Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Secret Crush

Being the first day at school, Sonia found it a little hard to adjust to the new environment. Milind, the most intellectual and the most silent boy in the class, has been branded the 'nerd' of the class. Sitting in the first row Milind always scores the first mark and most of the students of the class mostly refrain themselves from talking to him. Milind who is totally against their behavior acted the same way like they did - refrain from talking. But Milind could not resist himself once after he saw Sonia entering his class. She was by far the most beautiful girl Milind ever saw in his life. He fell for her the moment he saw her. He kept his crush a secret letting no one else to know about that.

Sonia scanned for an empty place and spotted the last bench unoccupied. She walked to the last row and sat there. She refrained from talking to others as she was a bit shy. When students asked her name, Sonia takes off her spectacles, wipes it with a cloth and wears it back, and smiles back at them. The classes began very soon. This school wasn't functioning like the other schools, like introducing the newly joined student to the class or calling out their names for marking the attendance - instead students should swipe their bio-metric cards before entering the classroom. The rules of the school were quite strict and Sonia felt it awkward being there. She began to hate the new environment.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The Tiffin Box

Sheetal and Swaroop were interestingly playing x-box ignoring the constantly ringing door bell. 
'Oh shit! The doorbell,' said Swaroop as he paused the video game.
'You go,' said Sheetal as she held on tight to her joystick. 
'No sis, you go,' said Swaroop who then resumed the paused game. 
Raina rushed to the hallway from the kitchen and found Sheetal and Swaroop playing video games ignoring the door bell. Raina irritatingly yelled at her kids but they were way too involved in the game such that they ignored her words. She then rushed to the front door to see who it was. 

It was Christmas day and Rosie, Raina's neighbor, was waiting outside the door holding a tiffin box.
'Good morning, Raina. Merry Christmas!' greeted Rosie as Raina opened the door. 
'Hello Rosie aunty. Merry Christmas!' Raina, on seeing the tiffin box in her hand, asked, 'what's in that?' 
'It's something special I made it for you dear,' Rosie said as she handed over the tiffin box to Raina.
'Thank you, Rosie aunty. Would you like to have some tea?' asked Raina.
'No dear, I need to rush. I have guests arriving this afternoon,' she paused for a moment and continued, 'why don't you guys come over for lunch? It will be fun.' 
'Sorry aunty, we are planning for a movie. Next time we'll make it for sure,' said Raina. 
'That's okay dear. Merry Christmas!' said Rosie as she walked away from the place.
'Same to you,' said Raina. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

11 numbers

Pradeep was late for the quiz competition and Reema was quite irritated about that. 
'You're the organizer of this competition and you're least bothered about it,' said Reema in an anger filled tone.
'Chill Reema, I got stuck in traffic. What am I supposed to do? Stay here overnight?' said Pradeep.
'Okay, where are the questions?' asked Reema.
Pradeep handed over the file to Reema and he said as he walked away from her, 'all the best.' 
Reema returned him a smile and walked into the auditorium.

There was another competition going on at that moment and Reema had to wait for ten minutes. Making sure that she had all the questions available with her, Reema then realized that she hasn't readied the paper chits. The quiz contains 11 questions and Reema had to ready eleven chits of paper, each containing a number. She had to throw those chits on the desk and allow each of the participants to pick one from the eleven folded chits of paper. The participants with a number in their chit will be fired a question that Reema has it corresponding to the number in her list. Reema had no time to prepare the chits as she had to go through the questions. At that time, Baskar came to her rescue. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

A blessing in disguise (100 words)

Santhosh was fired from his accountant job a couple of days ago. Life has never been miserable to him before. He constantly struggled hard to get a job that feeds him bread and butter. He walked around the city searching for every available possibility to earn a penny. 

His life changed one day when he came across a newspaper advertisement of a scriptwriting contest. Santhosh participated in it. He struck gold with the contest. He was offered a prize of 5 lakh rupees and a job in scriptwriting.

Getting fired from that job was a blessing in disguise for him. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Boxer Ananth (55 fiction)

Boxer Ananth (55 fiction)

It was the last round of the boxing match where Ananth confronted Big Boss. Getting a heavy blow on his chest, Ananth trembled on the stage and lost his consciousness. Big Boss was announced as the winner.

Game over!

‘Damn it,’ said Ananth in a frustrated tone as he held the joystick in his hand.

Written by Ashwin Kumar

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Parcel

I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it. Indeed I was, because I moved into this place a couple of days ago and no one other than me knew my whereabouts. Staring at the parcel, I kept wondering who would have sent this, and at that time I found my cell phone ringing. It was from an anonymous number. At first, I hesitated to attend the call but as it kept ringing I decided to pick it up. 
'Hello,' my voice sounded a little low. Clearing my throat, I said, 'hello?' 
'Good to have you back, Ram. Are you wondering who sent you that parcel?' it was the voice from the other end of the telephone.
'Who the hell are you? Tell me your name,' I asked. 
'It doesn't matter who I am. There is a bomb in your parcel.'
'What the crap! Who are you, mister? Is this some kind of a joke?' 
'The clock is ticking, and one more thing, the bomb will explode once you open the parcel.'
'I'm calling the cops,' my voice trembled a bit.
'I wouldn't do that if I were you. Mister, I have the trigger with me. If you do anything silly, I'm sorry that I have to explode the bomb from my end. Do you want that to happen?' 

My heart began to thump louder and faster. I was confused for a moment about what exactly was happening with me. My mind went blank for a second. I took some deep breaths as I wiped the sweat off my face. I then noticed something odd. There was a newspaper on the table that lay in front of me. On the front page there was a news about the serial bomb blasts that took place a couple of days ago at a place which is located exactly 2 km from where I live. That news left me shaking. I then realized that the anonymous guy was still on line waiting for my response. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kababs and Curries

Recently, I got transformed into a complete foodie. Every week I walk into a restaurant to taste something new with my non-vegetarian buddies. I've now converted to a non-vegetarian from a typical vegetarian, and I'm loving it. Like the bad old days I did not make the mistake of trying Kentucky Fried Chicken at first hand, instead I went ahead to try some authentic chettinad dishes, and those dishes literally enlightened my taste buds. Chettinad is a region in Southern Tamil Nadu and it is famous for its authentic spices and chicken (especially, country chicken). 

