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A Twisted Tale (Part 1) - a new 'short' story from my imagination

About this story
On April 11, 2013, few hours before midnight, a thought struck my mind (can't reveal it because it will turn into a spoiler to the story) and I sat down developing it into a story. At first I thought of writing it as a single story but as it began to stretch, I cut it down into two parts (sequel is yet to be penned). 

Is there anything special with this story?
Yes, the narration will be the special in this story as I made it tight as well as crisp (without diluting the story with descriptions). 

Genre of the story
Romantic thriller

Summary of 'A Twisted Tale'
A poor guy lands in a software job after much struggle and accidentally bumps into a girl with whom he later falls in love. The lives of the couple take a twist when they win a trip to Bangkok through a lucky draw contest. 


Beijing, China
In the busy streets of Beijing, a man was chasing a young guy who was running away from him. The guy tried to quickly escape from the man, but he was not able to do so as he reached the dead end of the street. The guy halted taking some deep breaths and gazed at the man who halted a few feet away from him. The man was sweating like hell and so did the guy. The guy looked at the man as the man gave him a threatening look. The guy began to feel his own heart beats as his heart thumped louder.

Few months ago
Chennai, India
Chandrasekhar, an engineering graduate, has been residing in Chennai for almost one and half years, searching for a job in a software firm. After completing the degree, Chandra aka Chandrasekhar, stayed back in Chennai due to the pressure from his family members. Whenever he thought of leaving the city, the words said by his mother came to his mind – ‘Chandra, try to get a job as soon as possible. We are struggling a lot to pay the loans and dad’s health is deteriorating day by day. We are in need of money to run the house and pay all the dues. We are totally dependent on you’. There was one convincing fact in the tragic life of Chandra – he has no sibling.

December 12 was a special day for Chandra. His effort had turned fruitful that day after he has been selected as a junior programmer in a small scale software firm.
‘Congratulations Mr. Chandrasekhar, we have taken you. Could you wait for a moment, our HR will be explaining the formalities to you,’ said the interviewer who came out from the office to the reception where Chandra was sitting and awaiting his result. 
‘Thank you sir, you made me feel glad. Thank you so much,’ Chandra said as his eyes turned moist.
‘That’s okay boy, cheer up,’ the interviewer said and walked away.
Later that night, Chandrasekhar phoned his mother to inform about his new job. The telephone conversation began,
‘Hello, mother,’ Chandra paused for a moment and said, ‘I got a job.’
‘Really, did you get a job?’ His mother began to cry out of happiness, ‘all our problems will come to an end.’
‘Mother, please don’t cry. I’ll send you money by the month end.’
‘I’m happy for you dear. How much is your salary?’

‘Initially they are paying me 13,800 rupees per month. I’ll be getting promoted to a higher position within a year and they’ll hike my salary according to my performance,’ Chandra said to his friend Suman, who was sitting along with him at a café.
‘Anna, two cups of coffee,’ Suman said to the waiter and then continued talking with Chandra, ‘that’s a decent one to start with. It’s good to have a five digit salary at the beginning of your career.’
The waiter placed the cups filled with hot coffee on the table and Chandra took one in his hand. He sipped some coffee and said looking at Suman, ‘yeah, it’s a decent start. It’s just that I’m worried about the first digit of the five digit salary.’

‘Don’t be worried with your pay. It will be gradually increased in the forthcoming years. Your career has just begun,’ said Chandrasekhar’s uncle, as they had the lunch.
‘Hmmm,’ Chandra nodded his head and said looking at his uncle, ‘you know the situation with me, right? I’ve to repay the due else the bank guys will cease the house.’
‘Chandra, I did what I could. I spoke with those bank guys and made them to hold your file for some days. Even we have a life to live and even we have a loan to pay. I know that your mother is my sister, but I’m helpless when it comes to money,’ Chandra’s uncle said in a saddened tone.
‘I know that uncle, and what you did was sufficient for us. I just wanted to gain some time and you were helpful to me by stopping those guys from taking any action. I can earn money in any way possible but I wanted it to happen in a good way. Now I have something in my hand with which I can confidently say that I can repay the dues.’
‘Mohan, let him finish his food,’ said Chandra’s aunt who sat next to him.
‘You can spend your night here if you wish to,’ said Chandra’s uncle.
‘Sorry uncle, I’ve already promised my friends that I’ll be joining them for dinner,’ said Chandrasekhar.

