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Dangerous Domar - an espionage thriller

What does 'Domar' mean?
Domar is a Spanish word which means 'to train' or 'to master'. 

Why this story?
So far I've tried my hand at different genres like action, romance, thrillers and comedy. I got tired of those and wanted to try something different. This story is one such kind (a completely different one from the normal ones I usually write) where there will be a mixture of action + comedy + masala (punch lines), and thus I'm placing it under 'satirical' genre. In this story, I've tried to take my readers to the extreme level of my imagination. Read it and share your experience (in the comment box) about your journey in my imaginative world.    

Genre of the story

Summary of 'Dangerous Domar'
A newly recruited secret agent 'Agent Domar' sets out on a mission to retrieve some confidential information from the enemies to save his nation.


Bangkok, Thailand
December 26 - 22:10 hours
It was post ten o’clock in the night and the city still hasn’t fallen asleep. The glittering lights from the multi-storied buildings lit up the night. The night at the Bangkok city appeared more colorful than the day. Horn sounds were blaring across the roads as the vehicles rushed home. Centera Grand Hotel, the fourth tallest building of Bangkok, was sparkling as it stood high. The 771 ft high building has 57 floors. The area surrounding the hotel appeared serene, but the serenity lasted no longer until they heard a weird noise from the 22nd floor of the building. A person jumped from the 22nd floor breaking the glass panes. It took him fifteen long seconds to reach the ground. He was dead after his head hit the ground. 

Retrieving spy information……
Name: Agent Domar
Age: 25
Origin: Unknown
ID number: 1487
Known as: Dangerous Domar

November 20 – 11:40 hours
♫ Gangnam style song playing
As the Gangnam style song played at the hundredth floor in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, a waiter walked along the lobby holding a serving plate that had five glasses of wine placed on it. He went to the room number L21 and knocked the door. The door was answered after few seconds.  The waiter got into the room and placed the wine glasses on the table. He broke some ice and put that into the glasses. He placed the serving plate on the table and walked to the door. The man who answered the door closed it after the waiter stepped out. The waiter, after stepping out, stood there without making a move. He looked at his watch and he pressed a button. A laser beam emerged out from the display of the watch. The laser beam then formed the shape of a square. It acted as a screen that showed the things happening inside the room L21. The camera was fitted to the serving plate that he left on the table before leaving the room. The waiter pressed one more button and the camera got activated. There were four people inside the room and one among those four had a pen drive in his hand. The waiter switched off the beam and then he took off his face mask. He was Agent Domar, the newly recruited spy, in disguise of the waiter. He then took off his waistcoat and bowtie, and dropped those into the garbage can that lay nearby. He then unbuttoned his shirt. Inside the shirt he wore a bulletproof jacket and had bullets fitted to it. To his back, there were two semi automatic revolvers. He took one revolver in his hand and loaded it with bullets. He did the same to the second one. Holding the guns in each hand, Agent Domar leaned across the door. He heard someone opening the door from inside. He turned to the door and aimed both the guns directly at the door. The door opened and Domar unlocked the guns.
‘Step backward, get inside. You’ll be dead if you place one step forward,’ Agent Domar said to one of those four who was about to step out of the door.
Everybody present inside the room stood up with their hands in the air. Domar, pointing the guns forward, walked into the room and shut the door. 
‘Handover the pen drive, now,’ Domar said the last word aloud. 
The one who stood right side of Domar hit the armpit of Domar. Lowering his right hand, Domar used the gun he held in his left hand. He turned to the man who hit him and shot him in point-blank. The other three were afraid after Domar shot him dead. The man who held the pen drive stepped forward and gave it to Domar. 
‘Sit down, everybody sit down,’ Domar said aloud pointing the gun at those three.
The three of them silently sat on the sofa. Domar inserted the pen drive into the slot that was available in his watch. He then pressed a button that brought up the laser screen and he verified the contents of the pen drive. In the meantime, one of those three alerted the security guards. After verifying the contents, Domar switched off the display and turned back to those three as the alarm sirens suddenly went off.
‘Who alerted the guards?’ Domar asked pointing the gun at those three.
There was no reply from them. Domar then unlocked his gun and said, ‘who alerted the guards?’ 
Domar heard some footsteps outside the door. He turned to the door and it was unlocked. It was too late for him to make a move as the guards broke into the room at once. 
‘Freeze,’ said one of the guards who broke into room L21. 
Domar shot a bullet at one of the guard. He then jumped and made a full 360 degree flip in the air, and then landed on one of the guard. He punched the guard hard on his face as he landed on him. He then grabbed the machine gun from the guard and shot the other two guards who stood behind him. Domar then got up and ran towards the corner of the room. The other guards opened the fire at him. Escaping the bullets, Domar reached the sofa at the corner of the room and hid behind it. He took out a boomerang blade from his bulletproof jacket. The guards were still firing at him. The bullets hit the sofa harder. The entire room was covered with smoke. At a stage, when the guards started to reload their ammo, Domar got up from the place he hid and he threw the boomerang blades in three different directions. The three blades hit a couple of guards and left them dead. There were only three guards left out. Domar noticed them quickly loading the ammo in their machine guns. He ran to one of the guard and kicked him with his leg. The guard fell on the floor. Domar took the machine gun in his hand and unlocked it. He started to fire. All the guards were dead. 