Authentic Chettinad Country Chicken fry
The picture shown to the left is the 'Chettinad Country Chicken fry' (if you ask me the recipe I would ask you to wait till I try my hand in cooking non vegetarian dishes). As per my knowledge there seems to be a difference between normal chicken and country chicken as they both are of different breeds (I don't exactly know their origin). Taste wise I would give thumbs up to country chicken as it tastes extremely delicious than the normal chicken. I have literally become a fan of chettinad country chicken and I never miss having it whenever I step into a chettinad restaurant. 

Hyderabadi Chicken Curry
Then I tried a dish called 'Hyderabadi Chicken curry', which failed to impress my taste buds. It was way too spicy and the meat was hard to chew. Maybe I have tried it at the wrong place but as per my experience I wasn't quite impressed with this dish. This chicken curry is a gravy type and it is usually consumed with rice and sometimes with roti or paratha (personally I opt this with steamed white rice). One more dish that impressed my taste buds was 'Pepper Chicken fry' (sadly I don't have the photo to share with). It tasted deliciously awesome along with rice, especially with rasam rice. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Deal (short story)

About 'The Deal'
I was very much obsessed with the movie 'Memento'. Being an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan I have watched that film several times and it continues to impress me every time I watch it. You might be wondering why am I bringing in 'Memento' and what connection it has got with this story? You might find the similarity in the narration that goes in reverse. At first I zeroed in the name 'Reverse' for this story but I felt that title doesn't suit the story and hence I ended up with 'The Deal'. Do read it and share your valuable comments.

The Deal

He managed to hold his grip and ran through the wet narrow street. The other guy followed him. Reaching the end of the narrow street, he turned to his left and ran towards the subway, which was exactly 200 feet away from him. The other guy noticed the same and ran after him. He reached the subway entrance in less than 40 seconds and the other guy, on noticing him entering into the subway, ran faster. Bypassing the security check, he rushed to the platform. To his rescue, the train arrived at the station. He immediately got into the train. The other guy, as he entered the platform, saw the train leaving the station. As the train departed, he took a deep breath and looked at the other guy who was searching for him at the station.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lie, only if you're incapable of doing things

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” - Winston Churchill

Lie is nothing but convincing others to accept the false statement as true and liars are none other than the individuals involved in the convincing process. I could say that the liars are the most creative people in this world who come up with a story and turn it into a fact in order to stay away from trouble. On the flip side, i.e., in reality, liars are just ‘cowards’ who are incapable to do certain things they lie about. You lie to someone about your marks because you’re incapable of scoring well; you lie to someone about your salary because you’re incapable of earning better or let me put it in other words, you’re ashamed of yourself that you’re earning a little; you lie about your job not because you feel that you’re at the wrong place but you’re incapable of doing something that suits you; you lie to your wife because you’re incapable of leading a genuine marriage life; you lie to your boss because you’re incapable to hone your skills.

I've come across a bunch of liars in my life who lie in different ways. Even though telling a lie isn't a harmful act but it is an act of pessimism that degrades one’s self respect. You might have this question in your mind – ‘don’t tell me that you've never said a lie in your life’. I’ll answer that question – ‘yes, I have indeed lied many times in my life and I regret it’. It took me some time to realize that speaking a lie will lower my self esteem and that’s when I stopped lying to myself as well as to others. If lying is a practice then the other part (i.e., not lying or being truthful) can be achieved through regular practice. I implement the practice of 'being truthful' in my daily life and trust me, the results are fruitful. Admitting your mistake and moving on with it will cause you no regrets than to cover the same mistake with a lie.

Monday, 4 November 2013

You are your own competition..!

How bad it is to compare you with others?
I would say it is really bad to compare ‘you’ with the ‘others’ because comparing with others will either create a false pride or will lower your self esteem. Both ways are harmful. So far in my life I never had the idea of comparing myself with others (trust me, I mean it). What I do is I take statistics of myself from my past and analyze it thoroughly such that I will use those data to make myself better in the near future. That’s how I was leading my life till now. I’m the King of my World. In the same way, you should be the King/Queen of your World and the others are just aliens to your world. What if you start comparing you with others? It will be like letting intruders (those aliens) into your world who in turn dominate your World. All you’ll be able to see is their success and achievements in your World if you let them in. So it would be better if they stay in their World and taste their success, and you stay in yours achieving what you’re supposed to.

I personally believe that by putting into practice the above mentioned theory, you can eradicate jealousy and hatred. Yes, if you don’t let intruders in, you’ll be safe and happy. In the same way the others will be shining in their World. So when you look at the others from your World all you could do is to appreciate the way they are because they aren’t your competition. When it comes to you, your World will be filled with you and you'll become your own competition. If people start seeing others in this angle, I’m sure there won’t be a factor called ‘jealousy’ entering into picture. Coming to hatred, why should you care about that when they are far apart from your World? 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Things need to change... for Good

Looks like the 'Good' has lost its meaning ever since the 'Evil' began to take its toll. Personally I'm not satisfied with the society in which I live in, which is completely filled with 'hatred' and 'jealousy'. I do not know how it works in other countries, but in my country 'lack of motivation' is the reason why people aren't able to do what exactly they want to do. For instance, if you try something new, the first thing that comes into your way is 'criticism'. People, as if they knew everything, will start criticizing your work with the notion of letting you down just because you are better than those crackheads. I view that (criticism) in a different way but when motivation is masked by criticism, it is totally unacceptable. I brand that as pessimism and I brand those people as pessimists. It's not that you cannot find a single optimistic person here in my country but what I'm saying is the percentage of optimism is way too low. There are lot of people who stick to negatives rather than picking positives from those negatives. It's just that they are afraid of everything - police, government, neighbors, dogs and they are even afraid of the so called 'God'. This should change and I don't know when it is going to. 