It was December 13, Chandrasekhar’s joining date. He was waiting at the bus stop to take a bus to the office as he was not in a position to own a two wheeler. The bus arrived and he got into it. He travelled for about 40 minutes and reached his destination. He went into the office and the rest of the day went good for him. He went back home at 9.30 in the night and had a deep sleep after months. The next day, Chandra went to the same bus stop, got the same bus and travelled for the same 40 minutes to reach his destination. Later, he went back home at 8.45 in the night and slept early. The next day, Chandra went to the same bus stop. That morning, the buses were delayed due to some bomb hoax in the city. He was waiting at the bus stop along with fellow passengers. That time, he spotted a girl who stood next to him. Chandra observed her for the past two days. They both get into the same bus and get down at the same destination. She looked pretty and Chandra decided to have a talk with her.
‘Excuse me,’ he said to the girl and she looked at him. Chandra said, ‘hi, my name is Chandrasekhar.’
‘Hi,’ the girl said and turned away from him.
‘You look pretty today,’ Chandra said and the girl gave a ‘get away from me’ look. Noticing the look in her face, Chandra said, ‘no, nothing offensive. I was just watching you for past two days and you looked better in this dress. The dress you wore yesterday was weird. The color combination sucked and I thought you had such a weird taste. But, I was wrong. You got a really good taste.’
‘Mister, you’re crossing your limits, aren’t you?’ the girl opened her mouth and spoke.
‘Thank god, at least you can speak this way. Anyways, my name is Chandrasekhar,’ Chandra took his hand to greet her.
She shook his hands and said, ‘hi, my name is Sandhya.’
‘Sandhya, that’s indeed a good name. Hey, we have something similar in our names. Can you guess it?’ Chandra said.
‘I don’t think so, what is it?’ Sandhya asked.
‘Chandrasekhar, Chandra means ‘moon’ and Sandhya means ‘night or dusk’. Moon appears only during the night,’ Chandra said flashing a smile on his face.
‘You’re flirting, right?’
‘Ah! Give me a break! What do you think I was doing so long?’
‘Why can’t you go and talk with the guys over there?’ Sandhya said pointing to a group of guys standing at the corner of the bus stop. She then continued, ‘why me?’
‘Hey, what do you think of me? I’m not a gay,’ Chandra said and Sandhya laughed. After pausing for few seconds Chandra looked at Sandhya and said, ‘wait, wait, then what about you? You’re not a lesbian, aren’t you?’
‘God, what made you to think like that?’
‘Just clarifying things, then you’re probably interested in guys. Then why don’t you be straight. If you really like the way I talk then you can indeed flirt with me. There’s no offense in doing so. In fact, it confirms that you’re really interested in guys not girls.’
‘You’re too funny, Mr. Chandrasekhar,’ said Sandhya.
‘Please, no mister,’ Chandra said.
‘Okay, so I call you as Chandra.’
The bus arrived at the stop and both of them got into the partially crowded bus. After getting down at their destination, they walked conversing with each other.
‘So, where is your office?’ Chandra asked Sandhya.
‘Block C, what about yours?’ Sandhya asked him back.
‘Block F, hope we meet today for lunch. What do you say?’
‘Sounds good, but I got my friends,’ said Sandhya.
Chandra pinched Sandhya’s arm and said, ‘you can’t avoid them for one afternoon?’
‘Ouch!’ Sandhya cried out of pain, ‘it hurts me.’
‘Okay, what about the lunch?’
‘Done, but only for today,’ said Sandhya.
‘We’ll see. My guess is you will miss me for sure after today.’
‘That’s called over confidence. Anyways, give me your cell number.’
‘I don’t use cell phone,’ said Chandra.
‘What? Then how will I know that you’ll come to the lunch for sure?’
‘Trust me; I’ll be there before you arrive.’

