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'STRIKE' - an action packed story

What's so special with Strike?
This is one story which is very special among my creations. The specialty includes the action sequences which instantly struck my mind while I sat down penning the story. This story was written by me while I was touring around Ladakh in the month of August 2012. It took me a week (4 hours per day) to pen down the story. Started this story exactly on August 19, 2012 and carried it on as I roamed around Ladakh. The climax was written on August 26, 2012 at IGI Airport, New Delhi.

I dedicate this story to...
I dedicate this story to my friend Vamsi Krishna whom I portrayed as the lead role in this story. I began to write this keeping him in mind and not anyone else. I still remember the excitement he felt while I gave a hint that I was going to pen a story with him in the lead role. The way he got excited after reading the story was a priceless compliment to my work (he always said this 'I did not sleep for three days after reading it').

Genre of the story
Action thriller 

Summary of Strike
Vamsi, who lands in Europe, is on the run as the cops suspects him to be an International criminal 'K'.


‘Faster, come on, drive faster,’ Vamsi said this to Shiva, who was driving the car. The car was a white colored Volkswagen and it was moving at a speed of 110 KMPH. Vamsi took out the gun that lay next to the gear box inside the car, and peeped out of the front window. He then turned to the car that was chasing them and shot at it twice.

4 hours ago | International Airport, Paris
Shiva parked his car in the parking lot and rushed to terminal 2. He looked at his watch and muttered to himself, ‘I’m on time.’ He walked towards the arrival lounge. He then spotted a coffee shop to his right side and went there.
‘Give me CafĂ© mocha with extra sugar and chocolate powder.’
‘Yes sir,’ the waiter replied.
He tapped twice on the table to ensure that the coffee is made fast. He looked at the clock in front of him which showed the time as 11:40. He grabbed his coffee and walked back to the arrival lounge. He waited there holding a name board which read ‘Mr. Vamsi from India’.

Police Control Room | International Airport, Paris
The situation at the control room appeared no normal. Everybody was involved in tracing out the details of an unknown suspect named K. They have received information that a person identical to K has been landed at the airport of Paris. The officers were keenly observing the security cameras footage. Meanwhile, another officer from the observation cabin came to the control room with a paper in his hand.
‘Sir, we have a glitch at the security systems. It says that the person identical to K has just landed at the airport.’
He handed over the paper to the officer. The paper had the details of the suspect’s information.

Information on Suspect named ‘K’
Hair color: Black; Eye color: Brown; Ethnic: Indian
Height: Roughly 6 feet
Priority: Immediate
Note: Suspect is dangerous

‘What the hell is this?’ It was another officer who was at the control room and he asked the one who handed over the paper to him.
‘It’s the details we have received from FBI, Sir. What is our next move sir?’
‘Make the search intense.’

After 60 minutes | Arrival lounge, Paris International Airport
Shiva waited there for almost an hour. He looked at the Arrival gate. A man in his mid twenties, handsome looking, black colored hair, roughly six feet, started to walk towards him. He looked stunning in a black jean, with white tee and black jacket covering his upper body. Looking at him, Shiva approached the gate to welcome Vamsi.
‘You are Shiva, right?’ Vamsi asked looking at Shiva.
‘Yeah, how was the flight?’ Shiva asked as he carried the luggage in his hands.
‘Hmm… It was good. Actually, it was quite uncomfortable,’ Vamsi replied as he took off his goggles and smiled at Shiva.
‘You felt uncomfortable traveling in a business class? That’s insane,’ Shiva smiled and walked towards the exit door. Vamsi followed him.

Police Control Room, Paris Airport
‘The identification details tally with one of those getting into the car,’ a lady officer said this looking at Vamsi and Shiva who were getting into the car.
‘Just make sure the identification. I’ll alert the patrol at the exit gate. They will follow them,’ another officer said this and dialed a number. He spoke, ‘patrol at the exit, there is a white colored Volkswagen approaching the exit. Follow them. Car number is BL 245.’

After 30 minutes
Shiva was driving the car and Vamsi, who sat next to him, was listening to Mozart. They passed 30 miles away from the airport.
‘How long we have to travel?’ Vamsi asked Shiva.
‘We need to travel 73 miles to reach our destination.’
‘Man! Okay, let me have a short nap. Don’t disturb me,’ Vamsi reclined his seat and put on his goggles.