In a country like mine, people are way too afraid of the society. I wonder what's going on with people and what makes them behave so odd. Let me cite an example that I heard from a friend of mine - there were a bunch of people waiting at the bus stop to board a bus. That time a girl slipped off while she was getting into the bus. The guy who was standing behind her helped her out by holding her hand tight. A lady who was watching this from the bus stop commented - 'see, how shameless he is acting. Holding a girl's hand in public is totally indecent'. Now that is the reason why people are afraid of the society. People easily take things in a wrong way, which proves that they are mentally unstable. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Genre: Thriller


Slowly and steadily he opened his eyelids and found himself stuck in darkness. He moved his eyelids to his left and right, and he was able to figure out nothing as everything around him appeared pitch black. Minutes later, after his eyes got adjusted to the darkness, he spotted a white clock dial mounted on the wall. It displayed the time as 1 o'clock. Suddenly the lights were on and he was there lying on the floor. He looked around and noticed blood stains all over the floor. The floor was partially wet and that made him slip twice before he stood up on his legs. The walls of the room appeared dirty and there were blood stains all over it. Then he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room. He noticed that the door was getting unlocked from outside. He stood there without moving an inch. He saw a stretcher and then a man who was pushing it into the room. He heard the man speak as soon as he entered the room.

'What the hell is wrong with you? I asked you to clean the room and you have not even cared about it. Is this the way you follow orders? Man, tell me what makes you so dumb?'

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Love or Lust? It's all in your Brain...

Whenever a guy come across a beautiful girl (or the other way around), his heart beats faster and louder, which in turn results in anxiety, sweaty palms, and several other unusual symptoms. Some of them aren’t aware that the symptoms are caused due to the release of dopamine, norepinephrine and phenlyethylamine in our body, instead they blindly get into a conclusion that "it is nothing but love". Scientific research proved that men have the capacity to produce these chemicals more rapidly than women. Maybe that’s the reason men get easily attracted to women at the first look (viz., love at first sight). This is how the process begins - from our brains. People usually say that trigger of attraction comes from the heart. I contradict the statement by saying that heart just supplies the required amount of blood to the brain and the brain takes care of the rest. But what happens when it exceeds the limit? People (men or women) tend to behave abnormally during those situations and this kind of behavior is because the levels of dopamine are shot up resulting in high blood flow in certain areas of the brain causing imbalance in functioning of the brain. They start to get addicted to their unusual behavior (like you might have heard people uttering these words – I can't live without you, I'll die if you leave me, you drive me crazy – these are the outcomes of the unusual behavior). That's the reason couples who are in love solely focus only on their relationship and are least aware or least bothered about the things happening around them.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Voice of Society

'Dependency' is the single word that ceases the rights of an individual. Being independent is the birth right of a Human and every individual has got rights to utilize it to the fullest whenever they get a chance. In a country like mine, people begin their life with the concept of 'dependency'. They depend on their parents for their basic needs like food, clothing, accessory stuffs and education. But hey, this doesn't stop here. Few people take this on to the next level - selection of bridge or groom. They depend on their parents and let them choose a bride or groom for them. Now let me ask you people a simple question - 'are you lazy enough to pick a bride or groom for yourself?' or 'are you afraid that you have lost the confidence in you to proceed?' Then I thought 'why not get into their point of view and analyze things', and that's when I ended up with an answer from my inner voice which stated, 'they are just afraid of the society'. 

What is a society? According to Google, society means a group of people living together in a community. But to me the society is defined as 'a group of people who stop us from doing what exactly we feel like doing'. Trust me, this might sound 'anti social' to you but the fact always tastes bitter. A coin always has two sides, likewise the society has its two sides - one is they stop us from doing something criminal and the other is they stop us from doing something only for the reason that it appears awkward to them. In this article I'm going to take the latter part and I just want to share my view of 'how to ignore the awkward part and look for the betterment'.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Facebook puts me in a 'discomfort' zone

Me: Hey, I deleted my Facebook account.
Dude: That isn't a great news. You do that quite often. 
Me: Well, I try to stay there for a while but I'm not able to do so. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Dude: Strange!

That was how my friend reacted when I explained him how uncomfortable I feel logging into Facebook. For the past few years I have created and deleted many Facebook accounts (countless) but today I figured out the reason to stay permanently away from this so called 'social networking' website. Previously, I wasn't stable enough to hold on to my decision (of not recreating the account) and that would have been because of lack of 'proper reason' or 'justification' for the deletion of account. The reason I figured out today was simple enough to understand - 'it puts me in a discomfort zone'. 'Why?' this question might pop up in your head. Let me explain.

Before Facebook came into existence, people used to mingle with each other, in person (I mean the physical existence of people as groups). They used to meet in person, chit chat for hours and then get back home with the memories. But after Facebook became viral, people used to spend most of their time before the computer chatting with each other online. The meetings became hangouts (G+) / video call (in case of Facebook), chit chat became online chat, and the memories came in the form of chat logs and comments on the wall photos or/and photographs. 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cute Little Story - a romantic 'short' story

Genre: Romance
I personally find myself 'bad' at writing romantic stories as I haven't explored much into it (maybe, I'm not that romantic). Still, I pushed myself and came up with a couple of romantic stories and this one, Cute Little Story, is one of the so called 'romantic' stories written by me. Do read this story and share your views in the comment box (you may find the story cliched, funny, kiddish or even good. Whatever it is just let me know so that I could refine my writing skills in the near future). 

