entrance. There she saw Casper who was lighting a cigarette.
‘Hey Casper, you son of a bitch,’ Melissa greeted Casper in an impolite way.
‘Sorry that I’ve ruined your Christmas Eve,’ Casper offered Melissa a cigar and continued to speak, ‘there is a women we arrested few hours ago. She trespassed into Mr. Lucas’ property and he filed a complaint on her.’
‘So, what am I supposed to do with that? I’m with psychiatric division and what does that have to do with trespassing?’ Melissa said this as she puffed some smoke.
‘There’s something strange with this case. You start the investigation and you’ll get to know how complicated it is. We are not able to figure out what’s happening with her,’ Casper said.

They smoked for a while and then proceeded to the investigation room. The woman arrested by the police was brought into the room as Melissa had a look at the files. The woman was made to sit on a chair. The policeman who brought her inside the room left the place. Melissa took a look at the woman. She was in her late thirties but she looked so young. Her face had a depressed look. Melissa thought that she might have been on drugs as the woman’s eyes appeared pale. She also thought that the woman might have been depressed for some reason. Melissa, without wasting her time, started to interrogate the woman.
‘Mrs. Kelly, aged 36, born in California. When did you move to Sweden?’ Melissa asked the woman.
The woman, Kelly, looked at Melissa and she replied after some moments of silence, ‘I came to Sweden to meet my husband.’
‘Did you meet him?’ Melissa asked Kelly.
‘I tried to meet him a couple of times but I wasn’t able to get to him. I had a chance today but the police was there all of a sudden and before I could talk with him, they brought me here. I want to talk to my husband. I want him back,’ Kelly said this and burst out with tears.
‘What’s your husband’s name?’ Melissa asked her.
‘Lucas, his name is Lucas,’ Kelly replied.

Melissa got up and walked out from the room. She went to Casper’s cabin and stood before him.
‘What’s wrong?’ Casper asked as he saw Melissa standing before him.
‘Is Kelly married to Lucas?’ Melissa asked Casper out of confusion.
‘You haven’t started your interrogation yet. Just go ahead and ask her what happened with her and who is Lucas. Ask her yourself,’ Casper said.
Melissa left Casper’s cabin and got into the interrogation room where Kelly was found sitting. She sat before Kelly and looked at her sad face. She began her interrogation.
‘Why does your husband wants you to get arrested?’ Melissa asked Kelly.
‘I don’t know. He loved me a lot and I don’t know what made him to act like this. He left me all of a sudden. It hurts when he is not around. I love him a lot,’ Kelly continued to cry as she spoke.
Melissa asked, ‘Tell me everything you know about Lucas and your life with him. When exactly did you meet him?’

Kelly’s life
San Diego, California, USA
2 years ago
It was summer time when I met Lucas after six months. That’s when I realized I can’t forget him. I was walking at the beach when Lucas accidentally bumped into me. At the beginning he tried to avoid me. Without speaking a word he walked away from me. I was shocked. I figured out that he might be angry for some reason. So I decided to give him some time believing that one day he might return to me.

A couple of days passed and I met Lucas again at the beach. This time I confronted him. He looked at me, smiled and then walked away. I turned back and looked at him as he walked away. I then went to him and held his hand from his behind. He turned back and looked at me. His eyes were magical. It arrested my attention. Looking at his eyes, I took my hand off from his.
‘Where have you been so long? I was waiting for you every minute of my life. Don’t leave me alone,’ I said to him and hugged him tight.
‘Hey, what are you doing?’ He asked me as I hugged him tight.
‘Please let me hug you for some time. I feel good this way. Please.’
Tear rolled out from the corner of my eye as he hugged me tightly. This was what I was longing for. This was the moment I was treasuring for. Finally I was there hugging my love. He then took his hands towards my face and with both the hands he held my face. He kissed my lips gently. I had a strange sensation in my body as he kissed me. It lasted for some time until he spotted a resort next to the beach.
‘Come with me,’ he said.
‘Where?’ I asked.
We went to the resort, got into a suite, and we made love. I then lost my virginity to Lucas.