Police Control Room, Paris Airport
‘Leonard, you got any information?’ The control room officer asked his sub ordinate, who was made in charge of this case.
Leonard matched the details with the faces shot by the camera. He turned to his superior officer and said, ‘90% matching sir.’
‘We can’t take risks Leonard. Make it 100%.’
‘Sir, Let’s take a chance.’
‘Okay, I leave it to you,’ the officer said this and left the room.
Leonard, along with his team, got into the car and immediately left to the suspect’s location. Meanwhile, the patrol that was following the car has been alerted. The patrol switched on the siren and signaled the white car to halt aside. What Shiva saw in his right rear mirror was a police officer waving his hand. On seeing the police car coming towards them, Shiva increased speed. This woke up Vamsi, who was in his half sleep.
‘What the hell did just happen, Shiva? Is this the way you drive a car?’ Vamsi said this as he got back to his normal position.
‘Cops are following us,’ Shiva signaled Vamsi to look back.
Vamsi put his head out of the window and had a look at the scene. He was confused why the cops were after them. He looked at Shiva and Shiva looked at his cell phone. Vamsi handed the cell phone to Shiva. Shiva dialed his friend Steve, who works with the Airport Police.
‘Steve, can you explain me what’s going on?’ Shiva said this over phone.
‘Shiv, I’m sorry buddy I can’t stop them. Listen, the police suspect that the one who is with you right now is ‘K’. Try to escape from them. They might probably take you into custody along with him.’
‘Oh Shit!’ Shiva cut the phone call.
‘What happened?’ Vamsi asked him.
‘They suspect you to be K,’ Shiva replied him.
‘K? You mean K? Me? It’s ridiculous,’ Vamsi replied.
‘Something might have gone wrong, may be a misidentification. Let us get out of this mess. We should escape from the cops.’ Shiva said this and turned his car swiftly to his right and drove in a high speed.

Police control room, Paris Airport
‘Control room, this is Patrol number 3. We lost the track on the car,’ one of the patrol police informed this to the control room through wireless after the car swiftly went away from the location.
‘In which direction it is headed?’ An officer from the control room spoke.
‘The car is headed to north east,’ the patrol police replied.
‘Copy that,’ the control room officer dialed Leonard’s number and said, ‘the car is headed north east.’
‘We got him,’ Leonard answered from the other side.

‘Oh Shit!’ Shiva said as he saw Officer Leonard’s car following them.
‘What happened now?’ Vamsi asked looking at Shiva’s face.
‘GPS, they have been tracking us through GPS. Damn it!’ Shiva looked at the compartment next to his steering. There was an electronic device fitted to the compartment and it was blinking. Shiva turned to Vamsi and said, ‘the blinking device, can you see it? It’s the GPS. Snatch it off and throw it away.’
Vamsi disconnected the wires, snatched the device from the compartment and threw it outside. He turned to Shiva and asked, ‘how did you know that?’
‘What?’ Shiva said as he was driving at a full speed.
‘They were tracking with GPS. How do you know that?’
‘My car number is registered with the GPS. They might have got the access to my GPS using my car number. They are Police.’

‘Shit!’ Leonard said in a frustrated tone.
‘What happened sir?’ The officer sitting next to Leonard asked.
‘We lost them. They disabled the GPS,’ an officer who sat next to Leonard said this.

Shiva asked Vamsi to look for a gun near the gear box. Vamsi spotted a gun and asked him, ‘What the hell? Where did you get this?’
‘Explanation later, now take that gun and shoot them.’
‘Faster, come on, drive faster,’ Vamsi said and took out the gun that lay next to the gear box. He peeped out of the front window. He then turned to the car that was chasing them and shot at it twice.
‘Damn! Two misses,’ Vamsi said this. He opened the door slightly and was hanging to it. He aimed exactly at the car’s tire. He fired a bullet, but it hit the rim of the wheel without causing any damage to that car.
‘I’m turning left,’ Shiva said this to Vamsi, who was hanging to the door. ‘I’m turning left. Get inside,’ Shiva’s voice was louder.
Vamsi got into the car and left the door unlocked. Shiva turned the car swiftly to the left. As the car turned to left, the unlocked door opened up and Vamsi had a clean aim at the Leonard’s car. He shot three bullets – one at the rear mirror, two were fired at the right front and rear tires. The tires of the Leonard’s car scratched hardly to the road and they were set on fire immediately. The car then turned upside down and screeched across the road. It then hit the median and came to a halt. The smoke was coming out from the car. Leonard, along with his fellow officers, came out of the car immediately and ran away. Within seconds, the car blasted.