Conversations in blue belong to the male character
Conversations in red belong to the female character

Cute Little Story

I saw her on a breezy evening while I was having my coffee at the famous coffee shop that lay opposite to Westside bus stop. While I was waiting for my coffee, I looked at the bus stop and she stood there in her pink churidhar waiting for the bus. Her hair flowed in waves and she adjusted it as it streaked her face. I gave a cold stare at her luscious and glossy lips. Her beautiful smile matched her captivating eyes. Her fair complexion synced her dress color. She appeared a perfect woman.

My coffee arrived a few minutes later. I continued to stare at her while having my coffee. Later, she noticed me staring at her. I put down the cup and took off my coolers. She looked at me. I looked to my left and to my right, and then looked at her. She was looking at me as there was no one except me at the coffee shop. She gave me a smile. I reached my cup and sipped some coffee, and then looked at her. Her waving hair and her alluring eyes kept my focus on her.

She then stepped out from the bus stop, crossed the road, and walked towards the coffee shop. I started to feel a bit anxious. A few seconds later, she was sitting before me, at the same table. I felt so jumpy that moment until I heard her speak.

‘Hi Nikhil, what have you been up to all these years?’
‘Excuse me, how do you know my name?’
‘You hardly recognize me, don’t you?’

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Are we really dignified?

'Are we really dignified?' This question often pops up in my mind when I look at a few crack heads who behave oddly when they are surrounded by a group of people. I witness such kind of behavior in my day to day life where I come across a bunch of individuals behaving in different ways. Few of those are really irritating, for example, talking in a louder tone interrupting others' conversation, mocking others using harsh words, honking horn continuously in traffic, spitting on the road, interrupting others while they're speaking, not switching off the mobile phones in silent zone, likewise I can list out many things. These are the basic entities that should be taken care of by an individual. When people try to implement such 'not to do' things, it creates nothing but irritation to people like me (yes, I get irritated more often). 

There is nothing wrong in practicing things that doesn't harm a fellow human being and in the same way implementing those in day to day life will not only fetch you dignity in the society but also avoids the cause of irritation among the fellow individuals. In my previous article No one to blame but yourself, I would have mentioned something like - 'Rules are meant to be followed not to be broken. They are just rules and not ‘death defying stunts’. Make a habit to follow those and I’m sure that it will cause you no harm.' Likewise these basic rules of life aren't tough to implement and following those doesn't cause you any harm. As an individual, one should be aware of these basic manners (found this while browsing through some websites), which I have listed below, and try to implement it in your daily life.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Incredible Cupcake!

The disco lights glittered. The music was louder creating irritation to the ears. People around me were dancing hysterically. Well, It's a birthday party. It was my best friend John’s birthday and I was there along with few of my friends to celebrate it. I took a look at the dining table. There were wide varieties of delicious dishes arranged neatly and I was searching for my favorite, Butterscotch cupcake, among those. At the corner of the table there was a single Butterscotch cupcake lying untouched. I rushed to that before someone spotted it and took it in my hand. ‘Phew!’ I sighed as I held the delicious cupcake in my hand. Closing my eyes, I took my face near the cupcake and smelled it. Oh my God! The aroma was awesome. Having my eyes closed, I took a bite of it. It was yummy. I enjoyed the delicacy as I chewed it slowly. I now decided to take a second bite and opened my eyes.  

Cupcake was in my hand, my mouth was wide open and so were the eyes, but I wasn’t able to go ahead and take a second bite. There were three sharp wooden sticks pointed to my chest and holding them were three incredibly scary tribal people. Their skin was tanned and reddish in color. They had those weird scary eyes and had ornaments made of skull tied over their necks. I looked around and the place appeared like an island with a dense jungle lying in front of me. They weren’t allowing me to take a bite of my cupcake. Moments later I was tied with chains and with the cupcake still in my hands I was taken along with them inside the jungle. 

"D4" - a story by Ashwin Kumar

About the story
This story is the fourth installment of my 'Dangerous Domar' series. This will be more of an action oriented rather than a full length satire. The major highlights of this story is the screenplay towards the end (I hope you'll be stunned by it) and the climax twist. 

Is it mandatory to read the prequels before starting this?
Not necessary, but if you've already read it then you'll enjoy this to the fullest. Even if you haven't read those, I can assure you that you're gonna enjoy reading this.

Links to the previous installments

Summary of Dangerous Domar 4
The story begins at Jamaica from where Domar and Hari sets out on their journey to Seoul to catch hold of the international terrorist Bong-Cha. 


Montego Bay, Jamaica
After arriving at Sangster International Airport, Hari Prakash got a cab and traveled all the way to Holiday Inn, where Domar was supposedly holidaying. Getting out of the car, Hari Prakash spotted Domar, who was in his boxer shorts, walking towards the car from the sea shore flaunting his perfectly toned six pack abs. Hari Prakash gave a high-five, a gesture of greeting, to Domar and they both walked towards the bar. 
'Vodka,' Domar looked at Hari and after Hari nodded a yes Domar said to the bartender, 'two vodkas'. 
'So, what brings you here?' Domar asked Hari. 
'Bong-Cha, we have found his whereabouts,' replied Hari.
The vodka arrived and Domar said as he took a sip of it, 'now what are we going to do?' 
'I've already booked the tickets. It's time to travel,' said Hari as he sipped some vodka. 
'Where?' asked Domar.
'To Seoul, South Korea.' 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Liebster Blog Award

I woke up this morning and as I sat down with the brush before my computer to check the mails I was surprised to find my blog nominated for the Liebster award. I jumped off my seat after I noticed my name over here - Vashti Q-Vega's blog. Thank you very much, Vashti, for nominating my blog for this award. 

What is Liebster Blog Award?
Liebster means “dearest” or “favorite” in German, and it’s an award given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers. 

Rules to follow
Rule 1.  Post 11 facts about yourself.
Rule 2.  Answer the 11 questions posed by the person who nominated you.
Rule 3.  Nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award.
Rule 4.  Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
Rule 5.  Go to each blogger’s site and let them know about the award.
Rule 6.  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog.