The smoke started to fade slowly. Domar looked around to see if anyone is left alive. Everybody in the room was dead. Suddenly he heard another set of guards approaching the room. This time the number of guards was doubled and each held a powerful machine gun with them. Domar looked around the room to find a path to exit. He found a glass pane at the back of him. Outside the glass, there was a rope hanging from the top. The maintenance workers left it untouched and Domar decided to use it to escape from the building. Before the guards approached the room, Domar broke the glass and he was ready to jump out of the building. The guards reached the door and as soon as they spotted Domar, they began to shoot. Domar jumped out of the building. He swung in the air and reached the rope and held it tightly. He was hanging from the hundredth floor of the world’s tallest building. Domar saw the guards approaching closer to the glass pane. He held the machine gun in one hand and the rope in other hand. He opened fire at the guards. The bullets hit some of the guards. Then Domar threw his gun aside and held the rope with both his hands. He looked down and found that the rope ends roughly at floor number sixty. He took out two round metal hooks from his bulletproof jacket. Holding the rope with one hand, he managed to clamp a hook to the jacket near his chest which had a ring attached to the jacket and another hook to the jacket near his abdomen. He then fastened both the hooks to the rope. The guards reloaded their guns. Domar took his both hands away from the rope. He slithered down the rope but he managed to hold his grip. He crossed twenty floors in three seconds. As he reached seventieth floor, he grabbed the rope. The guards lost their sight of him as the clouds covered the building. Domar held the rope tighter and swung his body to the glass pane that lay before him. He hit the glass twice and then it broke when he hit it for the third time. 
He swung and jumped into the building. He then rushed to the restroom at the seventieth floor. The elevator door opened at the ground floor of the building. A group of ladies wearing burga exited the elevator and walked towards the exit. The guards were there already waiting for Domar. They let the ladies their way and aimed their guns at the elevator doors. The ladies stepped out of the building and walked to the road. The ladies then parted their ways as they reached the road. One of the ladies who walked towards the north removed her burga. It was Agent Domar who escaped from the guards in disguise of a lady. He then checked his pocket to ensure that the pen drive was safe and it was. After ensuring the safety of the pen drive, Domar turned back and looked at the majestic Burj Khalifa building. He said looking at the building, ‘Rules are followed in Grammar; they are broken by Domar. You don’t mess with me.’

