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My First Post - a story titled 'FURY'

Why FURY as the first post?
As I sat for zeroing in a story to be posted first in my blog, I ended up with this one titled 'Fury' and decided it to put it as the first post in the blog. The story has its own specialties like it starts in an usual way and progresses in an unusual way. I have made the narration strong yet convincing and the story has a couple of twists towards the end that will blow you away. 

Genre of the story

Summary of Fury
An unfortunate incident lands Daya, a Police officer, in a messed up situation where he has only six hours to survive and need to save his wife as well as himself before he sets to find what exactly happened. 


Mehta Café | Punjagutta, Hyderabad
‘Chotu, two cups of chai for table 4.’
Sultan Bhai, the owner of the Mehta café, said that to a worker. A couple was seated at the table 4. The worker placed the chai cups on the table and left the place. The guy who sat opposite to the girl picked up the cup. He looked at her and sipped some chai. The guy was a young chap, aged in his early twenties. He looked smart in his blue shirt and his hair was neatly cut. The girl appeared gorgeous in her white outfit. Her face was dull. The guy, looking into the girl’s eyes, figured out that something was wrong with her.
‘Anjali, again you’ve kept that sad face. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on,’ the guy paused and looked at the chai tumbler, and then continued, ‘look, we came here to have hot chai not an iced tea. Have it before it turns cold.’
Anjali sipped some chai. She looked at him and said, ‘Daya, I don’t like your shirt.’
Daya looked at his shirt and then said, ‘is that what making you to keep a sad face?’
Anjali placed down the cup and said, ‘no, not that. I’m feeling disturbed from this morning. I had a very bad dream.’
Daya relaxed himself on the chair. He smiled and said, ‘so, is that why you asked me to come here?’
Anjali’s eyes looked to the left and then to the right. She then bent her head and said softly, ‘there is a problem.’
‘What’s that?’ Daya asked her.
Anjali looked at Daya and said, ‘my dad.’
Before Anjali said anything further, a group of men entered the café. There were four of them, and one of them took a chair and placed it beside table 4. He sat on the chair, right next to Daya. The guy was a rowdy sheeter sporting a thick beard and long hair and smelled like alcohol. Anjali started to feel uncomfortable. Daya looked at the guy who sat beside him.
‘Daas, ever heard of that name?’ The rowdy sheeter asked Daya.
‘Are you the prime minister of this country?’ Daya said looking at the rowdy sheeter. Anger filled the face of the rowdy sheeter. Daya continued, ‘then why the hell I should bother about you?’
Daas, the rowdy sheeter, banged his fist on the table and spoke in a loud tone, ‘I’m going to rip you off into pieces.’ He turned back and said to others, ‘take out the weapons from the vehicle.’ He turned to Daya and said, ‘today I’m going to finish you.’
Anjali was afraid at the situation. She looked at Daya and said, ‘Daya, what’s happening?’
Daas looked at Anjali. He slowly took his hand towards her. Suddenly Daas’ eyes were filled with tears. He looked at his hand. There was a glass piece pierced into his palm and there was blood. He then looked at Daya who held the broken end of a glass in his hand.
‘Get up, get up you asshole,’ Daya said as he got up from the chair. He then looked at Sultan Bhai and spoke, ‘get me a cutting player.’
Daas held his hand tightly to stop the blood. The other people, who accompanied Daas, got into the café with their weapons. The weapons they carried were steel rods and knives. Sultan Bhai brought the cutting player and handed it to Daya. Daya held the cutting player in his hand. He looked at Daas and snipped the cutting player on to his testicles. Daas yelled aloud with pain. Holding the cutting player firmly, Daya moved a bit and took a glass bottle in his other hand. He looked to his left. There was a man holding a steel rod. Daya hit the man on his head with the glass bottle. The man fainted as the bottle was hit hard on his head. He looked at Daas, who was crying, and said, ‘don’t yell out you filthy bastard. You should have thought twice before attacking me.’ Anjali was horrified at the situation. She never thought her boyfriend to turn vigorous all of a sudden. The other two dropped the weapons and ran away from the place. Daya looked into Daas’ fear filled eyes and said, ‘the pain will be there for a couple of days.’ He took off the cutting player and dropped in on the floor. Daas was down. Daya looked at the other two who were running and said, ‘hey, take him with you.’ The two of them stopped and turned back. They carried Daas to their vehicle.

