Friday, 12 April 2013

A Twisted Tale (Part 1) - a new 'short' story from my imagination

About this story
On April 11, 2013, few hours before midnight, a thought struck my mind (can't reveal it because it will turn into a spoiler to the story) and I sat down developing it into a story. At first I thought of writing it as a single story but as it began to stretch, I cut it down into two parts (sequel is yet to be penned). 

Is there anything special with this story?
Yes, the narration will be the special in this story as I made it tight as well as crisp (without diluting the story with descriptions). 

Genre of the story
Romantic thriller

Summary of 'A Twisted Tale'
A poor guy lands in a software job after much struggle and accidentally bumps into a girl with whom he later falls in love. The lives of the couple take a twist when they win a trip to Bangkok through a lucky draw contest. 


Beijing, China
In the busy streets of Beijing, a man was chasing a young guy who was running away from him. The guy tried to quickly escape from the man, but he was not able to do so as he reached the dead end of the street. The guy halted taking some deep breaths and gazed at the man who halted a few feet away from him. The man was sweating like hell and so did the guy. The guy looked at the man as the man gave him a threatening look. The guy began to feel his own heart beats as his heart thumped louder.

Few months ago
Chennai, India
Chandrasekhar, an engineering graduate, has been residing in Chennai for almost one and half years, searching for a job in a software firm. After completing the degree, Chandra aka Chandrasekhar, stayed back in Chennai due to the pressure from his family members. Whenever he thought of leaving the city, the words said by his mother came to his mind – ‘Chandra, try to get a job as soon as possible. We are struggling a lot to pay the loans and dad’s health is deteriorating day by day. We are in need of money to run the house and pay all the dues. We are totally dependent on you’. There was one convincing fact in the tragic life of Chandra – he has no sibling.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Return of Dangerous Domar - a sequel to 'Dangerous Domar'

Link to the Prequel

Read the prequel before starting the sequel
It's highly recommended to read the Dangerous Domar before starting this because the story continues from where the prequel ended and this can be enjoyed to the fullest only when the prequel is read.

What's so special with this story?
Everything is special with this story - right from the punch lines to the action sequences, I will take the readers to the extremes of my imagination. For the prequel, it took me one hour to develop a scene (paragraph in this case of a story) and for this, it took me more than an hour and I ensured that the conversation part remain more effective as the action sequences were (in both the parts). 

Genre of the story

Summary of 'The Return of Dangerous Domar'
An arrest warrant has been issued on Domar after the outbreak of some mysterious deaths across the globe. The case has been assigned to the CBI and now, it is the duty of CBI chief officer Hari Prakash to catch hold of Domar and put him behind the bars.


Breaking News: Police officials suspect that the content of the book “Dangerous D” written by Indian ex intelligence agent Mr. Domar may be the reason behind the death of a Bangkok based businessman. The Bangkok ministry has forwarded their request to the Indian ministry and they have requested the Indian ministry to take immediate action on Mr. Domar. Sources say that the case has been forwarded to the CBI and an arrest warrant is likely to be issued on Mr. Domar.

‘Sir, is that true that an arrest warrant is going to be issued on Mr. Domar?’ A media person asked this to Officer Hari Prakash, who stepped out from the Parliament of India.
‘Talks are on and we can’t reveal anything as of now. The discussion is on between the Prime Minister and other officials. We will let you know once we get orders,’ Hari responded.
‘As Mr. Hari Prakash said, this has become a national issue. We have to see what the panel is going to decide on issuing an arrest warrant on Mr. Domar. Stay tuned for more updates. Cameraman Ganga with Rambabu reporting from New Delhi,’ reported a media person.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dangerous Domar - an espionage thriller

What does 'Domar' mean?
Domar is a Spanish word which means 'to train' or 'to master'. 

Why this story?
So far I've tried my hand at different genres like action, romance, thrillers and comedy. I got tired of those and wanted to try something different. This story is one such kind (a completely different one from the normal ones I usually write) where there will be a mixture of action + comedy + masala (punch lines), and thus I'm placing it under 'satirical' genre. In this story, I've tried to take my readers to the extreme level of my imagination. Read it and share your experience (in the comment box) about your journey in my imaginative world.    

Genre of the story

Summary of 'Dangerous Domar'
A newly recruited secret agent 'Agent Domar' sets out on a mission to retrieve some confidential information from the enemies to save his nation.