Shiva took the car off the highway to get into the city. He then spotted a bridge. As they neared the bridge, Shiva noticed that the car was running out of fuel. He turned to Vamsi and said, ‘buddy, you need to listen to this carefully. We are running out of fuel. We need an alternate ride to get off from the cops. Do you look at the bike behind us?’
‘Yes,’ Vamsi replied.
‘He just got out from the pumping station. He might be running full on fuel. All I need you to do is take the driver’s seat and after I get out from the car, you apply brakes and screech the car to the opposite side, and hit the bike rider. After he falls down, take the bike and get to the other side of the bridge as soon as you can. I’ll be waiting for you there.’
‘Are you sure that you are going to do this? I mean, jumping off from the car?’ Vamsi asked.
‘We have no other options left. We have to take risk and at least one of us should survive this,’ Shiva said this and he slowed down the speed of the car.
Shiva opened the door and as he was hanging to it, Vamsi took the driver’s seat. They were traveling half way on the bridge. Vamsi rode the car in a constant slow speed. Shiva jumped off the car and grabbed a pillar of the bridge. Then he made a swing and touched the pillar at the other side of the bridge. It was quite easy as the gap between two sides of the bridge was narrow. He landed at the other side, crossed the road and was waiting for Vamsi. Meanwhile, Vamsi applied his breaks and screeched the car to the opposite direction of the bike, and then he hit the bike. The bike skid and the bike rider rolled few yards away from the bike on the bridge. Vamsi went to the bike, lifted it up. The bike was still running. He sat on it and raised the accelerator. There were another set of cops following Vamsi on the bridge. Shiva was looking at it from the other side of the bridge. One of the cops, who were chasing Vamsi, took out his gun and fired a bullet at him. The bullet hit the number plate and the bike skid a little. Vamsi got hold of his balance and rode straight. He looked back and there were three cars behind him, each with a cop holding a gun and aiming straight at him. Vamsi adjusted his goggles and looked at the road. He increased his speed and rode in a zigzag manner. He reached the end of the bridge and applied brakes. He made a U turn and stood there. Right before him was the cops and to his left was his friend Shiva waiting for him, at the other side of the bridge. The cars were approaching faster. His friend Shiva was waving hands at him. He put on the gear and held the clutch. The cars approached the end of the bridge and Vamsi now released his clutch and rode in the direction the cars were coming. He swiftly crossed the cars and fled away in the same direction as before. Shiva, on seeing this, immediately crossed the road and stood on the bridge barrier holding the pillar, and looked at the other side, where Vamsi was approaching with the bike. The cars of the cops remained stranded in the traffic and they were not able to get a clear shot of fire. Vamsi slowed down a little and Shiva made a perfect jump from the barrier and got onto the back seat of the bike. Vamsi gave a hi5 to Shiva. He then turned left, getting down into the subway. After entering the subway, Vamsi took a right turn and entered into the city.

Leonard and his team were waiting there at the accident zone. A chopper landed there and they got into it. Leonard got the information of what happened at the bridge. He took the chopper to the city side. He knew that there was no way for them to go other than getting into the city. From the air, he spotted the bike and informed the cops in the ground to get them.

Vamsi rode the bike to the place that was filled with multi storied buildings. Cops were approaching him from his opposite side. He turned back and saw another set of cops. Vamsi took a right turn and got into a building. He put the bike aside and they took the stairs. Leonard saw them entering the building. He informed the cops to surround the basement and he went to the top of the building. The chopper landed on the helipad and Leonard was waiting there with his gun.