Domar took out his cell phone and dialed a number as he walked across the street. After three rings, the call was picked up on the other side. It was a male voice heard from the other end.
‘Yoboseyo?’ It was the voice from the other side of the phone.
‘Fuck your Korean, Charlie. Where’s the one who was supposed to pick me up?’ Domar spoke over the phone.
‘Oh! Agent Domar, I’m sorry I did not notice your number,’ Charlie spoke from the other end.
‘Where the fuck is the vehicle and where the fuck is the guy?’ Domar shouted over phone.
‘The vehicle is waiting outside Dubai Mall metro station. The guy’s name is Anwar and he will take you to a safer place. The vehicle number is D 2408.’
‘Okay, next time you stop answering the calls in Korean. I’m gonna rip your mouth off if I hear it again from you,’ Domar said this and hung up the call. 
He walked to the Dubai Mall metro station. It took fifteen minutes for him to reach the station. A vehicle was parked outside the metro station and the number plate read ‘D 2408’. He walked to the car and saw someone sitting at the driver’s seat. He knocked the window and the guy sitting at the driver’s seat rolled it down.
‘Are you Anwar?’ Domar asked the guy.
‘Yes, are you Agent Domar?’ 
‘Yes, open it up.’ 
The guy unlocked the door and Domar got into the car. Anwar drove the car to a much safer place. 

Domar was taken to Al Qusais, an industrial area located near the international airport. Anwar took the car into the garage and Domar got down from the car once after the car was parked. Anwar got out from the car and locked the doors. 
‘What’s this?’ Domar asked Anwar looking at the garage.
‘It’s my garage. You are going to stay here,’ Anwar replied. 
‘What? How the hell you could think that I would stay in your garage?’ 
‘Ha… Ha… I was kidding. There is a room upstairs and you are gonna stay there,’ Anwar said.
‘For how long I need to stay in this fucked up garage?’ Domar asked looking at Anwar.
‘Freshen up first. I’ll send the air tickets within an hour.’ 
Anwar accompanied Domar to the room upstairs. There was a path that led to the staircase and the stairs led all the way to a room that had plush interior. Domar was awestruck after seeing it. Anwar went forward and opened the curtains. The view outside the window was outstanding. It gave a stunning panoramic view of the runway and the international airport. 
‘Here is the bathroom. Freshen up, and I’ll get you the tickets soon,’ Anwar said pointing to the bathroom.
‘Hey honey, is everything okay?’ It was the voice of a lady from the downstairs. 
Anwar replied aloud, ‘Yeah, everything’s fine.’ He chuckled and said to Domar, ‘It’s my girlfriend Emma. She’s from Arizona. We have been living together for…’ 
‘Whoa! Whoa! I didn’t ask anything about your girlfriend. Just get me air tickets. I need to take a shower,’ Domar said. 
Anwar stepped out of the room. Before he closed the door, he said, ‘careful, the water is hot.’ 
Domar stepped out from the bathroom after having a long shower. His watch beeped continuously as it ran out of power. He took the watch and plugged it to the charger. The door was left open and the air ticket was placed on the bed. The flight was scheduled to depart from Dubai International Airport at 08:00 hours on November 21. The destination was Ethiopia, Africa. 