A couple of years later
Mumbai-Pune Bypass road | Pune, Maharashtra
Anjali was laughing hard sitting inside a car, and Daya, who drove the car, laughed along with Anjali.
‘You still remember that incident?’ Daya asked Anjali.
Anjali controlled her laughter and said, ‘yeah, how can I forget that? The man’s face when you snipped the cutting player,’ Anjali continued to laugh.
‘Stop it yaar,’ Daya said and laughed.
‘I couldn’t believe that Raja sent those rowdies,’ Anjali said.
‘Ah! That was few years back. He was madly in love with you. But he ran away from the city once he got to know that your boyfriend is going to become a Police officer,’ Daya said and laughed hard.
Anjali took the bottle from her bag and sipped some water. She then looked at Daya and asked, ‘want some water?’
‘Yeah, give it to me,’ Daya said.
The bottle’s cap slipped from Anjali’s hand and fell down below the seat. Daya looked at her and said, ‘arey yaar, pick it and wash the cap.’
Anjali bent down to pick it up. Daya helped her with one hand holding the steering in other hand. He looked down and asked her, ‘did you get it?’
Daya then looked at the road. Without his knowledge, he crossed the red signal. He hit a car that came by. Daya’s car screeched and as he applied brakes and then it came to a halt. The car that was hit by Daya hit the pole at the corner of the road. Daya and Anjali got down from their car and rushed to the pole. The Police then arrived at the scene and the two people who were in the car were taken to the hospital.

Two months later
‘Two months passed and Anjali is slowly recovering from the shock. I knew it will take time for her to recover, but I’m happy that’s happening fast,’ Daya said this to his friend who sat opposite to him at the restaurant. The waiter placed two plates on the table and left. Daya wiped the plate with a tissue and continued, ‘Vishwa, I am planning to throw a surprise party to her on our wedding day.’
Daya’s friend Vishwa was also a Police officer. He looked at Daya and said, ‘surprise her with an expensive gift.’
‘That sounds perfect,’ Daya said and sipped some water.
The dishes arrived and Daya along with his friend finished the lunch. Later, they stepped out of the restaurant. Vishwa got into his car and drove away while Daya went to the supermarket which was opposite to the restaurant. After few minutes, Daya came out from the supermarket. He got to the edge of the road and a vehicle swiftly passed by. Daya’s heart beat skipped for a moment. He turned to the vehicle which was moving in a high speed and yelled out, ‘stupid, watch out.’ By the time he crossed the road, he felt some itching sensation on his right hand. He looked at his hand and there was a needle mark.

Few moments ago
A group of people wearing masks were found sitting inside a car. They halted the vehicle few meters away from the supermarket. One of the masked men took out a needle and dipped it into a solution. After few minutes, they saw Daya getting out of the supermarket.
‘Drive,’ one of the masked men said to the other at the driver seat.
The man at the driver seat raised the accelerator. As the vehicle got to Daya, the masked man who sat near the window pricked the needle onto Daya’s hand. The vehicle was moved at a high speed leaving the location quickly.  

