Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fool's day special - A story titled '2-4'

What's so special with this story?
The specialty is the date on which I'm posting this story, April 1, 2013. April 1 is always referred to as 'Fool's day' (there is a historical justification to this and I don't want to get into that) and this story has got a connection with that (you will get to know once you read this story). Also, the specialty lies in the narration which I've made it tight and gripping with an 'I didn't expect that' twist towards the end. 

Genre of the story
Action packed suspense thriller blended with a lite dosage of comedy.

Summary of 2-4
Three people, with the help of a scientist, plan to plant a bomb in a subway. 


March 16, 11:45 am
On a sunny morning, in the busy streets of a metropolitan city, three people standing near the railway station subway were exchanging conversation.
'What about tomorrow?' One of them said looking at the other two.
'That’s perfect. Jimmy, what do you say?' the second one said.
'I am in,' Jimmy said.
'Peter, Jimmy, listen to my plan. Peter, we need to go to the location where the vehicle has to be hijacked and Jimmy, you must reach the subway around 11 pm. That's the plan.' 
'Okay George,' Peter said to George, the man who explained the plan.

Friday, 29 March 2013

The Quest: Lady, Love and the Revolver

Origin of the story
One day, while I was watching Christopher Nolan's Memento, an idea struck my mind - 'why don't you try and apply this kind of complex narration in a different kind of story?' I immediately sat down in front of my computer and started to play with the keyboard keys. All the thoughts were spontaneous (no homework done in shaping up the scenes) and that will be the ultimate specialty of this story. I completed this in a full stretch (4 to 5 hours, I don't remember the exact time taken to complete it) without taking a minute break. The narration of the story has been inspired from Nolan's 'Memento' and it is not a complete rip off (you'll get to know once you start reading the story). 

Genre of the story
Romantic Action Thriller (my style of mixed genres)

Summary of The Quest
Harshavardhan, an employee of a news daily, has got only one option to win his love and take his girlfriend back home. But, things turn complicated when the truth unfolds. 


‘Where am I?’ He looked out through the window and muttered to himself, ‘I am just 30 miles away from Los Angeles.’ He sat back and relaxed. ‘I am not supposed to do this, but, I have no other option.’ He looked at his watch. It showed him 5:00. ‘I do not regret for doing this. Why should I regret?’ He looked out of the window. The view was not clear as it was covered by mist. He sat back and closed his eyes.

Mangalore, Karnataka
Harshavardhan, an efficient employee of leading news daily in Mangalore, seemed nervous as he sat at his table in his office. He kept tapping the table with his fingers and staring at his cell phone. He was expecting a phone call from someone. His cell phone rang and he picked it up.
‘Hello,’ he spoke.
‘Sir, this is John calling from Regal Bank. Am I speaking to Mr. Harshavardhan?’
‘Mr. John, can you call me tomorrow. I am quite busy right now,’ Harsha hung up the call.
Harsha was somewhat tensed. ‘What’s wrong with her?’ He muttered to himself and he continued to look at the cell phone. He then took it in his hand and dialed a number.
‘Hello Harsha!’ It was a girl’s voice who greeted Harsha from the other end.
‘Hello Priya, what happened to Soniya? I’ve been trying to reach her for the past one hour. I am supposed to…’
Priya interrupted, ‘Harsha, you are not kidding, aren’t you?’
He was confused for a second, ‘hey, come on, it’s not the time for fun. Tell me where she is?’
‘Oh, Harsha, I’m, I’m sorry that Soniya hasn’t informed you about her departure.’
‘What departure?’ His voice appeared tensed.
‘She is on her way to United States. Her flight would have been left by now.’
He hung up the phone after getting the flight details from Priya and immediately rushed to the airport. It was too late and by the time he reached the airport, the flight was already in mid air. He was disappointed.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

'STRIKE' - an action packed story

What's so special with Strike?
This is one story which is very special among my creations. The specialty includes the action sequences which instantly struck my mind while I sat down penning the story. This story was written by me while I was touring around Ladakh in the month of August 2012. It took me a week (4 hours per day) to pen down the story. Started this story exactly on August 19, 2012 and carried it on as I roamed around Ladakh. The climax was written on August 26, 2012 at IGI Airport, New Delhi.

I dedicate this story to...
I dedicate this story to my friend Vamsi Krishna whom I portrayed as the lead role in this story. I began to write this keeping him in mind and not anyone else. I still remember the excitement he felt while I gave a hint that I was going to pen a story with him in the lead role. The way he got excited after reading the story was a priceless compliment to my work (he always said this 'I did not sleep for three days after reading it').

Genre of the story
Action thriller 

Summary of Strike
Vamsi, who lands in Europe, is on the run as the cops suspects him to be an International criminal 'K'.


‘Faster, come on, drive faster,’ Vamsi said this to Shiva, who was driving the car. The car was a white colored Volkswagen and it was moving at a speed of 110 KMPH. Vamsi took out the gun that lay next to the gear box inside the car, and peeped out of the front window. He then turned to the car that was chasing them and shot at it twice.