11 random facts about me
  1. I love to write action and thrillers and I hate writing romantic stories.
  2. I hate olives and cashew nuts. 
  3. I prefer traveling to hilly areas rather than coastal places. I love mountains and snow very much.
  4. I'm an atheist.
  5. I would love to visit Seoul, South Korea at least once before 2015.
  6. I neither eat ice creams nor consume cold items. 
  7. I have 'sky diving' in my '10 things to do before I die' list.
  8. I hate traveling in car but I enjoy traveling in flight.
  9. I would love to do 'space walk' if I get a chance.
  10. I like photography.
  11. Music is my companion. I take my iPod wherever I go.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Science and Religion interlinked

Disclaimer: The below written words are solely based on my point of view and I'm not intended to target any particular religious group or hurt their feelings. As a human being I believe that I've got the rights to express my views. 

What is religion? According to Google, it is defined as 'details of belief as taught or discussed'. So, what is science? It is defined as 'knowledge attained through study or practice'. Now I guess you'll be able to find similarity between the two entities 'science' and 'religion'. The similarity is that both the entities are followed through study or practice. There is a difference existing between these two entities - religion derives its base from the history whereas science creates history. That doesn't mean that both are not interlinked, after all religion and science were brought into picture by a fellow human being.

Both the entities, religion as well as science, even though they are interlinked they do not function as same. Remember, A is always A and it never becomes B, but B always follows A (read it again if you didn't get it). Still, the questions unanswered by the science remains a mystery when it comes to religion to answer those. For example, if you ask me who created the universe, I would say it's the Big Bang. Now, the Big Bang theory falls under the category of science. Now if you ask me who created the Big Bang, I end up in an infinite loop looking for answer then I transfer that to the religion department. There I get a different answer like God triggered the Big Bang. Then I might ask them 'did God personally tell you that He triggered the explosion? If so, then who's Evil? God isn't supposed to trigger explosions, right?' Then I leave those people in the same infinite loop who then answer me 'some questions cannot be answered'.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Overturn - a short story (my next level of experimentation)

How did I end up writing this story?
On January 11, 2013, I sat down to write an experimental story. I wanted to write something 'out of the box' and I ended up with this story 'Overturn'. The initial draft had many plot holes and I corrected those in this version just to give the reader the reading flow. It's just a try and I don't know how far it remains enjoyable, rather I could say understandable. Do share your views after reading this story so that I'll get to know how my experiment worked. 

Sequel plans?
There is surely a sequel and I have not yet started my work on it. I'm thinking for yet another 'out of the box' type of narration for the sequel which I hope I'll be doing it soon. 

Thriller / Mystery


For every ending there is a beginning. For example, while watching a movie, people are anxious about how it ends and they care a little about the way it began. Likewise, at the end of a day, people remember a little about how their day began. It’s not necessary for everyone to remember what they did on their fifth birthday or what color dress they wore last Sunday. The thoughts start to fade as the time moves forward, solely focused on the ending than the beginning. But it is not necessary that every ending should have a beginning. If that’s not true, then let me put on this question - Where does an endless loop end? It’s highly impossible to answer the question as the loop has no end. There was a time when a man’s life was cursed. The time was switched backwards creating an endless loop and he was forced to survive in the loop. There was no way for him to escape it. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Payback - a sequel to Pioneer

Link to the prequel: Pioneer

About the story
The story continues from where the prequel, 'Pioneer', ended. After the death of Philippe Noel, the drug lord, the cops are after Akash who is solely responsible for the murder and he is on a run but this time he is not alone as he takes his friend Siddharth along with him on the chase. 

Action / Thriller


All he could visualize was pitch darkness. He struggled a lot to open his eyes. Opening his eyes he found himself in his brother’s residence. Abhimanyu, the elder brother of Akash, stood there by the side of the bed along with Siddharth. 
‘He’s recovered,’ Siddharth said this to Abhimanyu.
‘Yeah, but, he needs some rest,’ Abhimanyu said to Siddharth.
‘Welcome back, brother,’ Abhimanyu said looking at Akash.
Akash got up from the bed and Abhimanyu left the place. Siddharth walked to the bed and sat beside Akash.
‘It’s over, Akash. Philippe Noel is dead, and we made it,’ Siddharth said this to Akash.
Akash looked at him and asked, ‘what if I got killed during the process? How could he do that to me?’ 
‘Listen, Abhimanyu had some safety backup measures to save you. But, things went out of control after you shot a policeman. It was your mistake,’ Siddharth said.
‘Oh! Now it's my mistake, huh?’ asked Akash. 
‘Don't confuse yourself. Just get some rest. Abhimanyu asked me to meet him at the hotel after an hour,’ Siddharth said this and walked out of the room.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

How 'dreams' work?

Yesterday, while I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, I heard something from her like 'how does a dream occur and what causes a dream?' It was indeed an interesting question on which I've been trying to do a research for the past few days and finally here I am writing something about 'dreams'. I'm writing this article based on the knowledge acquired through a quick online research.

It is said that the 'dreaming' occurs only at the stage 5 of the sleep called the REM (Rapid Eye Movement). First of all let me explain the difference between the dream and the reality. Dream is an involuntary actions that occurs in a person's brain during sleep. The involuntary action involves production of ideas, emotions, images and sensations. Only your brain is involved in the 'dreaming' process. Coming to reality, it is a state where things actually exist. The reality allows you not only to observe but also to touch and feel the physically existing things. Here the brain as well as the body is involved. 

Am I a 'Monster'?