Vamsi and Shiva reached the third floor through stairs. They saw the cops entering into the basement. Shiva immediately grabbed Vamsi and took him into the elevator. They reached the top floor. The building was multi storied. It had 90 floors and a terrace with helipad. Shiva pressed the terrace button. The elevator reached the terrace and the doors opened. Leonard was there standing right in front of the elevator doors. It was a weird and surprising welcome for both of them.
‘You didn’t expect me here, right?’ Leonard said this pointing his gun towards them. ‘Both of you move to this side.’ He pointed the gun towards his right, towards the helipad. Shiva walked a few steps and stood at the edge of the building facing Leonard. Vamsi stood next to Leonard.
Leonard, pointing his gun, walked to Shiva. He said looking at Shiva, ‘you think we can’t find you, K?’
Vamsi was shocked on seeing what happened there. Until then he thought that the cops were chasing him. But the fact is that the cops were after Shiva. Vamsi looked at Leonard and then turned his eyes to Shiva. He nodded his head both sides denoting ‘don’t do anything crazy’. Shiva had just two options. Option one was to get arrested and the other, to fall down from the building. Shiva turned his head back and looked down. He was on the terrace of a 90 floor building. Vamsi, looking at Shiva, said, ‘no, no, no, Shiva, don’t.’ Shiva smiled at Vamsi and jumped off the building. ‘Hey…’ Leonard shouted and went to the edge of the building. Vamsi rushed there and they saw Shiva falling down from the building.

Shiva was in air traveling close to the building, almost at a distance of two feet. As he crossed 50th floor, he opened his belt buckle and pressed the button. A small and thick wire of 2 feet in length came out, and the end of the wire had a hook made of electromagnet that got stuck on the iron fitting next to him, anchoring him to the building. Shiva was hanging in the middle of the building – on the 44th floor. He saw a glass door beside him. He slightly pushed himself and kicked the glass door. The glass broke into pieces leaving him way to get into the building. Shiva got into the building and ran to the other side. He broke the glass at the other side and jumped on to the terrace of the building that lay close to the building from which he jumped.

Leonard and Vamsi stood baffled on the terrace. They looked at each other. Leonard alerted the city police to get hold of Shiva. Leonard put the gun in his pocket and walked a few steps. Vamsi stood there looking at him. Meanwhile, Leonard’s wireless buzzed. He picked it up.
‘Yeah, tell me.’ Leonard said.
‘We got him sir. He is taken to the central prison,’ an officer spoke in the wireless from the other end.
Leonard looked at Vamsi and said, ‘you are free to go. We got him.’
Vamsi looked at Leonard, who got into the chopper and fled away from the location. Later, he went to Shiva’s apartment.

The next day | 8 am
Vamsi went to the central prison to meet his friend Shiva. He waited for twenty minutes at the visitor’s room. The visitor’s room was quite large that can accommodate about 50 prisoners. Shiva arrived there after few minutes.
‘Hello buddy,’ Shiva said this to Vamsi.
‘Look, I know that you work for K,’ Vamsi said to Shiva.
‘How do you know that?’ Shiva’s eyes were wide open.
‘Listen to me carefully. You are in prison and I need you to complete the assignment,’ Vamsi said to Shiva.
‘What assignment?’
‘I too work for K. Here, take this,’ Vamsi gave a photo to Shiva and said, ‘the person you see is Omar Rasheed. I guess you know him.’
‘Yeah, he is next to my cell,’ Shiva replied.
‘Perfect! Okay, he must be dead. Rumors are that Omar is a traitor. If that’s so then everything will come to an end,’ Vamsi said in a low tone.
‘Okay, consider it done.’
‘Get back to your cell,’ the jailer said this to Shiva.

The same day | 12.50 pm | Central Prison
Shiva was found dead in his cell. The jailer alerted the cops and all the prison cells were tightly locked. The cops reached the prison and shifted the body to the hospital for post mortem. Vamsi was informed about his friend’s demise. He was left speechless after hearing the news. He was upset as the assignment failed. He went to the hospital, after an hour, to have a talk with the officer in charge.
‘How did it happen?’ Vamsi asked Leonard, who was in charge of this case.
‘Someone poisoned his food,’ Leonard replied, standing outside the mortuary.
Vamsi took out his gun and shot Leonard twice – one bullet in his chest and the other on his right shoulder. Leonard fainted there yelling with pain. The cops present there immediately arrested Vamsi and took him into custody.