4 hours ago | International Airport, Paris
Shiva parked his car in the parking lot and rushed to terminal 2. He looked at his watch and muttered to himself, ‘I’m on time.’ He walked towards the arrival lounge. He then spotted a coffee shop to his right side and went there.
‘Give me Café mocha with extra sugar and chocolate powder.’
‘Yes sir,’ the waiter replied.
He tapped twice on the table to ensure that the coffee is made fast. He looked at the clock in front of him which showed the time as 11:40. He grabbed his coffee and walked back to the arrival lounge. He waited there holding a name board which read ‘Mr. Vamsi from India’.

Monday, 25 March 2013

My First Post - a story titled 'FURY'

Why FURY as the first post?
As I sat for zeroing in a story to be posted first in my blog, I ended up with this one titled 'Fury' and decided it to put it as the first post in the blog. The story has its own specialties like it starts in an usual way and progresses in an unusual way. I have made the narration strong yet convincing and the story has a couple of twists towards the end that will blow you away. 

Genre of the story

Summary of Fury
An unfortunate incident lands Daya, a Police officer, in a messed up situation where he has only six hours to survive and need to save his wife as well as himself before he sets to find what exactly happened. 


Mehta Café | Punjagutta, Hyderabad
‘Chotu, two cups of chai for table 4.’
Sultan Bhai, the owner of the Mehta café, said that to a worker. A couple was seated at the table 4. The worker placed the chai cups on the table and left the place. The guy who sat opposite to the girl picked up the cup. He looked at her and sipped some chai. The guy was a young chap, aged in his early twenties. He looked smart in his blue shirt and his hair was neatly cut. The girl appeared gorgeous in her white outfit. Her face was dull. The guy, looking into the girl’s eyes, figured out that something was wrong with her.
‘Anjali, again you’ve kept that sad face. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on,’ the guy paused and looked at the chai tumbler, and then continued, ‘look, we came here to have hot chai not an iced tea. Have it before it turns cold.’
Anjali sipped some chai. She looked at him and said, ‘Daya, I don’t like your shirt.’
Daya looked at his shirt and then said, ‘is that what making you to keep a sad face?’
Anjali placed down the cup and said, ‘no, not that. I’m feeling disturbed from this morning. I had a very bad dream.’
Daya relaxed himself on the chair. He smiled and said, ‘so, is that why you asked me to come here?’
Anjali’s eyes looked to the left and then to the right. She then bent her head and said softly, ‘there is a problem.’
‘What’s that?’ Daya asked her.
Anjali looked at Daya and said, ‘my dad.’
Before Anjali said anything further, a group of men entered the café. There were four of them, and one of them took a chair and placed it beside table 4. He sat on the chair, right next to Daya. The guy was a rowdy sheeter sporting a thick beard and long hair and smelled like alcohol. Anjali started to feel uncomfortable. Daya looked at the guy who sat beside him.
‘Daas, ever heard of that name?’ The rowdy sheeter asked Daya.
‘Are you the prime minister of this country?’ Daya said looking at the rowdy sheeter. Anger filled the face of the rowdy sheeter. Daya continued, ‘then why the hell I should bother about you?’
Daas, the rowdy sheeter, banged his fist on the table and spoke in a loud tone, ‘I’m going to rip you off into pieces.’ He turned back and said to others, ‘take out the weapons from the vehicle.’ He turned to Daya and said, ‘today I’m going to finish you.’
Anjali was afraid at the situation. She looked at Daya and said, ‘Daya, what’s happening?’
Daas looked at Anjali. He slowly took his hand towards her. Suddenly Daas’ eyes were filled with tears. He looked at his hand. There was a glass piece pierced into his palm and there was blood. He then looked at Daya who held the broken end of a glass in his hand.
‘Get up, get up you asshole,’ Daya said as he got up from the chair. He then looked at Sultan Bhai and spoke, ‘get me a cutting player.’
Daas held his hand tightly to stop the blood. The other people, who accompanied Daas, got into the café with their weapons. The weapons they carried were steel rods and knives. Sultan Bhai brought the cutting player and handed it to Daya. Daya held the cutting player in his hand. He looked at Daas and snipped the cutting player on to his testicles. Daas yelled aloud with pain. Holding the cutting player firmly, Daya moved a bit and took a glass bottle in his other hand. He looked to his left. There was a man holding a steel rod. Daya hit the man on his head with the glass bottle. The man fainted as the bottle was hit hard on his head. He looked at Daas, who was crying, and said, ‘don’t yell out you filthy bastard. You should have thought twice before attacking me.’ Anjali was horrified at the situation. She never thought her boyfriend to turn vigorous all of a sudden. The other two dropped the weapons and ran away from the place. Daya looked into Daas’ fear filled eyes and said, ‘the pain will be there for a couple of days.’ He took off the cutting player and dropped in on the floor. Daas was down. Daya looked at the other two who were running and said, ‘hey, take him with you.’ The two of them stopped and turned back. They carried Daas to their vehicle.