‘Sandhya, I think I’m falling in love with you,’ said Chandra who was having lunch with Sandhya.
‘Chandra, this is not fair. It’s been only three months since we’ve met,’ said Sandhya.
Chandra and Sandhya were having lunch at a famous restaurant outlet in the city on a weekend. Sandhya began to like Chandra but eventually Chandra ended up falling in love with her.
Chandra looked at his watch and said, ‘oh shit!’
‘What happened?’ asked Sandhya.
‘It’s Saturday and the bank will be closed soon. Come on, we need to go to the bank,’ Chandra said as got up from his seat.
Chandra and Sandhya left the restaurant to the bank where Chandra paid the bank due and transferred some money to his mother’s account.
‘To whom you are transferring the money?’ asked Sandhya who was with Chandra.
‘To my mother,’ Chandra replied.
‘You’re a good boy, aren’t you?’ Sandhya said as she put her arm on his shoulder.
‘What made you think so?’ asked Chandra.
‘You are cared about your mother, right? Guys who care about their mothers take good care of their wives,’ said Sandhya.
Chandra looked at Sandhya and said, ‘that’s what I was saying. Marry me and I will really take good care of you.’

‘That’s what he said – marry me and I will really take good care of you – I was shocked,’ Sandhya said this to her friends who came to visit her at her house.
‘What did you say?’ one of her friend asked Sandhya.
‘I said – I need some time – and walked away from there. I feel like everything’s happening so fast. I need some time to take decisions,’ answered Sandhya.
‘Look, he looks like a really good guy. Poor guys like them will always try to live without greediness. I’m sure that your life will be good with him. Just nod him a yes and he will take care of the rest,’ another friend said to Sandhya.

‘What did you just say?’ Chandra asked Sandhya, whom he met after a week at a café.
‘I said yes, yes I will marry you,’ Sandhya replied.
‘What took you a week to say this?’
‘I just needed some time,’ said Sandhya.
‘Okay, are there any elder people to whom I need to talk to?’ asked Chandra.
‘If my brother Okays you, then we have a green signal for our marriage,’ said Sandhya.
Chandra sipped some drink and asked, ‘who is your brother?’

Beijing, China
The guy looked at the man as the man gave him a threatening look. The guy began to feel his own heart beats as his heart thumped louder. The man placed a step forward and looking at him, the guy placed a step backward. The guy hit the wall and halted while the man slowly went to the guy. He looked into the fear filled eyes of the guy.
‘Just tell me where he is and I’ll let you live the rest of your life,’ the man said looking at the guy.
‘I swear I really don’t know his whereabouts,’ the guy replied in a Chinese mixed English accent.
‘Then I’m afraid that I’ve to behave really bad with you,’ the man stressed the word ‘really’ with anger filled in his tone.
The guy pushed the man aside and began to run away from him. The man got up and ran after the guy. Reaching the main road, the guy tried to get to the other side of the road, but unfortunately he got hit by a heavy vehicle that came by. He died instantly at the spot. The man, who saw the incident from a distance, slowly walked away from the location. He got a call in his mobile phone.
‘Sir, it’s me Shiva. The number seems to be activated,’ the man named Shiva spoke over the phone as he walked.
‘Yes Mr. Shiva, where are you right now?’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘I was after the guy but unfortunately we lost him.’
‘What do you mean by that?’ it was the voice from the other side.
‘It means that the guy is dead. He was hit by a vehicle.’
‘Mr. Shiva, you just lost the only clue we had to get to that bastard. What are we going to inform Mr. Rajeev about this?’
‘Sir, that’s your headache. You wanted me to do my duty and I’m doing it my way. It’s my responsibility to find that bastard as soon as possible. I’ll find him and I’ll bring him to you, mostly dead and sometimes alive if luck favors his side,’ Shiva said and hung up the call.