Ethiopia, Africa
November 21 – 16:00 hours
The next day, Domar arrived at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the airport, Domar was taken to the Central Intelligence Service (CIS) international office located at Addis Ababa. He had to report to chief officer Ujjwal Dharmakeerti, along with the pen drive. Domar aka Agent Domar aka Dangerous Domar reached the CIS international office. He got down from the vehicle and walked into the office. Chief officer Ujjwal Dharmakeerti was waiting for his arrival. He greeted Domar as soon as he entered the office. 
‘Well done Mr. Domar. Our country deserves an officer like you. We are proud that you’ve done it,’ Ujjwal Dharmakeerti praised Domar. 
‘Thank you, sir. Anything for our country,’ Domar said. 
Domar handed over the pen drive to Officer Dharmakeerti. Dharmakeerti put the pen drive in the slot and browsed through the data from his machine. Domar noticed the change in facial expression of Officer Dharmakeerti as he browsed through the data. 
‘What happened, sir?’ Domar asked in a doubtful tone as he noticed Dharmakeerti’s face getting pale.
Dharmakeerti, without saying a word, increased the volume. It sounded weird, like ‘Oh..! Oh..! Come on, **** me, **** me, Come on baby! Oh..!’ 
‘It’s orgasmic! Is that anything like voice recognition software? I didn’t get any of those sounds when I verified the data,’ Domar said after hearing the sound. 
‘You stupid dumbass, there’s nothing inside except a stupid porn movie,’ Dharmakeerti said in a frustrated tone.
Domar got up from his seat. He walked around the room as he kept recollecting things. He knew there was a mistake happened somewhere. Then he recollected something. ‘It’s my girlfriend Emma. She’s from Arizona. We have been living together for…’ He heard that from Anwar. 
‘I got it. It must be Emma,’ Domar said.
‘Emma, is she the one who starred in this stupid porn movie?’ Dharmakeerti commented. 
‘No sir, Emma must have replaced the pen drive while I was taking a shower. I doubted when I heard her voice. It was like I heard that somewhere before. I’m sure the pen drive is with her,’ Domar explained.
‘So, what are we gonna do? Sit and watch this porn movie?’ Dharmakeerti’s voice was filled with anger.
‘Sir, give me a chance. I’ll go to Arizona,’ Domar said.
‘Whatever! You’ll get your tickets by tomorrow. Remember, this time it shouldn’t be flawed. Else you’ll be terminated.’
Domar nodded his head and left the place. Dharmakeerti looked at the computer’s screen. The porn movie was paused and he resumed it. ‘Oh..! Oh..! Come on, **** me, **** me, Come on baby...’