Outside the Supermarket
Daya’s cell phone rang. He took it out and looked at the screen. It was a call from an unknown number. He picked it up.
‘Hello,’ Daya said.
‘Was it painful?’ It was the voice from the other side.
‘Who are you?’ Daya asked.
‘You’re in a hurry, aren’t you? Making plans for your wedding day with a costly gift it seems?’
‘Vishwa, is that you?’ Daya asked.
‘Ha…Ha… No, I am not your friend Vishwa. Daya, you need to listen to this carefully. One drop of highly toxic drug when injected into your body causes nervous breakdown in less than six hours.’
‘Why are you telling that to me?’ Daya asked.
‘Daya, you are not listening to me. The toxic drug goes through the veins and slowly damages the function of central nervous system and once it reaches the heart that will be the end. You have six hours to survive, Daya. Use your intelligence and skills and find me before six hours, because I have the antidote.’
The call was cut. Daya looked at his watch. It showed 14:15. He then looked at his cell phone and dialed Anjali’s number. The phone was ringing but Anjali did not pick it up. He went back to the parking lot and got into his car. As he drove the car, he dialed Vishwa’s number. Vishwa picked up the call.
‘Yeah buddy, tell me,’ the voice from the other side spoke.
‘Vishwa, I’ll text you a number. Trace the location and intimate me ASAP,’ Daya said.
‘What happened? Is everything okay?’
‘I’m running out of time,’ Daya said this and hung up the call. He texted the unknown number to Vishwa and drove the vehicle straight to his home.

5 hours 40 minutes left
Daya parked the car on the road. He got down and ran to his house. Reaching the entrance, he found the door to be open. As he entered the house, his cell phone rang. Daya picked it up.
‘You’re fast than I expected, Daya,’ the voice from the other side spoke.
‘Tell me who you are. If I find you, I’ll rip you off into pieces,’ Daya said.
‘Ooh! I’m scared. Shut up and do what I said. Find me. I know you will surely need the antidote and your wife Anjali.’
Sweat came out from his face. He said, ‘what did you do to Anjali?’
‘Don’t panic. She is safe. Right now, she is with me. Time is running out, Daya. Use your brain.’
The call was hung up. Daya searched the entire house but he found no traces of Anjali. He then got a call from Vishwa.
‘Daya, the call was partially traceable,’ Vishwa spoke from the other side.
‘What?’ Daya said.
‘The location is dynamic. It shows four different locations.’
‘Okay, I’m coming there,’ Daya cut the call.

5 hours 15 minutes left
Daya drove his car to the Police control room. Meanwhile he dialed Vishwa’s number. Vishwa picked up the call.
‘Yeah, tell me Daya,’ it was Vishwa’s voice from the other side.
‘Vishwa, I need you to arrange four teams. Each team should have five members and provide them with necessary weapons. I’m on my way,’ Daya said this and hung up the phone.

4 hours 40 minutes left
Daya reached the control room. He parked his car and then walked into the control room. He got into the room where Vishwa along with his team mates traced out the location of the call.
‘What’s happening?’ Vishwa asked Daya as he entered the room.
‘They got Anjali with them,’ Daya said as he sat on the chair.
‘When did this happen?’ Vishwa asked.
‘It happened few minutes ago. What happened to the teams?’
‘They are on their way.’
‘I don’t know who kidnapped Anjali, but he left me just one clue,’ Daya said.
‘What’s that?’
Daya stood up from the chair and said, ‘the phone call is the only clue and the locations are 1 hour away from each other. All the four locations are in the north and they are warehouses. It will take more than 4 hours for me to get to those locations. He knows that I can’t make it within six hours of time. He wanted me to make a plan and get to him. I don’t know why he is doing so.’
‘Who is he?’ Vishwa asked.
‘The man who spoke over the phone, his people injected me with a powerful toxic drug. I’m dying right now. If I don’t get to him within six hours, I won’t get the antidote and they will kill Anjali,’ Daya said.
‘Man! You need to see a doctor. I could handle this.’
‘Vishwa, there is no time for such things. I have just 4 hours left with me.’
The team arrived at the control room as they spoke. Daya and Vishwa were ready to leave the place. Before leaving, Daya came up with some instructions.
‘Listen to me carefully. We are going to split into four teams. Each team will head to one of those four locations. If it is negative, then immediately return to base. If it is positive, then let me know through the wireless. And, get them into custody. Remember; do not kill any of them. Vishwa will be leading team 3 and I’ll be going with team 1. Team 2 will be headed by Satish and team 4 by Murali.’