Few days ago
Chennai, India
Chandra and Sandhya were gazing at the beautiful ocean. Sandhya appeared sad while Chandra comforted her.
‘It’s okay, everyone has to leave this world and it was her turn,’ Chandra said as Sandhya leaned on his shoulder.
‘She is my granny, Chandra. I miss her very much,’ Sandhya said in a sad tone.
Chandra kissed on her forehead and whispered, ‘it’s okay baby, you’ll get over this.’

A couple of days later, Chandra took Sandhya to an amusement park to divert from her grieve. After getting on some rides, Chandra and Sandhya got into a restaurant to have their lunch. Meanwhile, Chandra started a conversation.
‘Did you tell about us to your parents?’
‘No, not now Chandra, I need some time,’ replied Sandhya.
‘It’s okay baby, there’s no hurry,’ said Chandra.
Meanwhile, a person in a neatly tucked dress appeared before those couple holding a form in his hand. He said, ‘good morning sir, good morning madam, I am Joseph and I’m here on the behalf of A One tours and travels. We are conducting a lucky draw contest in which a lucky couple will get a chance to spend 3 nights and 4 days at Bangkok,’ he handed over the forms to the couple and said, ‘fill this form, that’s all you need to do.’ He flashed a smile while the couple filled their forms. He then collected those and left the place.
Chandra continued the conversation with Sandhya, ‘I’ll wait till you talk with your parents and then I’ll talk with my mother.’
Sandhya nodded her head and ate her lunch while Chandra went to the washroom.

The next day, Chandra got a call in his office desk phone. It was from Sandhya.
‘Hello,’ said Chandra.
‘Hey, it’s me,’ said Sandhya from the other side of the phone.
‘Hey Sandhya, what’s up? You sound so excited, what’s the matter?’
‘The lucky draw, we won it. We won the Bangkok trip,’ Sandhya said in a low yet excited tone.
‘What are you saying? That’s incredibly awesome. When are we leaving?’ asked Chandra.

‘So, you’re leaving this weekend to Bangkok?’ asked Sandhya’s brother when Sandhya explained about her tour plan to him after the dinner.
‘Yes anna, it’s an office organized tour. Only few of our team members were selected and I’m one among them. Please anna, I’ll be safe,’ said Sandhya.
‘Okay, make sure you stay safe. Always stick with your friends and don’t wander alone,’ said Sandhya’s brother.
‘Thank you so much anna. I love you,’ Sandhya kissed on her brother’s cheek and got into her room.

With fully packed luggage, Sandhya was ready to depart. She took a taxi to avoid her brother accompanying her to the airport. Chandra was already there at the airport waiting for Sandhya. Sandhya got out from the taxi and carried her luggage to the entrance where Chandra was waiting. They hugged and kissed each other. They got into the airport, cleared the security check and boarded the flight that took them to Pattaya, Bangkok. The tourist guide was already there at the airport waiting for the couple to arrive. The couple met the guide who then escorted them to the hotel. The hotel was plush, a four star property, and Sandhya was baffled with the amazing view from their room which was located at the twentieth floor. After getting freshened up, Chandra took Sandhya out for a walk.