United States of America
November 23 – 10:40 hours
♪ Oh baby baby… how was I supposed to know… that something wasn't right here…
   Oh baby baby… I shouldn't have let you go… And now you're right out of site yeah
-Britney Spears’ Baby one more time song playing-
Domar was traveling in a taxi to Las Vegas after knowing that Emma has been shifted there. On the way, the radio played Britney Spears’ songs and Domar hated to listen to those.
‘What the fuck! Could you please turn off the radio?’ Domar said to the taxi driver. 
The driver lowered the volume and Domar said in a low tone, ‘Jeez, the song sounds like that stupid porn movie’. It took almost two hours to get to Las Vegas from the Bullhead international airport, Arizona. Rather than listening to the radio, Domar decided to sleep. The taxi reached Vegas around 13:00 hours. Domar was awake by then. The driver took him to the mentioned address. 
Domar got down from the taxi and paid the driver. He then took his bag and walked to the house where Emma was supposed to live. On the way he found some boys in the street playing ball. The ball came all his way and he kicked it to one of the boys. Domar was not able to figure out which house is Emma’s. He took out his cell phone and dialed the Arizona informer’s number.
Picked up by the informer…
‘Yeah,’ it was the informer’s voice.
‘The house,’ as Domar spoke over the phone, the ball hit him on his back. Irritated, Domar turned to the kids and said, ‘Don’t play the ball when I’m on call.’
‘What the fuck!’ The informer said from the other side of the phone.
‘No, no, it was not you I was talking to,’ Domar said and kicked the ball aside. 
‘Okay,’ said the informer and hung up.
‘Hello… Hello…’ Domar looked at the display and the call was terminated. ‘What the fuck is wrong with him?’ He said and redialed the number.
Picked up by the informer…
‘Yeah,’ it was the informer’s voice, this time a bit louder than earlier.
‘Why the fuck did you cut the call?’ 
‘You said that you weren’t talking to me, and I thought it was unnecessary to continue the call,’ the informer said.
Domar looked at the phone and said, ‘ah, you motherfucker!’ He then continued in the phone, ‘which one is Emma’s house? Do you have any door number?’ 
’32,’ the informer said this and cut the call.
Domar once again looked at his phone and said, ‘stupid dumbass.’ He put the phone back in his pocket and looked around the place to spot door number 32. There it was, at the far end of his right side. Suddenly the kids who were playing the ball threw the ball aside and ran away from the place. The wind started to blow heavily. The place got covered in dust after few seconds. Domar covered his eyes with the bag which he held in his hand. After few seconds, Domar heard blade slaps. Slowly the dust began to increase. A helicopter landed few feet away from where Domar was standing. He was able to see the helicopter blades through the dust. A group of armed men got out from the helicopter and were walking towards Domar. Domar, on seeing this, unzipped his bag and took out two fully loaded revolvers in his hands.
He covered his eyes such that the dust doesn’t enter into it. Few moments later, the dust was cleared and the wind slowed down as the helicopter blades became stationary. The armed men started to fire at Domar. Domar rolled down on the ground and got down on his knees. He aimed roughly at the armed men and started to shoot back at them. Two bullets hit an armed men and he was down. There was another set of armed men who came running towards Domar from the street corner. He was now surrounded by a bunch of armed men from all the directions. 
‘Hey, hey, listen to me,’ Domar shouted aloud as much as he could. He continued, ‘do you call yourself a real man? You all are afraid of one person? Me?’ 
All the armed men who came running were halted as they heard Domar speak. Domar turned to an armed man and said pointing at him, ‘you, the black shirt guy, are you afraid of me?’ 
‘Why the fuck I should be afraid of you?’ The black shirt guy replied.
‘Ah! Then why are you holding a gun in your hand.’ Domar threw the guns he held in his hands on the ground and he said looking at the armed men, ‘look, I dropped my weapons. I could say the one who sent you all is a coward. Why would he send a bunch of armed men to kill a single person? What you all want is not with me right now. Even then you want to kill me then go ahead.’ Domar paused for a moment and continued, ‘but on one condition. No one should use their weapons.’ Domar raised his fist in the air and said, ‘the ultimate weapon of courage is your fist. If you want to mess with me, you have to prove yourself courageous.’ He paused and then he said aloud, ‘if you all were born to a single mother, then face me without your guns.’ 
The place was covered with silence for a moment. Domar said aloud, ‘hand to hand, man to man, face to face, are you ready?’ Everybody put their weapons down. A man from the crowd stepped forward to confront Domar. He came running towards Domar. Domar, on seeing him, tightened his fist. As he came closer, Domar punched him hard on his chest. The blood oozed out from his mouth and the man was down after few seconds. Two of them, one from each side, stepped forward to attack Domar. Domar made a step backward and hit the man who came behind him with his elbow in his testicles and he saw the other man running towards him. He stepped forward and punched hard in his abdomen. Those two were down. Domar was surrounded by five men. He kicked one of them with his right knee; he punched the second man on his face with his fist. He kicked the third man in his testicles with his knee and then kicked hard on his face with his feet. He grabbed the face of the fourth man and hit it hard on the ground. He then took his right palm to his back and he got hold of something. He turned back and saw that to be an iron rod. He held the end of the rod tightly while the other end was held by the fifth man who confronted Domar. ‘I said no weapons,’ Domar said this and threw the rod aside. He then held the neck of the fifth man and twisted it. All the five were down. Five more were left and it took not more than eighty seconds to take them down. Finally there was no one left. Domar said aloud, ‘if you mess with Domar, I’ll chew you like boomer.’  

Domar stood there looking at the men who were down. Suddenly a bullet traversed his right leg. It was Emma who shot the bullet. She was standing behind Domar, a few feet away from him. She held the gun in her hand when Domar turned back to look at her. Domar saw her getting into the helicopter. He held his leg tightly with one of his hand to stop the bleeding. The helicopter’s blades began to rotate. Domar spotted a gypsy nearby. He quickly got into the gypsy and he noticed that the helicopter began to fly. Domar drove the gypsy and followed the helicopter.  