The next day, I was there lying naked on the bed with Lucas by my side. He kissed me on my forehead as I hugged him tight.
‘Let’s get married,’ I whispered in his ear.
‘It seems like everything’s happening so fast,’ he replied.
‘I don’t want to lose you again. I promise I’ll be a good wife. I’ll be there by your side forever. I’ll love you forever as I do now.’
He kissed me on the cheek and replied, ‘okay, let’s get married.’

We got married that weekend. It was the happiest and the best day of my life. Later, we moved to Los Angeles after Lucas got job in an airline company that offered him a good pay. We lived a luxurious life thereafter.

Interrogation room – County Police Station
Stockholm, Sweden
Few hours post midnight – Dec 25, 2011
‘You guys lived at Los Angeles. Okay, you said that you guys lived happily. What happened after that?’ Melissa interrupted Kelly while she explained about her life.
‘I did not know where Lucas went six months after we got married. He vanished just like that. Before I realized he was gone, I realized one more thing. I was being kidnapped by a guy. His name was Eli and I was being kept under house arrest by him,’ Kelly said.
Melissa was surprised. She didn’t know that Kelly’s life would take such a major turn. She felt pity on Kelly.
‘You want some coffee?’ Melissa asked Kelly as she got up from the seat.
‘Okay, I’ll have it,’ Kelly replied.
The coffee machine was at the corner of the interrogation room. Melissa went to the machine and came back to her seat with two cups of coffee. She offered one to Kelly as he sat down. Kelly began to explain what exactly happened after they moved to Los Angeles.

Kelly’s life – continued…
Los Angeles, CA
We moved to Los Angeles from San Diego two months after our marriage. Lucas got a new job in an airline company. We have been offered a plush apartment that was just few miles away from the airport. In the evenings, I along with Lucas used to spend our time sitting at the balcony and counting the number of planes landing at the airport. My life was happy with Lucas. Few days later, Lucas began to work overtime. He was planning to take me for a trip around the globe. He was saving some extra money by working all night for the company. Those days were hard for me to pass. I was left all alone amidst those four walls. I skipped lunch and dinner. I was becoming thin day by day. My health began to deteriorate. Lucas was unhappy with that. He insisted that I look out for a job which I wasn’t interested. I assured him that I will be fine in a couple of days.

One year passed by and my condition got worse day by day. But one day things turned back to normal when I got to know that I was pregnant. Lucas was extremely happy after hearing this from me. He then took good care of me. He loved me to the extreme. I liked the way my life was moving until I realized that I have been kidnapped one fine day.

It was a month after my pregnancy; I woke up at a residence that appeared totally strange to me. It was not the place I lived before. I didn’t know how I ended up there. I went to the door and tried to open it. It was locked from outside. I was horrified at the situation. I didn’t know how to react. Suddenly I heard someone open the door and step inside the room. It was a guy who was tall and handsome. He brought some food inside the room.
‘It’s time for you to have your food. Have it and stay on your bed. Don’t ever get the idea of stepping out of this room,’ the guy said as he placed the food on the table.
‘Who are you? Where am I?’ I asked.
‘Eli, my name is Eli,’ he said this and left the room locking the door from outside.

Interrogation room – County Police Station
Stockholm, Sweden
Dec 25, 2011 – 4:00 am
‘So what happened after that?’ Melissa asked Kelly.
‘I did try to get out of that place many times. But he did not let me out. I felt very much afraid being there. I wanted my life back. I wanted to go back to Lucas. One fine day, I decided to escape from that place. I stood there behind the door holding a bat which I found in that room. I stood there hiding exactly when the guy brings in food. I heard him unlock the door. As he entered the room, I hit him hard on his head. He fell down on the floor and started to bleed. I ran away from the house,’ Kelly said.
Melissa sat there froze. She then asked Kelly, ‘how did you find Lucas?’
‘I went back to San Diego and with the help of my friend I got to know that Lucas got shifted to Sweden. So I travelled all the way to Stockholm to get back to Lucas. Please take me to Lucas,’ Kelly said.