The next day | 4.00 am | Central Prison
Vamsi was locked in cell 24, two cells away from the cell where his friend Shiva died. He was waiting for the clock to strike 5 o’clock. He came there for a reason and it was to complete the assignment. After Shiva’s demise, he had very less time to find an alternative to kill Omar. Instead, he made himself into the prison to complete the assignment on his own. He looked at the watch and it showed him 4.55. Five minutes left for him to kill Omar. He kept staring at the watch. It struck 5. The prison building began to shake. It was an earthquake. The jailer and the other cops ran around shouting ‘earthquake…’ The prison cells were opened and the prisoners rushed out quickly. Vamsi was there looking for Omar in the crowd. He spotted him there, amidst the bunch of prisoners to his right side and went to him.
‘Surprise…’ Vamsi said this looking at Omar.
‘K?’ Omar said this like he saw a devil in front of him.
‘Yes, it’s K,’ Vamsi said this as the building began to shake heavily.
‘I told them nothing.’
‘I believe you, Omar.’
Vamsi took the sharp rod that lay beside him and poked deeply into Omar’s abdomen. He then held Omar’s head and twisted it in an anti clockwise direction. Omar was dead in few seconds. Vamsi, along with other bunch of prisoners, escaped from the prison. After few minutes, the tremors stopped and the situation returned to normal.

Previous day | 2.00 pm
Vamsi could not digest his friend’s demise. It’s not only that he was a loyal friend but also because the assignment has been failed. He had very less time to find an alternative. After thinking for a while, an idea struck his mind. He took out his cell phone and dialed his friend who works in the Earthquake society of Western Europe as a senior earthquake engineer.
‘Roy?’ Vamsi said this as the person at the other side lifted the phone call.
‘Vamsi, how are you?’
‘I have good news for you.’
‘Thrill me.’
‘You have been asking for a place for your new seismic experiment, right? I have found a place for you. It’s about 4 km from Central Prison. The place which is totally isolated and it is obviously safe to conduct your experiment.’
‘Dude, you are a king. I love you.’
‘By the way, what’s your experiment about?’
‘It’s the study of seismic wave intensity by generating artificial earthquakes across the land. It’s an experiment to study how much a building can withstand if a high level quake, say a vertical displacement, occurs.’
‘You sound more technical. Okay, start your experiments by 5 in the morning tomorrow,’ Vamsi said this and hung up the phone.

Vamsi made a clever plan to kill Omar as well as to escape from the prison. The place which was 4 km away from Central Prison was not owned by him. It was a good for nothing land and the soil strength was weak. Thus, he made a calculation. If Roy begins his experiment by sending just one trigger, it will create earthquake of magnitude 8, which was good enough to shake an entire building. As the soil strength was weak, the building located 4 km away will definitely experience the shake.

Few hours after the escape
The cops were all over the city to catch hold of the prisoners who escaped from the prison. They caught hold of 90% of the prisoners and shifted them to the Country Prison, whereas the others, including Vamsi, escaped.

Indian Embassy, France
Vamsi, after he got away from the prison, went to the Indian embassy to meet the chief Officer Samuel. He waited there for fifteen minutes and then Officer Samuel arrived there. He took Vamsi inside his room.
‘Major Vamsi, right?’ Officer Samuel shook hands with Vamsi as they both had their seats.
‘Yes Officer, I need your help.’
‘Yeah, I came to know about your track record. It was indeed excellent. So, tell me Major. What can I do for you?’
‘I am in a messed up situation right now.’
‘Yeah, I heard about the mess at the prison. Don’t worry about that. I will take care. BTW, what about K? French Police has got some information regarding the identities of K. Do you know him?’
Vamsi took the glass of water that lay before him on the table. He gulped down some water and then he continued to explain.
‘K is not an identity. In fact, K is no person. It’s a secret operation named Secret Mission: K conducted by the Indian Army in a place that is far away from Kargil in Kashmir. Everybody knows that the army is building a weapon that is indestructible and highly efficient, but few know the technology behind the weapon. Omar Rasheed was one among our team. He was made in charge, along with me, to safeguard this military secret from spreading to other countries. Instead, he started to sell the information for a ransom amount of money to the other countries. Later, he was expelled from the IIS, Indian Intelligence Service, and later I was made as superior officer to the mission. But, my chief, Major Suraj Singh, was not convinced with just expelling Omar Rasheed from the army and IIS. He wanted him to be dead because Omar knew each and every details of the weapon, and it will be a threat to our country if the information gets leaked out. So, I recruited a fellow officer Shiva to complete the assignment of killing Omar Rasheed. Later, we got the information that Omar was arrested by the French Police. After further enquiry, it was made clear that Officer Leonard, who works with the French Police, joined hands with Omar Rasheed and he took him into the prison just to safeguard him from the attack. Then, I entered France. Things turned different after I landed into the airport. I was surprised to hear that French Police was chasing after a criminal named K who doesn’t even exist. Then it struck me. It must be Leonard who gave the information to French Police on behalf of FBI. They gave the description of Shiva and named it to be an unknown suspect K.’
‘How do you know that FBI didn’t give the information to French Police?’ Officer Samuel interrupted Vamsi.
‘Here is the point. K – Only few people know about this secret mission and only those who know about this could have used this name. Why does FBI get involved in this? When I landed at France, all I could see was the cops headed by Leonard were after Shiva. And, after Shiva was taken to the prison, he was killed. So, it was a master plan. If Leonard joined hands with Omar, then it is clear that it was him who killed Shiva. Poor guy, he didn’t know that I was his superior officer. He just knew me as some anonymous guy who came to France looking for a job. It is a great loss to our army. We lost an efficient officer.’ Vamsi concluded.