Chasing the helicopter, Domar entered the Grand Canyon. He drove through the fissures of the Grand Canyon as he followed the helicopter. As he went further in, he noticed that rocks started to fall from the mountain top. Domar managed to drive the gypsy in a zigzag manner to avoid getting hit by the rocks. At one stage, the helicopter started to move faster. Before it gets out of his sight, Domar decided to get on it. Driving the gypsy, Domar spotted a large sloppy rock lying at a corner. It was located to the left side of the direction in which the helicopter was moving. Domar turned the gypsy to his left. He drove straight to the sloppy rock. 
Once he got near to the rock, he raised his accelerator. The gypsy vroomed as it touched the slope and it was in air as it crossed the rock. The helicopter was just five feet away from the gypsy. Domar opened the door and jumped out before the gypsy landed on ground. He jumped sideways and got hold of the helicopter’s bottom. He was hanging to a rod that was attached at the base of the helicopter. Emma, after noticing that Domar got on the helicopter, lowered it down. As it was about to touch the ground, Domar loosened his grip and before it touched the ground, he jumped off. The helicopter came to a halt and Emma got down from it. Domar saw her coming towards him.
‘Why are you after me?’ Emma asked as she walked to him. 
‘I want the pen drive back,’ Domar replied.
Emma threw the pen drive on the ground. Domar picked it up and wiped the dust on it. Emma said looking at him, ‘now get away from here before they come to get you.’ 
Three helicopters came towards the Grand Canyon. Emma quickly grabbed Domar’s hand and they hid behind a rock. Domar asked her, ‘what are you doing?’
‘They’ll kill us for sure,’ Emma replied.
‘Who are they?’ Domar asked.
‘The Israelis, they are after this pen drive. It should not get into their hands. They have been following me for days. I wanted you to stay away from all these mess as you are a newly recruited guy, and that’s the reason I shot you. But, you didn’t stop.’ Emma explained.
Domar stared at her as she spoke. Emma, noticing that, asked Domar, ‘what? Why are you staring at me? Are you flattened by my beauty?’ 
‘Ah! Forget it. I won’t get flattened by your beauty, because I’m on duty,’ Domar replied.
The helicopters surrounded the Grand Canyon. Armed Israeli men got down from the helicopter. Domar said to Emma, ‘we need to fight them and I need to take the pen drive with me. Come on, let’s do this together.’
The Israeli men started to get closer to them. Emma said looking at Domar, ‘what if they kill you?’
Domar looked at Emma. Hiding behind the rock, he looked at the Israeli men and said, ‘killing Domar is like smashing their balls with a hammer. The harder they try, the harder they get hurt.’ Domar got up and ran towards the Israeli men. Emma threw her gun to Domar and he caught it as he ran towards them. He unlocked the gun and fired at the armed men. Three of them got shot and Domar reached another rock and hid behind it. Domar fired at those men as he hid behind the rock. After few shots, Domar ran out of bullets. He looked around and there were rocks everywhere. Domar picked up few rocks that lay beside him. He got up and he threw the rocks on the armed men. He hit three armed men with the rocks and grabbed their gun. He started to shoot the armed men with the gun. He saw another set of people approaching from his right side. Domar skid on the ground and lay low to avoid getting hit by the bullets directly. He began to shoot those armed men. Few of them surrounded him from the back side. Domar picked up another gun and managed to shoot in a circular direction holding guns in both hands. Emma picked up a gun and began to shoot at the Israeli men. The shooting lasted for roughly ten minutes and all of them were down. Domar got up from the ground and walked to Emma. He found her head as a bullet hit her neck. ‘May your soul rest in peace,’ said Domar and he walked away from her. He looked around the Grand Canyon. The gypsy was heavily damaged. There were three helicopters and he got into one of those three helicopters. From there, Domar flew to Arizona.

Ethiopia, Africa
November 25 – 15:30 hours
From Arizona, Domar boarded the flight to Addis Ababa. He went to the CIS international office as soon as he landed in Ethiopia. Chief Officer Ujjwal Dharmakeerti was waiting for him at the office. Domar greeted him as he entered the office. He was then accompanied by Dharmakeerti to the technology department. Domar gave the pen drive to Dharmakeerti. The outer layer of the pen drive was heavily scratched. 
‘Why is the damage?’ Dharmakeerti asked Domar.
‘I risked my life for it and you are talking about the damage,’ Domar spoke disappointedly. 
Dharmakeerti gave it to the technician. The guy inserted the pen drive into the slot. A dialog box popped up on the screen as the drive got detected. The message in the dialog box read ‘The disk must be formatted for further use. Format disk -- OK.’ 