Melissa without speaking a word got up from her seat and walked to Casper’s cabin.
‘What the hell is happening? Why don’t you take her to Lucas?’ Melissa said aloud as she entered the cabin.
‘You believe in what she said?’ Casper asked Melissa.
‘What?’ Melissa asked.
‘She never married Lucas. Instead, she was married to a guy named Eli,’ Casper said.
‘Eli? How the hell that’s possible? He was the one who kidnapped Kelly,’ Melissa said.
‘Melissa, just relax, she wasn’t kidnapped,’ Casper said.
Melissa stood there confused. After a short pause, she spoke, ‘I don’t get it.’
Casper asked Melissa to sit down. He explained, ‘before marriage, Kelly worked at a financial firm and Lucas was her boss. She fell in love with him but Lucas did not have any feelings towards Kelly. He started to avoid her as much as possible. But Kelly was madly and deeply in love with him. She never gave up on herself. She tried to woo him but he did not fall for her. One fine day, Lucas fired Kelly after she tried to have a sexual contact with him.’
‘So Lucas was Kelly’s boss. She met Lucas six months later at a beach and then they got married. But where did Eli come from?’ Melissa asked.
Casper laughed at her question and then explained, ‘Kelly did not meet Lucas after she got fired. Six months later, Kelly got married to Eli. That’s all we know.’
Melissa spoke, ‘and that’s the reason you called me up here. I get it. It’s the case of Paranoid Delusion. Kelly developed a strong affection towards Lucas that turned into an obsession later on. Six months later, she met this guy Eli at a beach. He must have resembled Lucas in his appearance and Kelly thought that he was Lucas, and later they got married. Kelly did not realize that she was with Eli instead she assumed that she was living with Lucas. That’s the reason she was facing frequent depressions and health issues. She was psychologically ill. Eli must have known her problem and he must have pretended to be Lucas. But when Kelly started to realize that he was Eli not Lucas, she blindly assumed that she has been kidnapped and taken away from her love. So she was here to meet Lucas and trespassed into his property.’
Casper was left in awe. He said, ‘oh my god! You are a genius, Melissa. We just spoke with Eli and he said that she was psychologically ill, but we weren’t able to figure out what exactly is going on with her.’
‘I want to speak with Eli,’ Melissa said.

Melissa spoke with Eli over phone. She insisted him to stay at the US for some time while Kelly undergoes her treatment. She also informed him that Kelly has lost her child due to consumption of excessive drugs. Lucas was also informed of Kelly’s illness and he felt sad about her. Lucas agreed to bear Kelly’s medical expenses. Kelly was kept under observation for few days. It was found that Kelly has been consuming the drug risperidone for some years that led to erotomania, a type of paranoid delusion. Later she was provided with frequent counseling and therapies. She was on medication for some days. Melissa was by her side most of the time comforting her. After a year, Kelly began to show improvement in her health. Eli visited her more frequently when Kelly was undergoing treatment at Stockholm. She began to like Eli. Kelly was fully recovered after two years. She realized how much Eli loved her and she decided to spend the rest of her life with him. He took her back to Los Angeles where they lived happily in their plush apartment. Eli also took her on to a trip across the globe. A year later, the couple has been blessed with a baby girl and they named her Melissa.

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. Very well written and touchy.

  2. Feel good story..! The most liked part in the story is, that all the characters narrated in a positive way.. started with lot of confusion, continued with miserable situation and ended up happily..!!!!!! Great!!!! Keep it up :-)

    Great and apt title too!!!!

  3. Does Love push us into such a psycological disorder, am wonderring ??? Kelly falling in Love with Eli in present but still stuck with the memories of Lucas, Wow Never imagined the twist of the story... i was travelling along in the same wavelength like how Melissa felt, completely moved by her situation. Finnally They were blessed with girl baby and they named as Melissa. simpley awesome :-)

    1. Actually this happened in real. I read this news in a website and made it into a story by building up the plot

      and now i would recommend you to read my article "Love or Lust, it's all in your brain" where your doubt regarding 'psychological' disorder will be clarified


  4. Her obsession turned to be her mirage. sad but beautifully told. liked the way the story travelled. happy ending.. very good read. :)

    1. who doesn't like happy endings? :P
      anyways, glad that you liked the story :)