Am I a 'Monster'? This is what always keep echoing in my mind whenever I try to eat non vegetarian food. Even though I come from a 'Brahmin' family, I've never had any restrictions from my parents like 'if you touch non veg, you're dead' and I had full freedom to try whatever I feel like eating. Hence I decided to try my hand at non vegetarian food and it all started 4 years ago, in the year 2009. I remember having tried the chicken curry and fish curry once when I was a kid but I don't exactly remember how it tasted so I decided to head to KFC (in the year 2009) with one of my non vegetarian buddy just to give it a try. For the first time I felt it somewhat awkward as I was never used to chicken. Slowly I started to get used to it and it happened at the beginning of 2010, where I tried having Tandoori Chicken at an excellent restaurant located near Chennai Marina Beach. I enjoyed a lot having it that day. I then started to get further used to it as I had it occasionally, but it lasted no longer. 

In the month of July 2010, I happened to visit my friend's place (located somewhere in Andhra Pradesh) and there I happened to taste 'prawns'. Believe it or not, I stopped having non vegetarian food there after. I'm still unable to figure out whether it was the taste of prawns or its smell that made me to stop thinking about the non veg food. But from then I was very strict to myself not to have any kind of meat or sea food. 

Three years passed and my mindset started to change slowly (it indeed changes with time) and that's when I decided to give it a try one more time (i mean, the chicken). I happened to visit KFC one fine day (May 2013) and I pushed myself to try it for one last time just to check whether I'm able to consume it or not. Unfortunately I wasn't able to consume more than one piece of chicken. I started feeling like 'please, I don't want to eat it'. I did not force myself further and left it as such. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 15

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"There are two kinds of Human Beings in this World. One who knows the meaning of Humanity and the other who follows it"

Interrogation room
Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Peter was made to sit on a chair with his hands tied and Damien sat opposite to him. The interrogation began -

Damien: Peter, explain me.
Peter: I work for them, Damien. I did what I was supposed to do, changing the identities of the terrorists and safeguard them from getting attacked.
Damien: Have you lost your mind, Peter? Do you realize that you have committed a crime? You'll be hanged for what you've done.
Peter: I don't fear death, Damien. If death is only thing that fears me, I would not have been here sitting in front of you getting caught. I knew this would happen one day but you're a genius, Damien. I never expected you to find me this soon.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 14

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Police headquarters, Moscow, Russia
Damien, after sending the photo of Agustin to Francis, got himself a cup of coffee and sat down before his computer going through some crime files. Later he came across an article in the internet which stated that a criminal escaped from the Tihar Jail has been found dead in a bomb blast and the Indian Police have alerted the border patrol to trace out the escaped prisoner. The article also stated that the 4 other prisoners who escaped along with the dead one were missing and their whereabouts were being traced. Damien then looked at the photo of the dead prisoner and he felt like he has seen him somewhere. He then cross verified the photo in the article with the photos of the terrorists he had in his file. Surprisingly, Damien found the photo matching with the one he had. The dead prisoner resembled Ismail. He immediately took the phone and dialed the information department which was located few meters away from his cabin. The call was picked up by a person and Damien said over the phone, 'send Peter to my cabin immediately'. The man from the other side replied, 'sir Peter has gone to grab a snack. I'll inform him once he gets back'. 

Breakaway - Episode 13

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Francis stood up from his seat and looked towards the exit. He saw Symond Robins turning back, looking at him and giving a faint smile. He then saw Symond taking out a remote control from his pocket and then he saw him pressing the red button on it. The car was unlocked and Symond Robins, as he walked to his car, realized that he forgot his bag inside the mall. By the time he walked inside the mall he noticed something bizarre. He saw Francis rounded by three guys, each holding a gun in their hands.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

About the 'Aspect Ratio'

I can still visualize myself sitting with an irritated face inside the theater while watching the movie 'Source Code' because the aspect ratio of the movie was worse (black box appeared on both sides of the screen that made me feel like I was watching an advertisement not a movie). Similar thing happened while I was watching Madagascar 3, Life of Pi, Avengers and many other 3D movies. Then one fine day I sat and analyzed why those 'black box' appears on screen which degrades the full screen visual experience, and at that time the website IMDB came to rescue in sorting out this issue. I'm going to share the method to find out whether the movie is being screened in full screen or half (black box at the sides) at your nearby theater. 

What is 'Aspect Ratio'?
According to Wikipedia, the aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a shape to its height. The aspect ratio is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y) where x and y denotes the relation between the width and height. You remember 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios? 4:3 is the aspect ratio for the standard television (the old color tv) and 16:9 is the aspect ratio for the widescreen LED or LCD (for example). The same applies to the theater screening where there are different types of aspect ratios that varies with the films.

How to find out whether the movie is screened in full or not?
For that, you need to get into the IMDB website and search for the movie. The screen will look like this (here I considered the movie 'Despicable Me 2' to demonstrate the method):

Friday, 5 July 2013

Tell you something

Five star tea stall - somewhere in Southern part of India
Time: 5.10 pm
As Vijay entered the tea stall, he noticed Ajay, who was sitting at a table, looking anxious. He walked to the table and sat opposite to him.

Ajay: Vijay, why did you ask me to meet you all of a sudden? What's so urgent?
Vijay: Yeah, I want to tell you something.
Ajay: Is there a problem? Is it about your girlfriend?
Vijay: No, no. This is something... (lowering his voice a bit) something more important than that.
Ajay: What's that?
Vijay: It's really important and it's highly confidential. You have to promise me that you won't share this with anyone else. Promise me?
Ajay: Yeah tell me what's that.
Vijay: No, first promise me. From the bottom of your heart.
Ajay: Okay man, I promise that I won't share it with anyone. Tell me what it is.
Vijay: Okay, before that let me get some coffee. I'm feeling thirsty. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 12

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sam called his chief officer, Damien, to inform about Ismail's demise. 
'Sir, Ismail is already dead,' said Sam in the phone.
'What? Are you sure that's him?' asked Damien from the other end of the call.
'Yes sir, I'm sure its him. Salim, David and Ismail are dead. Yuda and Agustin are the only ones remaining in our list. Did you trace out the photograph of the Agustin? '
'Peter has almost traced it. I will be sending you the photograph anytime,' said Damien.