Bangkok, Thailand
December 26 - 22:10 hours
It was post ten o’clock in the night and the city still hasn’t fallen asleep. The glittering lights from the multi-storied buildings lit up the night. The night at the Bangkok city appeared more colorful than the day. Horn sounds were blaring across the roads as the vehicles rushed home. Centera Grand Hotel, the fourth tallest building of Bangkok, was sparkling as it stood high. The 771 ft high building has 57 floors. The area surrounding the hotel appeared serene, but the serenity lasted no longer until they heard a weird noise from the 22nd floor of the building. A person jumped from the 22nd floor breaking the glass panes. It took him fifteen long seconds to reach the ground. He was dead after his head hit the ground. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mirage - a short story based on a real story

How did the idea struck my mind?
One day, while I was browsing through a medical forum, I came across this article which had a story of a patient who had a weird psychological disorder. I then thought - 'why not develop it into a story in my style?' That's how 'Mirage' came into existence. 

Genre of the story
Psychological thriller

Summary of 'Mirage'
Melissa, an officer from the psychiatric division, has been roped into a case to find out what exactly is wrong with Kelly who has been arrested for trespassing into a man's property whom she claims to be her husband.


Stockholm, Sweden
Christmas Eve, 2011
It was Christmas Eve and everybody in the town was celebrating it. Every house had a Christmas tree. The churches were crowded with people. Those who stayed inside their house watched the television along with their family. But, it was not the same for everyone. On the Eve of Christmas, outside a house in Stockholm County, two police cars were found halted. People from the neighborhood stepped outside their houses to take a look at the scene. There were three policemen trying to arrest a woman who was uncontrollably screaming. She was dragged to one of the police cars and her hand was cuffed to the window. The car doors were closed and she was taken to the police station.

Monday, 1 April 2013

'STRIKE 2' - a sequel to the action extravaganza 'Strike'

Link to the prequel

Origin of Strike 2
Right after I wrote Strike first part, I wanted to make the sequel more stunning than the prequel was. Finally, I came up with a better shaped story line filled with action sequences and interesting twists that makes a solid justification to the prequel. The sequel starts from where the prequel ended and it will be difficult for the readers to follow the story if they have not read the prequel. The link to the prequel is given above. 

I dedicate this story to...
I dedicate this story to my friend Vamsi Krishna whose encouragement, excitement and curiosity made me to pen down the sequel. 

Genre of the story
A full length action thriller with elements of surprises (twists).

Summary of Strike 2
Starts from where the prequel ended. Vamsi after his assignment sets out to find some staggering truths about Operation K.


Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris | Terminal 2
Vamsi, on entering the airport, turned back and looked at the gate. Outside the gate, there was Officer Samuel getting into his car and driving away from the location. Vamsi was at terminal 2, where he was supposed to board a flight to Dubai from where a connecting flight takes him to India. He looked at his ticket and it was written ‘Flight 421F Emirates’. He went to the check in counter to generate his boarding pass.
‘Gate F53, terminal 2F and that is in the level 2. Elevator is over there sir,’ the airport official said pointing to an elevator that lay at the corner.
‘Thank you,’ Vamsi replied and collected his boarding pass.
Vamsi, as he walked towards the elevator, found a men’s room to his left side. He got into it. Meanwhile, outside the men’s room, there were two airport officials communicating through wireless radio and staring at the men’s room. One of them spoke in the radio, ‘he just entered the men’s room’, while the other placed his eyes over the exit of the men’s room. Vamsi was hiding behind the wall observing the two officials. He made a clever guess that they might be the police officers in disguise. He went into the men’s room and stood before a mirror. He splashed some water on his face and was thinking about getting away from them. At that time, he saw a dress hung on to the wall. It was the uniform of a cleaning staff who was taking bath inside the bathroom. Vamsi, without making a noise, took the dress and got into a cubicle. The dress fitted his size and he wore it. There was a garbage trolley outside the cubicle. He put his bag inside the trolley and covered it such that it is not visible to others. He wore a cap and then got out of the men’s room pushing the garbage trolley. Vamsi noticed that the two people who were after him were still outside the men’s room waiting for his arrival. Without getting noticed to them, Vamsi managed to get away from the place. He slowly pushed the trolley, without getting any kind of attention, and entered into the men’s room at the level 1. He got into a cubicle and changed his dress. He then opened his laptop and connected to the internet. He browsed through the flight timings and booked a flight that was about to depart from the airport within an hour. He put it back into his bag and exited the men’s room. He quickly rushed to the shuttle that took him to terminal 2C. He then went to the ticketing counter and grabbed his tickets. Clearing the security check with his alternate identity, Vamsi boarded a flight to Prague.