3 hours 10 minutes left
Team 1 headed to the warehouse at Lonavala, team 2 headed to the warehouse at Pimpagaon, team 3 headed to Shirur and team 4 headed to Ahmednagar. All the four places are located exactly in the northern direction from Pune and the places are 1 hour away from each other. Team 1, 2 and 4 reported negative. Team 3 headed by Vishwa found a note at the warehouse in Shirur. Vishwa then switched on the radio.
‘Daya, we have found a note,’ Vishwa spoke over the radio.
‘What does it say?’ Daya asked.
‘I can’t figure it out,’ Vishwa keenly looked at it and then said, ‘wait a minute, let me check.’
Vishwa took the note to a mirror that was attached to the wall. He placed the note before the mirror. In the mirror it read ‘you are running out of time’.
‘It’s a mirror image. It says that you are running out of time.’ Vishwa said.
‘He knew that we will come here,’ Daya paused and then asked, ‘what’s your location?’
‘My team is at Shirur,’ Vishwa replied.
‘All the four locations are bound north of Pune. So, opposite to north, what if it’s a diversion? What if he is at south? What if he is trying to kill my time?’ Daya said.
‘So what do we do now?’ Vishwa asked Daya over the radio.
‘There is Khandala and Kedagaon in the south sector. The possibility of being Khandala is low. We need to match our locations exactly opposite with the southern side. Hey Vishwa, you said you guys are at Shirur, right?’
‘Yes,’ Vishwa replied.
‘Then, it must be Kedagaon. Vishwa, take your team to Kedagaon. Travel in the coordinates exactly opposite to the current location and I’m sure there will be warehouse at the destination. I’ll be there along with my team in less than two hours.’

1 hour 15 minutes left
Vishwa went to the warehouse with his team. Inside the warehouse there was a room and it had two monitors, a fridge and an oven. Inside the room there was a man eating a sandwich and watching football game. Vishwa went to the man and hit him hard on his head. He then tied him to a chair. He informed Daya about the situation. A few minutes later, Daya arrived there with his team. 
‘Did he say something?’ Daya asked Vishwa as he got down from the vehicle.
‘Ah! He said he wants to talk to you,’ Vishwa said.
‘Okay, you wait here. I’ll handle him,’ Daya said this and walked into the warehouse.
Daya walked into the room where the man was tied to a chair. He sat there opposite to him and said, ‘where is the antidote?’
The man looked at Daya. He smiled and said, ‘untie me; I won’t hurt you.’
Daya untied the man. The man got up from the chair and walked to the fridge. He opened it and took out a syringe. He gave that to Daya.
‘Here it is the antidote. Inject it yourself,’ the man said.
Daya pulled out the needle cap and injected the antidote into his body. He felt relaxed. Daya then looked at the monitor. He saw Anjali sitting in an empty room with her hands, legs and mouth tied with cloths.
‘Where is Anjali?’ Daya asked the man.
The man pointed to the monitor screen. He remained silent.
‘Where is Anjali?’ Daya asked the man again and punched hard on his face.
‘Ouch! That hurts,’ the man said as he wiped the blood that came out from his nose.
Daya switched on his radio and spoke, ‘take him into custody.’
The team came inside and took the man out of the room. Daya walked along with the man. Meanwhile, the man said, ‘you think you are smart, eh? I don’t think so.’ They came outside the warehouse and Daya heard the man say, ‘you haven’t been injected with any drug, Daya. I bluffed and you believed what I said. I thought you were clever but you were not able to figure that out. Did you feel any symptoms?’
Daya turned back and said, ‘no’.
‘The thing you injected yourself, that’s not an antidote. That is the drug that’s going to kill you. I made you to inject it yourself and this time it’s not going to be late. The drug acts in thirty minutes and you’ll face a completely helpless death. Your life is your choice,’ the man said this and laughed hard.
Daya turned back to Vishwa. He heard the man speak, ‘don’t worry; I know the combination to the antidote.’ Daya turned to the man and the man continued to speak, ‘only I know the combination for the antidote.’
Vishwa looked at Daya and said, ‘don’t panic, Daya. With fifteen minutes of torture, I’m sure that we will get the combination from him.’
As Vishwa said this, the man pushed one of the cops who was held him. He grabbed the gun from the cop and shot himself on his head. The man died instantly.
‘No, no, no, shit! He shouldn’t die,’ Daya said aloud.