Breakaway - Episode 11

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Sam was rescued by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, and his stay was arranged far away from the city. On the flip side, the trio Amit, Mari and Daya were rigorously tracking Sam's whereabouts. Chakravarthy provided Sam with a laptop and data card as demanded by Sam. Sam connected to the network and opened his mailbox. He had an unread mail from his chief officer. The mail read - 'David's presence has been spotted at a place named Bhopal, located somewhere in the northern part of India and Ismail's whereabouts is being traced out.'

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Breakaway - Episode 10

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The next few months
Amit helped Sam to overcome the language barrier by teaching him a few words in Tamil. Within a couple of months after joining the company, Sam shifted to Amit's residence and they shared the household expenses.

Breakaway - Episode 9

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Chennai International Airport, India
Assistant commissioner of Police, Mr. Chakravarthy, was waiting at the arrival terminal to receive Francis Eclair aka Sam who was arriving at Chennai traveling all the way from Russia. Chakravarthy was holding a pic of Sam in his hand just to identify him when he walks through the door. After waiting for sometime, Chakravarthy heard an announcement regarding the delay of the flight. On hearing that, he walked to the waiting room and sat there taking a short nap. After an hour, the flight arrived and Chakravarthy spotted Sam walking towards the exit. 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 8


Moscow International Airport, Russia
Damien, the chief officer of the Russian anti terrorist squad, was waiting at the arrival lounge. Francis' flight landed on time and Damien walked to the arrival gate after hearing the announcement. He waited there for few minutes and then spotted Francis Eclair walking towards the exit. 
'Damien, you're here for me?' Francis was surprised to see his superior officer receiving him at the airport.
'Of course! You've done a fabulous job kid. I've something exciting for you,' Damien said as they walked to the car. 

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 7


Dubai International Airport 
"Jet Airways welcomes you aboard flight number 3302 to London. Our scheduled flying timing will be six hours and fifty minutes and we will be flying at an altitude of thirty three thousand feet..."
'Excuse me, can I get a glass of water,' he asked the flight attendant as he tied the seat belt around his waist. The flight took off within few minutes. Looking through the window he gazed at the spectacular aerial view of Dubai. He then slowly leaned his head on to the headrest and closed his eyes.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

No one to blame but yourself

Today I came across a bizarre incident that happened while I was heading to my class. It was early in the morning, around 7 o’clock, and I halted my bike at a junction after noticing the ‘red’ signal. All of a sudden I saw some vehicles overtaking me and crossing the signal. I then looked at the signal and it was still ‘red’. Initially I thought that there might have been some problem with the signaling system but later when the signal at the other sides worked fine, I realized that the problem is with the people not with the system. I stood there wondering ‘why can’t these people wait for fifty seconds?’ and that time I heard a horn sound from a bus that stood right behind me. He (a male driver) was honking his horn continuously and I decided not to make a move until the signal turned ‘green’. He then overtook me and jumped the signal making the vehicles that were approaching from the other side to halt. Even when the signal turned ‘green’ I wasn’t able to cross the road as it was jam-packed with the vehicles that were rushing in from the other sides. I spotted the traffic police man standing under a tree sipping some tea and happily gazing his looks at the traffic mess. He did not dare to step in and clear the mess; instead he was focused on drinking his cup of tea. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 6


Sam sat there all alone below the tree. He heard an owl from a distance. He also spotted few bats flying around. All of a sudden Sam felt like he was not alone. He stood up at his place and looked around. At a distance he spotted a blurred figure approaching towards him. It became visible as it neared him. It was none other than Mari who was running towards Sam with a knife in his hand. On seeing him, Sam bent down and picked up the sand in his hand. He threw it on Mari's face and that blinded his vision. Mari dropped the knife on the ground. His eyes were irritated and he was trying hard to get his vision right.

Breakaway - Episode 5


Sam slowly turned his head to see who it was. He then had a sigh of relief after seeing Amit who was completely drenched in water.
'Thank God! Amit, what happened there?' asked Sam as he took a deep breath.
'I killed that guy,' replied Amit.
'What?' Sam's tone was filled with shock.
'I pushed him aside and his head hit a rock. He is dead,' said Amit.

Sam noticed that the volvo bus was about to depart. He grabbed Amit's shirt and pulled him along into the bus. The bus departed from the location. To their surprise, the bus moved towards Pondicherry, the place where Sam and Amit were supposed to go. Amit, as he entered the bus, searched his pockets for his wallet.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 4


'Mari, he is the guy. Go get him. He is the guy we were supposed to kill,' Daya said in a louder tone.

Sam, on noticing this, started to run towards the bike. He yelled as he ran, 'Amit... Amit... start the bike.' Amit immediately started the bike and Sam got on the bike. Mari saw them entering the bridge and he took a thick wooden stick in his hand that lay on the path. He aimed at the back wheel and threw it straight at the wheel rim. Amit lost his control and stumbled on the road. The bike then hit the bridge barrier and Amit hurled down the bridge into the water. Sam rolled on the road along with the bike. Sam at once got up and walked to the edge of the bridge. He was hesitant to make a jump because he didn't know to swim.
'Sam, run away from here. I'll manage to get away from these goons,' said Amit as he swam towards the shore.
Sam was reminded of the police check post all of a sudden. He lifted the bike and noticed that the bike was still running. He drove it away from the location escaping from Daya and Mari. Daya ran towards his jeep to follow Sam while Mari was at the edge of bridge looking at Amit who was struggling hard to swim.

Breakaway - Episode 3


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 – 04:45 hours
'Hey, hey, Mari, wake up,' Daya said this to Mari who fell asleep in the driver's seat.
Mari woke up at once. He wiped the sweat on his face and said, looking at Daya, 'what happened? Did you get the call?' 
'Not yet. Shall I dial him?' asked Daya.
'No, no, let us wait for the call,' Mari asked this as he looked around in the jeep, 'is the envelope safe?' 
Daya took out an envelope from his shirt and said, 'it's safe.' 