Bangkok, Thailand
December 26 - 22:05 hours
‘On November 26, I got terminated from the force. I’m no longer a secret agent of Central Intelligence Service. I felt very bad losing my job. I felt bad that the mission failed even after I risked my life. Later, I decided to take a job as a writer. This is my first book to be published and I dedicate this to all those who have lost everything in life except hope.’ The page was turned from 151 to 152. The page 152 read ‘A book by Ex Agent Domar’. The guy took off his spectacles after he completed reading the book. The guy was a young businessman who attended a meeting in the 22nd floor of the Centera Grand Hotel. After the meeting, the guy relaxed on the sofa present at the lobby. He spotted a book lying next to him and he started to read it. The title of the book was ‘Dangerous D’. He found the book interesting at the beginning and continued reading it. But it lasted no longer until he felt something awkward after he completed the book. His head started to ache. He got up from the sofa and walked around the lobby like a mad man. He put his hands on his head as he had a severe headache. He looked around and he spotted a glass pane that lay to his right side. Unable to tolerate the torture, he ran to the glass pane and jumped off the building breaking the glass panes. It took him fifteen long seconds to reach the ground. He was dead after his head hit the ground. 

Rules are followed in Grammar… They are broken by Domar… You don’t mess with him…! 

Written by Ashwin Kumar



  1. wow.. superb.. it gave me the experience of watching an action thriller on screen. but why dint Domar ask Emma the reason for stealing the pen drive..hmm.. no wonder he failed the mission.. :P

    1. Domar doesn't ask for reasons .. cos he already know those by birth :P

    2. Wow so highfy tecnically awesome ---> The laser beam

      then formed the shape of a square. It acted as a screen

      that showed the things happening inside the room L21...

      He seems to be Action hero ---> 360 degree flip in the


      Boomerang Blades can kill a couple of guards ??? Crazy

      The action sequence is given full hyper shade only to

      Domar , gaurds is not given any weightage ??? R they

      that much sick ???? :-p

      He ran to one of the guard and kicked him with his leg.

      The guard fell on the floor. Domar took the machine gun

      in his hand and unlocked it. He started to fire. All

      the guards were dead.

      Yoboseyo [ Korean --> what it meant ]

      Ethiopia, Africa ??? cool what an angle ;-)

      Ujjwal Dharmakeerti nice naming actually

      ‘You stupid dumbass --> voice recognition software?
      Dharmakeerti resumed the porn video :-)

      Don’t play the ball when I’m on call [ some thing

      fishyyyy ] ;-)

      single mother dialogues all filmatic but still nice ;-)

      Story line projected hollywood style initially like

      tallest buildings with 101 floors with Ethiopia Africa

      and las vegas but now this dialogues single mother

      courageous test is little Kollywood :-)

      Hand to hand man to man face to face vaanga da vaanga

      da ;-)

      Baaapre wat a dialogue if you mess with domar he will

      chew you like boomer !!!

      My god from Gypsy to bottom of the helicopter wat a man

      the agent Domar :-)

      Are you flattened by my beauty?’
      ‘Ah! Forget it. I won’t get flattened by your beauty, because I’m on duty,’ Hilariousssss piece master piece !!!

      Wat Domar knows to drive helicopter tooooo WAt a talent !!!

      Unexpected climax vaaaa awesomatic Ashwin We need more !!!

    3. Boomerang Blades can kill a couple of guards ?
      -> Cos those blades belong to Domar :P

      The action sequence is given full hyper shade only to Domar , gaurds is not given any weightage ??? R they that much sick ?
      -> No, Domar is more powerful than those guards.. :P

      Yoboseyo [ Korean --> what it meant ]
      -> Means 'Hello'

      dialogues single mother courageous test is little Kollywood
      -> Have to bring the 'mass' feel right? That's why :P

      Wat Domar knows to drive helicopter tooooo WAt a talent !!!
      -> In the second part he even flies a space shuttle. So helicopter isn't a big deal :P