‘So, what’s your next move?’ Officer Samuel asked Vamsi.
‘Leonard is now admitted in the City hospital. I want to go there and meet him. I just need a backup team to be there at the airport.’
‘Okay, I will make arrangements for the backup team. You be careful.’
Vamsi greeted Officer Samuel and left the embassy to the City hospital, where Leonard was admitted after getting shot by Vamsi.

On the way to the hospital, Vamsi got a call in his cell phone. It was from Officer Samuel.
‘Yeah, tell me Officer,’ Vamsi said as he got into a taxi.
‘The situation has become more complex. We just got to know that Leonard has left the hospital. He is on his way to Dublin. Stop him as soon as possible. You have not left with much time.’
‘Okay, I am on my way.’ Vamsi tapped the shoulder of the taxi driver, and said, ‘go to the airport.’ He continued on the phone, ‘officer, could you please get me the car number in which Leonard left from hospital.’
‘Yeah Vamsi, I’ll get that now. Just hold on the line.’ Officer Samuel, after two minutes, replied, ‘FC 121. I will send the backup team following you’.
‘Yeah, thank you Officer.’
Vamsi hung up the phone. As he was on the move, Vamsi spotted a car number from a distance. It read ‘FC 121’. He asked the taxi driver to overtake the vehicle and block its way. The taxi driver increased his speed and overtook the vehicle in which Leonard was traveling. The taxi driver then applied sudden brake such that the vehicle number 121 that was behind them was halted. Vamsi got down from his car and so did Leonard. Leonard, after seeing Vamsi, started to run away. It was a highway and it was filled with moving traffic. Leonard found it difficult to get to the other side of the road. Vamsi, on seeing Omar trying to get to the other end, took out his gun and shot him below his knee. Leonard kneeled down on the road and yelled out with pain. Vamsi went near him and pointed the gun to his head.
‘I know nothing,’ Leonard said to Vamsi.
‘Then, why did you help Omar?’ Vamsi questioned him.
‘He bribed me.’
Meanwhile Officer Samuel, along with his backup team, arrived at the location. Officer Samuel went near to Vamsi and looked at him. Vamsi, looking at Officer Samuel, said, ‘he is lying.’
‘No, I swear I know nothing,’ Leonard yelled out.
‘He says….’ Officer Samuel spoke but Vamsi interrupted, ‘he is lying.’
Vamsi shot a bullet in the other leg of Leonard.
Leonard cried out with pain and said, ‘okay, okay, what if I confess?’
Vamsi opened up his revolver and shot all the bullets into Leonard’s body. Leonard died instantly. Officer Samuel and Vamsi walked back to the car.
Officer Samuel asked, ‘how did you know he lied?’
Vamsi smiled at him and replied, ‘the first thing he spoke when I pointed the gun – I know nothing. He spoke before I said anything and that proved him a culprit.’
Officer Samuel, without saying a word, took him into his car and drove him to the airport. Vamsi and Officer Samuel got down from the car after reaching the airport.
‘Major Suraj Singh wants you in Kashmir immediately.’ Officer Samuel handed over the flight tickets and passport to Vamsi, and then said, ‘your flight will depart exactly after 3 hours.’
Vamsi took the tickets and passport. He smiled and hugged Officer Samuel. He then said, ‘thanks for everything, Officer.’
Officer Samuel gave him a salute and bid him goodbye as he got into the airport.

Written by Ashwin Kumar



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