October 12 – 05:00 hours
Daya received a call on his cell phone. He spoke over the phone for few seconds and hung up the call. He then said to Mari, 'lets start now. We have to get there on time.'
'Daya,' Mari spoke hesitantly, 'after finishing our work you have to buy me foreign liquor. I heard they sell it half price at that place.'
'First lets complete the job given by our boss. Then he himself will buy us one,' said Daya.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 2

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 05:30 hours
It was party time for the recently graduated Engineers Raju and Suman as they got their jobs in the same company. They were all prepared to head to Pondicherry for celebration. The sunrise seemed to be postponed by a few minutes as the place was filled with darkness. Suman, who was waiting outside his residence, spotted a light from a distance. The intensity of the light began to increase as it neared him. Raju's face was visible from a distance. Raju halted the bike at the street corner and signaled Suman, who was standing few meters away, to walk to his bike.

'Hey buddy, it seems like you managed to wake up early today,' said Raju as he gave a 'hi5' to Suman. 
'Shut up dude, so tell me your plan,' Suman asked.
Raju looked at Suman and asked him pointing to his right hand, 'why are you carrying a helmet? You are going to wear it or what?' 
Suman put on the helmet on his head and he replied as he sat behind Raju on the bike, 'why? You want me to die on the spot in case of accident?' 
'Shut up man, you're over cautious,' said Raju who then started his bike.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Breakaway - Episode 1

This is the first episode of my serialized fiction 'Breakaway'. The story will be an action thriller filled with loads of surprise elements. I'm sure that the readers will feel more interesting once the story enters the crux. I'm confident because a couple of years ago when I wrote this as a 'full length' story (divided into three parts) and shared with few of my friends, they really enjoyed a lot reading it. 

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are imaginative and the story is not intended to target any kind of human race. 


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
October 12 - 06:00 hours
'Did you charge it fully?' Amit asked Sam pointing to the camera batteries.
'Yes, I did,' Sam replied who then continued to pack his bag.
'We need to reach there before sunset,' Amit looked at the tripod that lay at the corner of the bed and said to Sam, 'hey, pass that tripod to me.' 
Sam, after giving the tripod to Amit, said, 'how long does it takes to reach the place?' 
'Roughly 4 to 5 hours,' replied Amit.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

LED TV - 55 fiction

'55 fiction' - this is something I came across recently. 'What is 55 fiction?' as the question popped up in my mind I searched online about this and found the result exciting - a fiction in just 55 words. Keeping this in mind I have tried something for the first time. Do let me know your views. 

LED TV (55 fiction)

He bought a new LED TV. 
He carefully unpacked it and was mesmerized by its sleek look. 
He plugged in the wires. 
He put the batteries in the remote control. 
He switched on the supply. 
He went back ten feet and sat on the couch. 
He pressed the ‘on’ button on the remote. 
Power gone!

Written by Ashwin Kumar

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Far Cry (Short Story)

About the story
The story is simple which revolves around a couple who were about to get married and the events that take place in their life before their marriage.

Drama / Romance 


The route seems to be completely devoid of traffic. Then I thought, 'I can now raise the accelerator' while I changed the gear from 4 to 5. The speedometer fluctuated between 100 and 120. I adjusted the headlight to high beam to get a clear view of the road as it was pitch dark. Suddenly a beam of light flashed in front of me. The light made my vision blur and the next thing I remember was lying awake on my bed.

My day started with that dream. I got up and walked to the calendar to see what day it was. It was June 25, 2006. I walked to the dressing table to get my mobile phone. I unlocked it and found no calls or messages. I then realized she might be on her way to the park, which was our regular meeting place. I rushed to the bathroom to get ready. As I was about to leave home, I saw my mother sitting at the living room on the sofa and crying. My father was sitting near the piano having his sad face. Maybe there might have been a quarrel between them and without saying a word I left the place.

Kishangunj Park was our regular meeting place. As Priya did not arrive at the park, I spotted an empty bench below the tree and sat on it relaxing myself. I then started to recollect the old memories.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Misfortune - a short story

This short story got published in the September 2013 edition of the Storizen e-magazine. Clicking the above image will take you directly to the e-magazine.

How the idea struck my mind?
It happened yesterday (June 15, 2013) few minutes before I went to bed. I was thinking of something and accidentally ended up framing a story that deals with 'misfortune'. Today (June 16, 2013) I narrated the story to couple of my friends and after noticing their reactions I decided to pen it. Here I am sharing my creation with the virtual world. Do share your valuable comments after reading the story.


Friday – 10:20 pm
'Hey guys, how about watching a movie tomorrow?'
Guy 1: No man, its weekend and I wanna take rest. I'm not coming.
Guy 2: Movie? I don't wanna watch any movie.
Guy 3: Lets watch it here in our house.
'Damn it, you people are just machines. Lazy idiots,' he looked quite frustrated as he said this, 'okay, I'm gonna go myself to the multiplex and watch the movie tomorrow.'
--Site opened--select movie---select seats---payment gateway---ticket generated---sms received--
'What's the name of the movie you are gonna watch tomorrow? Asked guy 3.
'What does that have to do with you? I ain't gonna tell you the name.'

Bipin, a software engineer, lives with his friends Varun, Akshay and John at an apartment in a metropolitan city. Bipin being a die hard fan of Christopher Nolan couldn't resist himself from watching the movie 'Inception' which hit the screens on Friday. As Friday was a working day, Bipin decided to watch it as early as possible on Saturday. He booked the special morning show which starts at 9.00 am at a popular multiplex in the city. Varun, even though he likes Christopher Nolan, did not wish to accompany Bipin as the show was early in the morning and he wanted to sleep till noon. Akshay was not interested in movies and John always prefer to watch movies in his laptop rather than heading to a theatre. Finally Bipin decided to head to theatre by himself to watch his favorite director's movie.