It was ten in the night and the street they walked was filled with hookers. There were brothel houses everywhere and women roamed semi naked on the streets. Sandhya felt quite uncomfortable with that.
‘What’s this place?’ Sandhya asked Chandra as they were walking through a street filled with hookers.
‘Pattaya is famous for prostitution. It’s legal here,’ Chandra said.
‘I heard some frightening stories from my friends that few Indians girls were kidnapped and they were being sold to the brothels in Bangkok. Is that true?’ asked Sandhya.
‘Yes, your friends were right,’ Chandra grabbed her arm tightly and said, ‘and that’s what going to happen with you now.’
Sandhya stopped walking and said, ‘you’re scaring me Chandra. Don’t talk to me like that.’
Chandra pulled her forward and said, ‘I’m not kidding. Can’t you see? Why should I bring you to brothel when there are so many exotic spots out there? Can’t you figure out that you’re going to be sold like those few kidnapped Indian girls?’
Sandhya began to sweat. She looked at Chandra and said, ‘Chandra please stop talking like that. It’s scaring me.’
‘Shut up and walk bitch,’ Chandra said this after pushing her into a building.
‘Chandra please let me go,’ Sandhya sobbed.
‘Just walk bitch.’
Chandra grabbed her on to the staircase and took her to a room in the first floor. The room had a minimal lighting and it had five people, and among them two of them were women. Chandra pushed Sandhya aside and those two women took her inside. Chandra could hear the cries of Sandhya – ‘you filthy bastard, you’re going to pay for what you’ve done. You sick bastard’ – and he sat there before a guy negotiating the price. After getting the amount, Chandra left the building to the hotel.

Three days has passed and Sandhya’s brother was worried as he received no call from his sister. Rajeev, Sandhya’s brother, had a well wisher in Police department. He was none other than the commissioner of Police. With the help of the commissioner, Rajeev tried to find out Sandhya’s whereabouts. He met Sandhya’s friends and from them he came to know that Sandhya was in love with a guy named Chandrasekhar and they went to Bangkok together. The Police run a verification check on Chandrasekhar’s records and the result was shocking. Chandrasekhar’s photo matched with a most wanted criminal Sebastian, a pimp who kidnapped few Indian girls and sold them to brothels in Bangkok, Malaysia and Beijing.            

It was all a master plan made by Chandrasekhar aka Sebastian. Unable to complete his graduation, Chandra decided to get into some illegal ways to earn money. He started with drug trafficking at the age of 19 and slowly developed his skills in making girls fall in love with him and sell them to brothels across the world. Through his contacts, he managed to sell two girls at the age of 21. He operated things under a fake identity named ‘Sebastian’. To the normal world, he was known as Chandrasekhar, a poor guy who works hard for his daily bread and butter, but in reality he was a merciless pimp who sells girls for a ransom. He faked himself a degree and landed in a job just to make people around him believe that he is on a right track but on the flip side his life was filled with nothing but cruelty.

As he grew up, his ways of attracting women gradually excelled. Sandhya was the fifth girl in his list. He made some clever plans to make her fall in love with him, because he enjoyed doing so. Sandhya looked pretty when he saw her for the first time at the bus stop and he knew that the price will be huge if he sold her to the brothel. He approached her – Excuse me… no, nothing offensive. I was just watching you for past two days and you looked better in this dresshe talked to her - my name is Chandrasekhar – he impressed her - You are cared about your mother, right? Guys who care about their mothers take good care of their wives – he finally convinced her - I said yes, yes I will marry you.

To be continued in the sequel

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. So far, so good.. awaiting the sequel. Romance was great.

  2. twist was amazing! waiting for the sequel.

  3. It’s just that I’m worried about the starting letter of the five digit salary.’This line was so catchy ... But like reading through catchy lines are adding up dominating one another.. I can say this  Moon appears only during the night,’ Chandra said flashing a smile on his face. No this  Hey, what do you think of me? I’m not a gay . I can highlight this too  We’ll see. My guess is you will miss me for sure after today. Am confused wat to b highlighted wat not to b highlighted totally liked all the lines…

    One thing Beijing, China describes a quarrel between a guy and man which is lit difficult to follow for me .. Fully about Guy Man Guy Man Guy Man!!!

    ‘Yes, your friends were right,’ Chandra grabbed her arm tightly and said, ‘and that’s what going to happen with you now.’ Baaapre this line is really scary  actually a good message to all girls too to be very careful.

    Am really waiting for its part 2.. Launch it soon know Ashwin ^^^^

    1. wow! the story has made a very good impact on you.. this will be the 'best' comment ive received till date. I'm very very glad that you liked the story.. Will start penning the sequel soon!