Daya immediately rushed to the room. He looked at the monitor. He saw Anjali looking at the camera. Vishwa entered the room and Daya said, ‘Anjali must be here somewhere in this warehouse. I have to find her before I die.’
Vishwa along with his team mates initiated a search at the warehouse while Daya got to the basement. There was a locked room at the basement. Daya broke the lock and opened the door. The room was completely dark. With the help of the cell phone light, he managed to get to the switch board. Switching on the lights, Daya found Anjali lying dead in the room. There was a sharp wooden stick that got into her abdomen and there was blood spilled all over the floor. He was stunned to see his wife dead. He then realized that the footage in the monitor was a prerecorded one. But Daya wasn’t able to understand why the man did so. He went and stood next to Anjali’s dead body. He found a paper next to her body. Daya picked it up. It was a note left by the man to Daya.
The note read – ‘By the time you read this note, I’ll probably be dead and so is your wife. All I wanted was revenge. It was me who kidnapped your wife. I don’t think so you’ll forget the accident that happened few months ago. The two people in the car that was hit by yours were pronounced dead. No, that was not the fact. One of those two survived and it was me. I couldn’t digest it. My wife died because of you and I wanted you to feel the same. I wanted you to feel how it will be losing your wife. It was your carelessness that caused their death and I wanted to avenge it. That’s why I made you come after me. I brought you here, and made you kill your wife.’

Few moments ago
Anjali’s hands and legs were tied tightly to the chair. Her mouth was also tied tightly such that her voice remained inaudible. In front of her there was a string tied to the door and it had a sharp wooden piece pointing towards her. The string was tied to the lock of the door such that if someone tries to open the door, the string releases the wooden piece that straightaway gets into Anjali’s abdomen leaving her dead. Another string was tied to the switchboard that switches off the lights after the doors are opened. When Daya got to the basement, he found a room that was locked. He suspected something was wrong inside the room and broke the lock. Anjali heard someone opening the door from outside. She tried to shout, but her voice was totally inaudible. When Daya opened the door, the string released the wooden stick that stabbed her abdomen. Meanwhile, the lights went off. Daya entered the room and switched on the lights, and found his wife dead.

Present – Daya reading the note
‘There was no killer drug. Everything was fake, a diversion. What’s real is the death of your wife in the hands of yours.’
Daya held the note in his hand and looked around. The strings were hanging on the door. He then looked at Anjali. His eyes were filled with tears. He hugged her tightly.
Meanwhile, Vishwa went to the room where the antidote was kept. He found a small bottle next to the fridge and the syringe was there on the table. Vishwa suspected something and took the bottle in his hand. The label of the bottle read ‘lemon soda’ and the solution in the syringe was left out a little. He put some drops on his palm and tasted it and it was sweet. The solution that Daya injected was not a toxic drug; instead it was a lemon soda.
‘Where is Daya?’ Vishwa asked Murali, a fellow Police officer.
‘He just went to the basement. What happened?’ Murali asked Vishwa.
‘It’s not the drug. It was the trick played by the man. He is expecting something worse to happen. I need to get to Daya,’ Vishwa said and walked to the basement.
Daya stood there looking at Anjali. He wiped his tears from his eyes. He then took out the gun and placed it on his head. He then muttered, ‘I’m coming with you, Anjali.’
Vishwa heard a gunshot. He rushed to the basement and found Daya and Anjali dead in the room. 

Written by Ashwin Kumar


  1. You write very well. May be you can think of publishing a novel...

    1. @aamjunta... thank you :) I'm planning to do that soon :)

  2. You are actually pretty good with story telling. :)